WWE RAW RESULTS: Overseas Elation for Bayley, to the Chagrin of the Royal Captain (November, 7th 2016)




Welcome to this weeks RAW Report wrestling fans, and on this particular show, we saw the RAW Brand in its full glory re-emerge for the UK Audience, still midway through a UK Tour that i happily got to be a part of just a day before. To Correlate with Timezones, this weeks episode was taped, but while some may debate whether its watchable or not, hijack or not, it did do its job in featuring as many women as possible, but why not when Survivor Series is nearing? Happening on this weeks show, Charlotte, the Women’s Champion and Captain for the RAW Women’s Team, is set to reveal its final two members in an official address.

Michael Cole stands before the UK Fans in the center of the ring to bring out Charlotte after going over the rules of the Traditional Survivor Series Match of which Charlotte and her fellow female troops will be a part of. Charlotte emerges from the back following introduction, and has her recent accolades, and crowning as the RAW Women’s Captain put over by Cole, to which she responds that she was born a leader. She also makes it clear that her Smackdown rivals can keep drinking the “Blue Kool Aid” if they think they can out best her, and after grinning to herself, she gets to watch Nia Jax emerge from the back as the second (but already announced) member of the Survivor Series team. Despite being the imposing force needed for the team, Jax makes it clear not too long after stepping into the ring that what she does in the ring is her own business, and while Charlotte is her professed leader, she doesn’t work for her. Charlotte, seemingly in fear of Nia after her said words, has Cole quickly bring out the third member of the Survivor Series RAW Team….someone with a major veteran presence, Alicia Fox.

Out comes Nia’s past rival and former Divas Champion, that being Fox, and she even gets interview time. Cole is aware Alicia has had a storied past with Nia, wondering whether Alicia will be able to remain civil for the good of her team at Survivor Series. Alicia responds that if Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie can remain civil amid divorce, then shes sure herself and Nia can be civil at the show. As Simply put by Alicia, who is finalizing her speech, the name of the game is Survival and her Team is the (expected) survivor. Now Alicia has closed her speech, the fourth member of the RAW Team, one pre announced, comes down, the crowd favorite Bayley. The Crowd fave herself is defiant, believing she will prove Charlotte wrong at Survivor Series, being the believed weak link. She then addresses the crowds happiness over Bayleys presence, which goes into an overly done chant. Both Charlotte and Bayley try to talk but appear to struggle as the crowd carry on and on with their sing along. The Crowd soon turns their attention to booing as Charlotte reveals Dana Brooke as the last member of their team….or so thought.

Butting in is Cole, and with no disrespect, he reveals that Brooke isn’t the selected fifth member as believed, but rather another competitor. Out comes the former Women’s Champion, Sasha Banks to take the place of the Current Champs Protege. Once her former nemesis enters the ring, Charlotte is set on reminding her that she wasn’t believed to be coming back after all the pain sustained at Hell in a Cell. She didn’t even think to add Sasha because of this, rather choosing Dana to take her place, but Sasha has blocked out all of Charlottes words to hear out the crowds returning adulation towards Bayley. She even joins in to do a little sing song to Bayley before turning her attention back to the crowned champion, stating that while Charlotte may believe shes the best there, she knows she needs the Boss to work for Team RAW. Charlotte denies any thought that Sasha is needed to overthrow the women of Smackdown, calling her Swagger “Phonier than Lindsey Lohans Latest Accent”. Charlotte adds that shes proven herself as the best, and with title in hand, Sasha isn’t the “Bo$$” anymore, and after trying to talk over one another catty style, Charlotte dares Sasha to ask Nia if shes her Boss and Nia steps up to stare Sasha in the face. This Momentous Stare-down sets up a rematch from Leeds the night before, as Bayley, Alicia and Sasha team up against Dana, Charlotte and Nia.

Despite the earlier stare-down, it isn’t Sasha starting off against Nia but rather one of Nia’s NXT Rivals, Bayley. Nia uses her power to easily shove Bayley to the mat on first contact after the bell rings, and Charlotte’s cheering can be heard clear before Bayley gets to her feet. Nia and Bayley finally lock up, and Bayley hauls herself to the turnbuckles, only to be mocked and messed around with by Nia. Bayley takes herself off the turnbuckles and starts to aim kicks at Nia, trying to then target the left leg but being swung with ease across the ring. Bayley tags in Alicia, who has her own documented history with Nia, enough to know how the bigger competitor works. Alicia is knowledgeable in the early going by ducking under Nia’s offense, then firing a flurry of forearms at her. Like Bayley, she is shoved by the more stronger Nia, only Alicia is quicker to get to her feet. Alicia locks a sleeper as she clings to the back of Nia to follow suit, not keeping clung for long as Nia rams her back first into the corner ring post. However, Alicia springs back into action and leaps back on the back of Nia to lock a secondary sleeper, sent over one shoulder by Nia who clings to her hair as she does so. Nia places Alicia against the heels corner, but not before tagging in the Champ, Charlotte.

