WWE HELL IN A CELL RESULTS: Historic Main Event Sets Records for Two Top Athletes (October, 30th 2016)




This Past Sunday History was added to the record books not only for women’s wrestling in WWE, but for two particular athletes who laid all on the line as Sasha Banks, the defending WWE Women’s Champion, courageously defended the main gold against the former champion and enemy Charlotte within the Satanic Structure, within Hell in a Cell, and to top this stated record, both women entered the cell as the main event of that event. Another record was obtained that night as Dana Brooke, the assumed still protege of Charlotte, and Bayley worked their first singles match on a main roster PPV against each other. Now considering Sasha’s match was the main event, you can presume which match went first.

But before either can be discussed, we see Lana open the Hell in a Cell Pay Per View, as she introduced her dominant performer of a husband, Rusev, who would also step into the Cell for the first time in his ongoing career against the Man who took his United States Championship, Former SHIELD Member Roman Reigns. Despite retaining his brutish power, it wasn’t enough as Rusev eventually succumb to Reigns in the attempt to take back the title, thus the former multi time world champion’s Championship reign furthered.

Moving ahead from that to sometime later we get the first women’s match of the show and entering first for the match is Bayley. Bayley looks in full spirits despite being near humiliated in an arm wrestling match days before on RAW by a Sneaky Dana Brooke, who had also attempted to damage her shoulder in a match beforehand and going into that particular segment. Speaking of Dana, the fellow NXT Alumni enters, and without Charlotte, maybe looking to further prove herself alone. Dana enters the ring, mocking Bayley by tapping her head once the bell rings. Bayley doesn’t take kindly to Dana’s actions and shoves her away, to the chagrin of the opposition. Dana tries to lunge at her and execute her first lot of offense but Bayley avoids it, catching Dana in a waist-lock. Dana soon reverses into her own, before Bayley matches her again with a reversal, this time into a side headlock. She goes back into a waist-lock of which Dana tries freeing herself from by making it to the ropes. She eventually forces Bayley away with a hard back elbow, tossing her by her hair to the mat a short time later and taunting towards the crowd, and the Bayley supporters. Regardless, her cruel antics towards Bayley to follow don’t last long as Bayley sends Dana head first (a number of times) into the corner turnbuckle. Bayley furthers the offense with a low dropkick to Dana from behind near the bottom turnbuckle, and after dragging her away from the ropes, Bayley goes for the first pin attempt, getting the first near fall nonetheless.

Before Bayley can do anymore, Dana sends her into the nearby corner. She charges to Bayley, who knocks her back with a forearm. Bayley launches herself off the second turnbuckle and executes an arm drag, and looks to follow with the corner assault but Dana lifts her midway, and she soon looks to exploit the hurt shoulder of Bayley by launching it into the corner turnbuckle. If that couldn’t be bad enough for Bayley, Dana looks to target the right arm as she knees it while Bayley tries to force herself up by the ropes. She chokes the same arm and shoulder against the corner, followed with her unique corner handstand choke. Dana returns to an upright position and levels Bayley with a big clothesline to get a near fall.

Dana uses the apron and ropes to further inflict damage to Bayleys shoulder, returning Bayley to the ring to further stretch the bad arm and shoulder against the middle rope. Bayley tries to fight back but gets a series of kicks in the corner sent her way by Dana, who then smashes the arm of Bayley against the rope. She forces Bayley to the mat to continue with the onslaught, in the form of single knee drops to the right arm. Dana adds insult to injury with a painful submission applied, but despite being in pain, Bayley finds the ability to reverse, but an elbow from Dana stalls her from doing much else. Dana lifts Bayley and launches her back first into the ropes, doing as much as she can to hurt Bayley, then driving her shoulder numerous times into Bayley in the nearby corner. However, as Dana looks to duplicate her earlier handstand choke, Bayley forces herself up, kicking Dana back and sending her to the mat. Despite her hurt arm and shoulder, Bayley nails a single dropkick to Dana, but Dana soon gets up and sends Bayley into a corner to try continue her earlier onslaught. However she misses her corner attack to Bayley, making up for it by elbowing her. Taking advantage of the position, Dana tries to run Bayley head first into the corner turnbuckle, or into the ring post, but Bayley blocks this with her boot, trying to knock Dana away with her arm before Dana turns things around with a counter, snapping the same right arm of Bayley against the top rope.

Dana tries to drag Bayley back to the ring between the ropes, possibly to execute the same hurtful back drop from before, but Bayley also tries to knock her back. She drags Dana towards and then between the ropes, snapping her against them, buying some short time to get in the ring, and enough time to regroup and block Dana’s oncoming attack, while firing back with her own. Bayley begins the comeback as she sends Dana to the ropes, then taking her down with clotheslines and axe handles. While one seems to miss, Bayley makes up for it by driving Dana back first into a corner, nailing a spinning back elbow to Dana in the same corner before suplexing her to the canvas. Bayley hits the low clothesline before helping herself up to the middle turnbuckle to connect with her corkscrew elbow to Dana. Dana blocks the finishing move of Bayley first time around before Bayley manages to spring back and hit it the second time. Bayley pins Dana and wins the match.

