TNA IMPACT RESULTS: Was Avoiding an Allegiance to the Lady Squad a Killer Decision for Rhodes? (November, 3rd 2016)




Welcome to this weeks Post Halloween IMPACT Report and to open the month of November, the Knockouts Champion is very oddly M.I.A as is any possible in ring action, but in the meantime, some physicality is present as a courageous Brandi Rhodes gets to speak out on this weeks IMPACT. What exactly is on the mind of the most recent addition to the Knockouts? We’ll soon know…

Heading to the ring without her man is Brandi for the One Knockouts segment of the night, and Josh Mathews seems to confirm a topic for discussion, that being a savage attack on Cody by Lashley closing last weeks IMPACT. It appears to be the case as Brandi thanks the TNA fans for checking up on them following that harsh, non provoked assault. Further commenting on Cody, Brandi states that they have been through thick and thin in their three years of marriage, and in that time they have had to make some tough decisions, but thats simply marriage to her, bonding through the good and tough times, coming out stronger. Brandi adds that Cody has backed her decision to be a part of IMPACT Wrestling, and in return, she is proud of him for the way he has performed, crediting him for being phenomenal and for how close he came to realizing his dream, the dream of becoming the world champ of TNA. However possibly taking that away was Bobby Lashley, but she is tough in turning to the camera and warning Lashley herself that her Husband is a fighter, and while the former champ may not know what kind of man Cody is, shes pretty sure he will find out. Shes assured that Cody will be back in IMPACT Wrestling, and having assured herself and the fans of that, she now wishes to speak on her own future as a member of the Knockouts, though shes interrupted by Sienna and the former Leader of the Knockouts Division, Maria Kanellis-Bennett.

Having stepped in the ring with the enforcer at her side, Maria wishes to give Brandi an expectation of her future, because if a performer has no one in the business, they are nothing, alluding to Brandi as that now that Cody is out. Maria ponders whether Brandi will go home to nurse Cody like the Good Wife or stay in the IMPACT ring and “swim with the sharks”. Brandi questions whether this is a threat by Maria to which she denies, putting herself over as completely innocent, though 99.9% of the Knockouts would throw up in disgust at these remarks backstage. However Maria cant deny that she shuts doors on various opportunities, name dropping the once apprentice Allie. Drowning out the crowd support for Allie, Maria furthers her point, that she gave Allie a learning lesson, and she thinks that learning lesson could make Allie a better assistant to the point where no one will chant her anymore, though the crowd state otherwise. But moving from the topic of Allie, Maria turns her attention to Brandi, seemingly seeing something in her of interest, despite the fact she (apparently) cheated to beat her, while admitting herself that she would have done the same. Maria declares that she wishes for Brandi to stand aside her Lady Squad of her, Sienna and Laurel Van Ness, to become the woman she truly is rather than ride her husbands coattails.

Brandi appears not in favor early, telling the former Knockouts Leader that shes her own woman, that she makes her own decisions, and to add, she needs to remind Maria of the Legacy of the Rhodes Name, a name that carries prestige and respect, and while she doesn’t have the respect of Maria, she sure doesn’t want her help either. Maria wonders whether Brandi is truly sure about that and Sienna steps over to the newest Knockout to give her a mouthful, and having heard enough, Brandi throws the mic away and lunges repeatedly with forearms to Sienna. Brandi teases going after Maria, who begs for mercy similar to the week before, and while she does so, Sienna recovers by the corner and attacks Brandi from behind. A Few stomps follow and Sienna finalizes her work with the AK47 to Brandi, leaving Mrs Rhodes down on the mat and out to finish.

(Brandi Rhodes, Sienna and Maria Kanellis-Bennett Segment)

Thoughts On This Segment:
While I Would’ve wished for something to add to this, there’s a lot of good points to me that come out of this segment. Point One would be that Sienna looked strong and like the dominator she should be again by laying waste to Brandi. Two is Maria’s mic skills continue to excel, which is why its the preferred role amongst much of the viewers for her, and Brandi wasn’t too bad herself mic wise, maybe that being due to her days as a ring announcer. While the delivery may need some work, seeing Brandi’s mic skills as an actual character already make me wonder what she would be like as a heel, considering they tried that at NXT Live events a few times (to which i wish I’d seen) and come next year, if Brandi is still around (as is TNA hopefully) then maybe we’ll get to see that, as im sure Brandi is going to continue to develop, though i do wish she’d started developing as an in ring performer long before her signing. Overall enjoyed the segment, now i just wish to see whats going on with Jade and Gail Kim.

– Catherine


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