Cattie’s Catch Up: Gail Kim vs Mickie James for the Knockouts Championship (July, 25th 2013)


Welcome all to this weeks midweek reflective on moments in women’s wrestling, and with the road to NXT Takeover Toronto Narrowing, there’s only so many Mickie James moments to reflect on and recap as the former Divas Champion makes a return to the WWE that very night to challenge Asuka for the NXT Women’s Championship. Now while this is Mickie’s first match for the NXT Women’s Title, she has challenged numerous times for the WWE Women’s and Divas Title, and in the fellow respective wrestling company (TNA) she has not only challenged for but held the promotions Knockouts Championship.

While Mickie’s Popularity as a babyface was well known to wrestling viewers, Miss Hardcore Country had yet to have a heel run within TNA, and that time came in 2013 amid a feud with Velvet Sky. Mickie’s villainous persona began to show when she took advantage of an injury to Velvet Sky to not only defeat her but take her Knockouts Championship. When Velvet was finally cleared to compete, Mickie’s Villainous traits was shown in full when she not only targeted the particular injured body part again, but placed her upcoming and returning challenger in a submission to cement her heel turn. Sky could only watch from the sidelines in further disdain of the Woman who had gone on to beat her in an inevitable rematch, as the said heel retained her championship in a hard hitting match against Gail Kim on the July 25th episode of IMPACT, and as Mickie’s reign furthered as Knockouts Champion, so did the fellow feud in the division as KO VP Brooke Hogan, seeing tension boil over between Kim and then Knockouts Official ODB, looked to evoke ODB’s status as a Knockout, officially granting it during Kim and ODBs near altercation post match. The Move eventually allowed ODB to cement her status as a future contender to Mickie’s Championship.

– Catherine


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