After finding that the Universal Championship Match would be the second hell in a Cell match of the night, out of three, it was definitely confirmed that the women would take the main event spot, and indeed so. To make the match feel even more special than it already is, special entrances come for both women. Charlotte, the challenger that night, is hauled to the ring by clad soldiers carrying a stair master, while Sasha gets a duplicate of her NXT Takeover Brooklyn entrance, brought to the arena inside a Limousine. After intros for Charlotte and Sasha are done by JoJo, both are left to revel in competing within the cell as the pain inflicting structure slowly descends on both. However before it can fully make it to the ground, Charlotte cheap-shots Sasha and a mass brawl goes on between the two. Sasha is tossed under the cell by Charlotte, forcing the structure to be stalled, but Charlotte shows little care regardless and eventually launches Sasha back first through a table, and the bell hasn’t even been rung. Sasha leaves many fans wondering if shes in top condition to compete as shes attended to by Medics, but just as JoJo is about to announce Charlotte as the new champion, Banks climbs to her feet and forces herself into the match. She insists shes fighting to defend her title and enters with the cell door closed behind her. The bell is rung and the match is underway.

Charlotte tries to drag Sasha in the ring instantly, but Sasha trips her and drags her under the ropes and to ringside. Sasha already takes mass advantage of the cell as she launches Charlotte shoulder first into the cage side. Charlotte makes it back to the ring, taking an onslaught of forearms from Sasha, but Charlotte rolls away and demands release from the cell, not noticing in her moment of desperation that Sasha is following out of the ring, and she takes Charlotte and slaps her hard. Charlotte goes for a forearm of which Sasha ducks, and Sasha mimics the Famous flair chops, connecting with them to Charlotte, before attempting to stretch Charlotte against the ring post, only for Charlotte to reverse momentum as she uses her foot to force Sasha face first into the ring post. Charlotte then monkey flips Sasha into the same cage side she had crashed into before, and Sasha takes a hard landing on her neck. Charlotte rolls Sasha back into the ring, going for the first pin attempt of the match as she takes advantage of the brutality Banks has taken, but she doesn’t get the desired result, but rather a near fall.

Charlotte wastes no time in hurting Banks again, wedging her knee into the already damaged back of Sasha. Charlotte then stretches the neck and back of Sasha against the ropes, then launching her similarly into the nearby corner and trying to take advantage of that nasty bump moments later with another pin attempt, ending with another near fall result on the champ. Sasha reverses a slam attempt moments later by Charlotte into the Backstabber, shortly followed by the first attempt into the Bank Statement, of which she secures. Charlotte uses her power to launch Sasha off the mat and the champ is sent to the floor over the top rope. After rolling Banks back to the ring, Charlotte reveals a steel chair under the ring for use but takes not just a baseball slide dropkick from the opposition but a suicide dive into cage side. Sasha sets up the steel chair back in the ring before both block one anothers attempts to send each other into the chair, before Charlotte takes momentum with chops to Sasha in the corner. As Charlotte poses to the audience, Sasha sweeps her and fires back with her own attack in the corner before taking a forearm. A Drop toe hold by Sasha sends Charlotte jaw first into the steel chair. Its not the first time for her either, as Sasha then sends Charlotte’s face a number of times into the chair before hitting the ropes and being caught in a counter by Charlotte that sends her back first into the chair. Charlotte tries to capitalize after with a pin attempt, resulting in a near fall once more.

Charlotte continues to inflict the damage as she bends the already hurt back of Sasha against the ring post before a kick by the champ temporarily sets them apart. Sasha goes to attack near cage side but is sent near to the cage side by Charlotte, only Sasha perfects the landing, and she leaps off it and executes double knees to drive Charlotte to the floor. Once both are on their feet, Charlotte looks to boot Sasha, but Sasha blocks in time, and she runs Charlotte back first into the cell. Sasha is all fired up as she does this for a second time, and two lots of double knees into Charlotte at the side of the cage follows. Once back in the ring, Sasha is again at it with double knees to Charlotte, this time in a corner, before paying a little homage to the Late Eddie Guerrero with the Three Amigos/Triple Suplex. Sasha’s not done showing her heroes work there as she climbs to the top turnbuckle and connects with the frog splash to try put Charlotte away, getting a near fall like Charlotte had to her dismay. After letting the end result sink in, Sasha goes right into her Bank Statement Submission, but Charlotte wisely heads to the outside rather than use the ropes that cant force a break in a Cell Match as confirmed by Cole. Charlotte heads to the apron and a single shoulder tackle followed up by a kick separates herself from Sasha, but as Charlotte goes for the next shoulder tackle, Sasha connects with knees to Charlotte’s stomach. Sasha quickly sets up Charlotte between the ropes, but rather than look for the traditional double knees, she places a steel chair underneath Charlotte for a more painful variation. After one lethal chop, Sasha connects successfully with double knees to Charlotte into the chair, going into the pin attempt right after but the Champ is left outraged as Charlotte kicks out again at two.

