Your Monday Post #134: Eve Torres vs Beth Phoenix in a Lumberjill Match for the WWE Divas Championship (November, 20th 2011)


Welcome One and All to a Week Opening Survivor Series Themed Edition of Your Monday Post. Tonight will be the reveal of the RAW Women’s Team for this years Survivor Series Pay Per View, expected to be headlined by the Twice in a Lifetime Bout between Brock Lesnar and Goldberg. Shying away from that to the women’s division, there’s no doubt women’s wrestling has evolved over the past decade and longer, and back in 2011, the division featured different women at the forefront, and women who are even still in the division now. One Woman that carried multiple championships in this particular era was Beth Phoenix, who performed a jaw dropping spot at the 2011 PPV when defending the then Divas Championship against her now fellow Alumni Eve Torres.

The Match was made into a Lumberjill match where fellow women’s competitors viewed from ringside and supported their particular side, as opposed to them competing in a Survivor Series traditional tag team warfare that year instead. Also at the Side of Phoenix in addition to the Heel Lumberjills was Phoenix’s sidekick Natalya, who, with Phoenix, went out of her way to inflict pain to the likes of Torres and Kelly Kelly during that year. As Pre Mentioned, a gutsy spot atop the turnbuckles in the form of an elevated Glam Slam allowed Phoenix to successfully retain her divas title against Eve. Looking back then and to now, only many can wonder what spots Beth and Eve could pull if atop the division as enemies?

– Catherine


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