WWE NXT RESULTS: Another Fails to Put Out the Ember of the Future Contender (November, 9th 2016)




Welcome All to a Rather Short NXT Report. Rather Short being because rather than multi developments or a match with additional promos or anything else, we only have a single one on one match for the women of NXT this week. Nonetheless its a very dominant Ember Moon, a woman with a bright future, facing Rachael Ellering, who is to be billed this week as Rachael Evers (at least until she becomes an established NXT Competitor like Mary Dobson and attains her real surname).

Entering firstly for the match is a Heel Rachael, and as her entrance nears a conclusion, we have a brief mention and graphic for the upcoming once in a lifetime battle occurring at NXT Takeover between Women’s Champ Asuka and a returning Mickie James. Entering secondly is Ember, who has yet to be defeated after debuting with a dominant display back at Brooklyn. When the bell rings, Ember retains the dark stare as she watches Rachael glide around her, trying to make contact for the opening offense. The Two lock up, and rather than overcome Embers strength, Rachael breaks off from Ember and shoves her to a corner. Ember just gleefully smiles after recognizing the viciousness of Rachael, then avoids a clothesline from the opposer before trying to roll her up, and the early cover from Ember gets her a one count on Rachael.

Ember locks in a side headlock on Rachael, taken to the ropes slightly after but Ember flips out of a possible arm drag and an athletic sequence is finalized with Ember rolling into the next pin attempt, with Rachael kicking out at two, resulting in a near fall. Ember avoids Rachael’s offense once more, capturing her in a waist-lock. However, she cannot ground Rachael as Rachael manages to reach the ropes and knock back Ember. Ember uses both feet to tilt Rachael into a corner, and follows with a back elbow as Rachael heads towards her. Ember hits the ropes and glides off the second rope for a cross-body, though now its Rachael’s turn to strike at Ember as she avoids, leading to Ember having a crash landing. However Rachael only gets one forearm in before being pelted by some fiery chops from Ember, but Rachael quickly turns this around with a suplex. The Move is enough to get her a near fall on Ember.

To follow up the new found momentum, Rachael drives her knee a number of times into the back of Ember. Rachael locks in the chin-lock, with Ember mustering strength to break apart the arms of Rachael, though only for a limited time as Rachael resorts to applying an additional hold. Rachael counters the own reversal from Ember and sends her to the mat, and soon gets on the bad side of Ember as she shoves her face amid a stare. Ember snaps and fires knees and elbows at Rachael, finalizing that sequence with a kick to the midsection. Ember follows up with a singular kick off the ropes, and after a handspring elbow she ascends to the top rope and nails the top rope stunner for another victory. Ember wins the match.

(Rachael Ellering vs Ember Moon)

Thoughts On This Match:
Short report, but match of decent length that displayed the furthering momentum of Ember, complete with her fantastic finisher and the usual dynamic of face being taken over by heel momentum to be overturned. All eyes on the NXT Episodes before Takeover to see where Ember goes angle wise, and to see if even Peyton has any interaction with Ember at all. Hmmmm.

– Catherine


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