Charlotte strikes with a forearm in the corner to Alicia before snapmaring her out of it. She goes for an early cover and only gets a one count. Charlotte encloses Alicia in a front face-lock reversed into a side headlock, before Alicia whips her to the ropes. Alicia showcases athleticism as Charlotte tries to hit back upon running the ropes, and Alicia levels Charlotte with a quick dropkick. Alicia makes it as quickly back to her feet, and sets up and executes the Northern Lights Suplex, which gets Alicia a one count on Charlotte. Alicia tags in Sasha but her work is far from complete as Alicia aids Sasha in one last suplex before heading to the apron to allow the partner to take over. Sasha dashes over to Charlotte for a hopeful pin attempt but Charlotte has crawled close to her own corner and she tags in Dana. Dana is fired up upon hitting the ring, sure she can break the former women’s champion, but is overcome by Sasha’s opening drop toe hold, in humiliating fashion. If Dana couldn’t be anymore embarrassed, she takes a slap to the face from Sasha, who runs the ropes beforehand. Sasha taunts Charlotte before avoiding a forearm from Dana, dropkicking the champions protege who rolls out while Charlotte attempts an ambush, to no avail. As Nia tries to demand Dana and Charlotte back into position to work, she appears to be furious after the gutsy triple baseball slide dropkick from behind by Alicia, Bayley and Sasha, but doesn’t appear to retaliate as she just shrugs it off. She walks around ringside to regroup (or calm herself down?) as Dana, the legal heel, returns to the ring. Instantly Dana has her left arm targeted by Sasha, and shes too far apart to reach to Charlotte, caught additionally in the follow up roll up by Sasha that gets Sasha a near fall on Dana. Dana manages to summon some strength to run Sasha into the heels corner, and in turn, Dana tags Nia. Nia goes for a corner splash within moments, to which Sasha avoids. Sasha duplicates Bayleys earlier strategy by aiming kicks to Nia’s leg, before Nia knocks her down near the middle of the ring.

After a commercial break, Dana has tagged in and furthering the damage done by Nia, stomping on Sasha near her corner before choking her against the corners top turnbuckle. At this time Nia has also tagged in, shaking off various elbows by Sasha with a strong headbutt. Nia doesn’t do much to follow as she rather drags Sasha back to the corner, allowing Charlotte to also tag in. Charlotte fires a lethal chop to the chest of Sasha as they renew their rivalry inside the ring, and she wedges her knee into the previously hurt back of Sasha after a snapmare. Sasha tries to take in some momentum as she clambers to her feet midway through fighting through the straitjacket hold, but shes sent back to the mat by Charlotte. Charlotte even nastily cheap-shots Bayley off the apron and she demands her back to the outside once Bayley tries to come back to the ring to intervene and start some sort of altercation, before returning to inflicting damage to the back of Sasha. Sasha tries to fight through a second straitjacket but is whipped into the ropes by Charlotte just as she looks to reach over to either Bayley or Alicia. After a boot in retaliation, Sasha tosses Charlotte into Dana, but to her dismay, Charlotte regroups in time to take the foot of Sasha to attempt to stop her reaching her partners. While an elbow to the face does little, Sasha leaps out of a roll up (with a near fall result) to make the desperate dash to Bayley, and she tags in the fellow former NXT Women’s Champion.

Bayley runs in and delivers a few axe handles to Charlotte, then elbowing Nia who just clings to the ropes after impact. Bayley then ducks under a clothesline by Charlotte and crashes onto her with a center of the ring crossbody. Bayley delivers a corkscrew elbow from behind to Charlotte, then a low clothesline from frontal view, but the offense isn’t done there as Bayley nails a DDT to Charlotte on the second rope. Bayley connects with her traditional corner and off the top turnbuckle sequence to get a near fall, not the desired three per the interference by Dana. Dana sends Bayley jaw first into the second turnbuckle before being taken out by Alicia. Alicia then heads back in the ring just as Nia is about to grab Bayley, tossed with much ferocity shoulder first into a turnbuckle. Nia splashes Alicia against the same corner before becoming the target of Sasha’s double knees. Sasha hears Charlotte coming and ducks away from the big boot, which Nia takes instead. Charlotte targets the back of Sasha after having it sink in that she just took out the imposing member of her team, but while she also takes in that shes cleared the ring of her biggest adversary, Bayley slips back in and hits her finisher to Charlotte for the three count. Alicia, Bayley and Sasha win the match.

In Addition, Lana got to diss the UK in Heel fashion by referring to it as America while readying to introduce her husband Rusev. The Bulgarian Brutes losing streak couldn’t be more clear as he lost to Sami Zayn, who per the stipulation of that match, would become RAWs official challenger for Smackdowns Intercontinental Title, held by Dolph Ziggler.

(Charlotte, Nia Jax, Alicia Fox, Bayley, Dana Brooke and Sasha Banks Segment; Dana Brooke, Nia Jax and Charlotte vs Sasha Banks, Alicia Fox and Bayley)

(Rusev w/ Lana vs Sami Zayn; Intercontinental Championship Contendership Match)

(Emmalina Promo)

Thoughts On This Match:
A Lengthy affair rather than a short one because its timing was subdued by the segment, and it was just as enjoyable as the match seen at Sundays Live event. Its nice to see Sasha and Nia interact, especially because Sasha has never faced Kong Type Opponents before and with Nia’s evolving move-set and improvements, its a mirrored Kong/Gail waiting to happen, with a hopeful brawl into the crowd. I Was worried that because Sasha needed momentum after Hell in a Cell that they would let her have all the momentum against Nia but was proven otherwise, and other than the not too shocking result, it was a good match that played up all rivalries past and present in the division. I Do expect Charlotte to blame Dana in the weeks to come for her own losses to pick up on their tension but with enough tension going into the event, i wouldn’t be surprised if WWE miss this point completely.

– Catherine


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