LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: Is Catrina Making a Grave Mistake? (November, 2nd 2016)




Just Like some weeks ago, Lucha Underground cut down on focusing on the in ring action for their female Luchadors, and this past week, while the women of the Boyle Heights Temple ring were nowhere to be seen, we did see certain managers play some parts in excelling and participating in feuds, most notably Catrina.

Prince Puma had been approached by Vampiro and had a match suggested for him against his longtime enemy Mil Muertes, this match being a Grave Consequences Match. While the said stipulation could shatter one of these two men entirely, Puma appeared to go ahead with the suggestion and appeared before the Believers to demand this match against its Maker, the Man of a Thousand Deaths himself. Appearing atop the flight of stairs toward the ring was Catrina, who simply accepted the challenge on behalf of her comrade. While the two with own history stared down, Mil sneaked into the ring to jump Puma, but was eventually overcome and the clothed opposer eventually retreated, leaving the rest of their physicality to next week.

Meanwhile Own Rivals Son of Havoc and Dr Wagner battled in a match set up by Dario in which the victor would select the stipulation for Mascarita Sagrada’s Match with Famous B the following week. Having won, the babyface ally to Sagrada, Son of Havoc, selected for Famous B and Sagrada to battle in a Believers Backlash Match, resulting in a GIF’able reaction from B and Beautiful Brenda. In addition, the viewers in the temple/fan in attendance can bring any weapon of choice to be used in the match by the participants.

Thoughts On Catrina/Mil/Puma:
There isn’t much to say this week other than how thrilling of a job Catrina puts into her character as always, and how her appearance alone set up the heel tendency of a behind the back sneak attack from Mil, who I’d never expect to show up in a suit until Strikers notable commentary put over the possible reason why as to prepping or having come from “Pumas Funeral”. Regardless every Grave Consequences Match in Lucha Underground has been action packed, watchable and enjoyable so im definitely hyped to see the match next week and more so, how Catrina plays into it as Mil most definitely needs some momentum back having failed Catrina in recent efforts despite any strength regained.

– Catherine


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