WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: No Coaching Guides Alexa to The Bliss Victory (November, 1st 2016)




Welcome to this weeks Smackdown Report and with Team RAW revealing a fair few of their women for the upcoming Branded Survivor Series Team on Team Clash, it would only be a day later that Team Smackdowns Women would begin to fill the void left in their choice of competitors, and very quickly. On top of learning who will represent Smackdown, a various few get to remind the women of RAW of their abilities in the ring as two feuds merged into one; Nikki Bella and Smackdowns Womens Champion Becky Lynch join forces to take on the Golden Heel Team of Carmella and Alexa Bliss.

Before we can get to this tag match, Naomi is backstage with Shane and Daniel, who have a grand announcement for the Glowing Athletic competitor that she will officially Join Alexa, Nikki, Carmella and Becky Lynch as the 5th Member of Smackdowns Survivor Series Women’s Team. Naomi is Pumped and can feel the excitement in her soul, assuring the Higher Ups aside of her that Smackdown is going to Shine. Daniel is happy with her attitude towards being an addition to the match but as Naomi dismisses herself, someone who lost her spot of working the home crowd in Canada drops by the office, Natalya. Overhearing the suggestion from Shane that someone is needed to control the egos of the Smackdown Women’s Team to not duplicate that of RAW, Natalya votes herself into the position, as a coach, to the surprise of Daniel. While Shane can justify that Nattie works well with Alexa and Carmella, as well as having a maintained friendship with Nikki and Naomi on Total Divas, Daniel questions whether she gets along with Becky, to which Nattie declares that that particular angle is just “water under the bridge”. Daniel eventually gives in to placing Nattie alongside the Five Women of the Smackdown Survivor Series Team, as a “Coach”. Regardless, Natalya is delighted to turn her Teammates into “Lionesses”.

Heading away from that segment, we have Carmella and Alexa already in the ring as Nikki, having returned to her darker hair to almost make herself once symmetrical of Brie, makes her way to the ring, followed by the entrance of Becky Lynch, who returned to the brand last week after mysteriously being pulled from in ring action. The entrance of Lynch comes with a recap of Alexa’s cruel attack from the week before, which surely motivates the champ to get the needed momentum, being a week away from defending the title against Bliss. However Lynch is not facing her future opposer just yet as starting off the match is Carmella against Nikki. Nikki goes for the rival early, who non too shockingly has darted from the ring within seconds. Carmella eventually climbs back into the ring and isn’t too fussed to let Alexa step in in her place without warning. Alexa tries to get the first move, going for a forearm of which Nikki dodges, placing Alexa in a waist-lock within seconds. Alexa forearms Nikki in the jaw then takes her to the mat to shortly reverse momentum, and after trash talking Nikki she tries to forearm Becky from the mat, but the champ leaps from the apron beforehand. Alexa tries to turn attention back to the ring quickly, becoming the target of a singular dropkick by Nikki. Alexa seemingly mimics Carmella’s actions from earlier by rolling away from the ring, while Carmella herself tries to attack Nikki, to no avail as Nikki avoids the attack, leading to Carmella running into a sudden dropkick by Lynch. Carmella is back to her escape tactics, but neither her nor Bliss can avoid baseball slide dropkicks in unison by the two opposers, and the heels are left to do some regrouping as we go to a commercial break.

When we return, a lot of action appears to have closed off as Alexa has made a sudden tag to Carmella, who is right away taking clotheslines and dropkicks by Becky. Becky clobbers Carmella in a corner with the running forearm, followed with the springboard sidekick, and one more kick comes before Carmella is sent back first to the mat via Becky’s exploder suplex. Becky goes to cover Carmella, having it broken at the count of two by the intervening Alexa. To ensure Nikki doesn’t intervene also, she rams Becky’s hurt self into Nikki before doing a legal tag to make herself an official competitor in the match. Alexa returns to the ring, going for a forearm that Becky ends up blocking. Becky lays out Alexa, but doesn’t get the pinfall count right after as Carmella captures the refs attention. Becky isn’t too happy, knocking Carmella down to the floor, but turning her back from Bliss proves an unwise move, as Alexa leaps onto the back of the champ and rakes her eyes before using her new DDT to take Lynch out. Alexa pins Becky and She and Carmella win the match.

Dasha, who has been promoted to the blue brand from NXT, tries to interview both heels right after the match but isnt given a warm welcome from either girls, who dismiss her. Alexa proceeds to do the interview duty, and asks Carmella who she is looking forward to humiliating the most at Survivor Series now that shes beaten Becky Lynch for the “millionth time”. Carmella pulls some names out, whether that’d be the woman giving “hugs for everyone” Bayley, or the “Overhyped Daddys Girl” Charlotte or in that case, any member of RAWs women’s roster. Carmella makes her opinion clear that no member of that roster can hang with the Smackdown Live team, and not only that but her own tag partner Nikki needs to learn to know her role by letting the Princess of Staten Island run their team, because she will let the Women of Smackdown dominate the “Chicks” of RAW. Having moved away from the dissing, Carmella asks Bliss what her strategy will be for when she challenges for the women’s title in Scotland next week. Alexa declares that its simply going to be deja vu for Becky next week, adding that the Defending Women’s Champs “15 minutes of fame” are over. To add to her verbal dissing of the champ, she adds that what will also come to an end is Becky’s fairy-tale, so she tells the champ that she can consider her the WWE’s “Wicked Witch” because she’ll get “her pretty” and her title also.

In Addition, Maryse and Miz got to welcome an interesting guest, in the form of the Smackdown GM (and Miz’s ongoing nemesis) Daniel Bryan to MizTV. After pulling off a Survivor Series announcement, Bryan returned to taking digs at Miz and his inability to actually step in the ring and fight for the IC Title, leading to Miz accusing him of not doing his Job. Bryan eventually lost his temper, leading to Smackdowns Top Couple leaving the ring while Bryan got to summon Ziggler to actually defend the title against someone other than Miz, that would turn out to be Curt Hawkins.

(Naomi, Natalya, Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon Backstage Segment; Alexa Bliss and Carmella vs Becky Lynch and Nikki Bella)

(MizTV w/ Daniel Bryan)

Thoughts On This Match:
Unexpectedly shorter than expected and most of the momentous moments seemed to happen over the commercial break as assumed by the execution of the tag in once it was over. What was expected was for Alexa to get momentum prior to the championship match set for next week here in the UK, which on usual terms, would mean that the champion has the odds more in her favor retaining wise, but it could go either way. In addition, i cant say enough about how much i love Alexa and Carmella as a team, though any double team maneuvers have yet to be seen from them. I Loved that they were able to pull off a promo together to give their own feuds extra light, even if the faces didn’t get any retaliation, somewhat making them weak or to just sell the match overall, and that promo alone shows the evolution of both women’s mic skills since coming into the WWE. This week make me excited for the championship match and more intrigued as to what Carmella will do at Survivor Series.

– Catherine


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