As Charlotte heads to the outside to regroup, she grabs Sasha, hauling her between the ropes and sending her forehead crashing into the side of the steel steps. After a respite, Charlotte rolls Sasha back in the ring before prizing a table from under the ring. Charlotte sets the table up diagonally at ringside before taking herself to the apron, then to the turnbuckles. Charlotte and Sasha battle on the turnbuckles as Charlotte tries for the superplex but shes eventually knocked a few steps down by Sasha, who knocks her with her boot off the apron, thus Charlotte is sent back first into the table, which tears in half upon impact. Sasha takes time to roll a clearly hurt Charlotte back in the ring, as she stumbles a few times, but whether intentional or not, Charlotte has recovered in time to break from the follow up pin attempt by Sasha back in the ring at a count of two. Sasha heads back to ringside while Charlotte crawls about the ring in much pain, and Sasha dismisses the broken table nearby and prizes from under the ring a second table. However, as Sasha tries to bring the table to the ring, Charlotte summons up strength to force the table into Sasha, thus the table becomes the component of pushing Sasha into the cell. While Sasha lays against the floor, Charlotte has begun to set up the table back in the ring, and she demands Sasha into a fight as the champ finds the power to make it back to the ring.

Charlotte and Sasha trade a forearm sequence over adjacent table sides, before Sasha begins to utilize the table by taking Charlotte’s head and ramming it into the table. Sasha dives off the table into the arm of Charlotte, who uses her counter to send Sasha back first into her knee then forcing her to the mat via a big boot. While the table remains intact, Charlotte locks the Figure four on a screaming Sasha, eventually reverting to the Figure eight. Sasha eventually forces Charlotte to break as she smashes the chair against various body sides. Both soon make it to their feet and Charlotte reverses a whip into a forearm, before Sasha mimics the sequence to the fellow competitor amidst a little trash talk. One more forearm follows by Sasha, before both regroup and Sasha avoids a forearm by Charlotte, heading to the ropes and whirling her way through the possible oncoming counter by Charlotte to try for her submission, only to have her back targeted. Charlotte tries to pin the champ there, but its another near fall as Sasha stays fighting despite the lethal spots taken.

Charlotte stalks Sasha, then scooping her up and placing her atop the intact table, delivering some painful chops to the champ. Charlotte then signals for the moonsault, having climbed the turnbuckles but Sasha hits with a shot behind to knock her in between the turnbuckle. Sasha repeatedly targets Charlotte’s back before climbing back to her feet again to bring the table to an opposite corner side. Its a lethal plan in motion as Sasha readies for a powerbomb through the table however the damaged back gives way and both Sasha and Charlotte tumble to the mat. Its now the lethal plan in motion for Charlotte as she tosses Sasha like a rag doll into the table twice, though it never splits, before taking a tumbling Sasha and connecting with the Natural Selection. Charlotte pins Sasha and becomes a 3x WWE Women’s Champion.

(Rusev w/ Lana vs Roman Reigns; United States Championship Hell in a Cell Match)

(Dana Brooke vs Bayley)

(Sasha Banks vs Charlotte; Women’s Championship Hell in a Cell Match)

Thoughts On:
Dana/Bayley: Though it felt like a match with an abrupt ending on first view, on second view i thought minus the questionable end, that it was an overall well booked encounter. Dana was further showcasing her ability to exploit a kayfabe injury to showcase offense barely shown in her RAW matches, and it further exploited her abilities as a heel. I Do agree with the many who say Bayley should not have won this match as Dana has needed the win more being the heel continuously putting over the same names while losing out in her own storylines and character developments, so with (spoiler) her and Charlotte reunited on RAW, lets hope that flame of animosity that once developed between the two reignites.

Charlotte/Sasha: While I Do Understand the frustration at how long this angle has gone on, and how other women fail to be exploited by WWE’s lack of care and creativity, i have to say that was a fantastic match and the most memorable main roster encounter between Charlotte and Sasha, not just because of them being in the cell, but the spots, the story told and how the match overall made up for the booking on the pre PPV RAW. Like all, i was in legit fear of Sasha taking numerous bumps and spots due to her known injuries in the past, going back to as recent as Summerslam, but she pulled through, though its now unknown how Sasha is and whether shes either resting or injured further from the brutal main event. I Do also agree with the abrupt ending and Charlotte winning as Charlotte now only really has Alicia and Bayley as babyface challengers unless Dana was to have a face turn, while Sasha would have a variety of heels outside of Charlotte in Emmalina, Nia, Summer just to name a few, while it would be questionable also to book Nia against Sasha this early as Sasha wouldn’t be destined to lose due to her top status, but thats what we all thought with this particular match. I Cant help but wonder whether the table was actually meant to break on contact in the ending spots, hence why Charlotte tossed her into the table again before improvising after with the Natural Selection out of fear of possible injury aggravation, but outside of the spots and the story told in this one match, if there’s one thing also not forgettable from this match, its just watching the cell descend on the women, an image thought never to be seen in the WWE. Congratulations to Charlotte, while its clear this is all done only to excel Bayley either because shes popular or the whole Horsewomen can only be pushed thing, which i believe is actually (and sadly) going on rather than making an effort in creating characters to get behind in the other women. Overall solid deserving main event for the two.

– Catherine


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