WWE SUPERSTARS RESULTS: Outfoxing the Huggers Former Rival (November, 4th 2016)




Welcome Everyone to a Report on the Women’s action from this past weeks WWE Superstars episode. Apologies for it being late as Ive been to a WWE Live Event this weekend and didn’t get round to doing this until today, but with that in mind, this particular episode features two women i saw in action that night, Alicia Fox and Dana Brooke, who are having their first singles match against each other.

Out first for the said match is Veteran Foxy, followed by the continually evolving Protege to the Champ Charlotte, Dana Brooke. The Mayoress of #FlexCity begins the match by locking up with Foxy, and the scrappy lock up ends with Dana forcing Alicia to the ropes. Dana is soon forced away by the referee, and after giving him a quick mouthful, the heel proceeds to slap Alicia in the face. However, Fox doesn’t take lightly to the approach and retaliates with one much harder. Alicia shoves Dana to the middle of the ring, tempting her into more physicality and being met with some as Dana aims a kick into Fox’s midsection. After an elbow, Alicia breaks free of Dana’s follow up hold by sending her to the ropes, but Dana takes Alicia to the mat on her way back. Dana heads to the ropes to ready the next lot of offense, averted by Alicia continually displaying athleticism, and Dana is taken aback by the sudden dropkick from Alicia. Wanting no more, Dana scrambles around to ringside.

Dana only gets a few seconds to regroup as Alicia takes Dana by her hair and tries to pull her upwards back into the ring, only to become a target of Dana’s counter, one that sends the long term veteran to the apron. Dana returns to the ring behind Alicia, flooring her with a clothesline to follow up the momentum once both are on their feet. Dana applies a hold, but doesn’t give one installment of pain but two as she nails three elbows into Alicia’s shoulder. Dana seems to push the buttons of the referee as she continuously uses the catty tactics of grasping Alicia’s hair while going for offense. Dana retreats from that tactic and pulls Alicia toward the turnbuckles. Dana heads up to the middle turnbuckle and splashes Alicia off it for the first near fall. Already disagreeing with it, Dana pulls Alicia into the second pin attempt, resulting in a mirrored result.

Dana’s frustration only continues to show as she slams the back of Alicia’s neck into the corners bottom turnbuckle. Dana diverts Alicia’s attempt to use the rope to escape her grip and pulls her out of the corner into the near center, and she works over her with a rear choke-hold. Alicia tries to escape with some support from the viewing WWE Universe, but before she can fully escape the grip of the strong Dana Brooke, she is brought to the mat. Dana works up the WWE Universe by taunting while striding around a fallen Alicia’s body, before turning her attention back to working on the opponent. Alicia tries to wriggle out of Dana’s hold and a few elbows finally gives her the chance to do so. Dana pushes Alicia to the ropes, met with a big boot to the face as she bounds over to her. Dana tries to head back over to Alicia to make up for the last effort, this time taking an elbow from the veteran. Again Dana rebounds but is clotheslined and drop-kicked by Alicia, who has regained her momentum.

After the second dropkick, Alicia tries to whip Dana, just to have it reversed. However Alicia’s momentum and knowledge hasn’t left her and she sees Dana’s corner shoulder block coming and elevates to the top rope to avoid it. Alicia sunset flips Dana from the top rope and gets a near fall. As Alicia tries for the next offense, shes tripped into the ropes by Dana. Dana warns Alicia that Playtime is Over and forces Alicia to the middle of the ring before attempting a whip. Alicia responds with a kick after running the ropes, and the well known axe scissor kick by Foxy gets her the winning pin on Dana. Alicia wins the match.

(Dana Brooke vs Alicia Fox)

Thoughts On This Match:
Overall enjoyable, and while i wish Dana could have won considering shes spent a lot of time playing second fiddle to the usual names by putting them increasingly over, Alicia hasn’t had a pinfall victory on WWE Television in a while as shes also done Dana’s job of continuously putting over others and it was a fresh move, especially at a time where Alicia’s ongoing veteran experience is a factor needed in a Team of Women’s Wrestlers at Survivor Series made up of still developers (while its hard to view that considering Sasha and Charlotte’s level of ability). It was Great to see Dana produce some new offense as i don’t believe Ive seen her do Twisted Bliss before on Television, and she doesn’t get to produce anything fresh in minimal matches on RAW, opposed to HIAC with Bayley and some matches with Sasha. While Superstars Matches don’t usually play into the main kayfabe angles, i think the win for Alicia was heavily needed to again remind all of her veteran level and that she could be a factor of making various women look even more good than they are at Survivor Series. (Tune into RAW tonight to learn what i mean)

– Catherine


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