WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Not Too Blissful Disarming in Glasgow, But Not Without Future Controversy (November, 8th 2016)




Welcome One and All to this weeks Smackdown Report. As Hyped over the weeks, Alexa Bliss would challenge Becky Lynch for her Smackdown Women’s Championship in a match that had been pulled very swiftly from the No Mercy card some weeks ago for reasons unknown regarding the defending champion. The Lasskicker and the Professed “Wicked Witch” of the WWE battled at Smackdown in Glasgow to culminate their TV Tapings for this years European tour, as said with the title on the line, plus Natalya looked to prove her capabilities as the Coach for the Smackdown Women’s Survivor Series Team in a short encounter with Naomi.

Naomi’s Match with Natalya is the first women’s match to grace the card for this weeks Blue Brand Show in Glasgow. Natalya enters first, seemingly mimicking a recent gimmick of Al Snow as she sports a whistle on her way to the ring, then of course, as tradition from start to present day, Naomi gets her ever popular entrance. Speaking of these athletic women, Nikki Bella is also on commentary to view her fellow Smackdown Competitors. When the bell rings, the glowing neon clad Naomi avoids a lock up with Total Divas Veteran and Co Star Natalya, instead looking for a very quick finish with a roll up, which Natalya smartly breaks from at the count of one. Natalya demands space as she places herself between the ropes amidst a regroup moment, but she eventually returns to the ring, looking to bring a spark in with her as she blocks an oncoming kick from Naomi and takes her to the mat. Natalya’s rather annoying taunt follows before she gets Naomi caught in her follow up stretch hold. However Naomi soon breaks away from Natalya per executing a running jawbreaker. After avoiding a clothesline from Natalya, Naomi finds herself crashing into the Queen of Harts as they collide during Naomi’s mid ring running crossbody.

While both look to recover, Nikki finds herself confused at the appearance of Carmella. After fending off Naomi, Natalya takes herself outside to try and bring peace to the two rivals, coming in between Carmella and Nikki, or more so siding with Carmella instead. Nikki doesn’t take kindly to Natalya shoving her and she pushes the “Coach” to the floor. However Carmella, who is laughing at the veteran being given her punishment, soon receives her own as Nikki turns and clobbers the Princess of Staten Island with a forearm. Natalya rebounds and tries to demand Nikki and Carmella not to fight before realizing shes close to being counted out, thus she climbs back to the ring. However once Natalya does so, Naomi rolls her up out of nowhere and gets the three count to signify the victory. Naomi wins the match.

Moving forward we get Alexa’s match with Becky, which indeed came with a video package but not the status of a Main Event as pre stated by the commentators as it happened heading into the second hour rather than closing out the show. As Tradition with many championship matches, the challenger, that being Bliss, enters first, followed by the defending champion Becky Lynch, who notably has been defeated by Bliss before early into the former Valet of Blake and Murphy’s Main Roster Career. Before either opposer can clash, Greg Hamilton is on hand to announce both challenger and champion, and does so before the gold can officially be put on the line.

Once the bell is rung, this match starts like many matches do, as Bliss and Lynch lock up. Alexa tries pushing the champ to the ropes but its reversed quickly, thus an arm drag allows Alexa to separate herself temporarily from the Smackdown Women’s Champion. Becky gets the momentum in the second lock up by arm dragging Alexa quickly, trying to turn over to lock in the Disarmer Finishing Submission, but Alexa is as quick to clench the second rope and force the break. Alexa regroups then charges over to Becky, only to be taken down to the mat. Becky goes for the first pin attempt of the match on her challenger, resulting in a one count result. While Becky tries to avoid a cheap-shot, Alexa manages to strike with a blow to the midsection before trying to pin her herself, only for the champ to return the momentum as she elevates herself right off the mat before even a one count is made. Becky executes an Oklahoma Roll to get the second one count. Alexa mirrors the attempt from Becky, with an equally mirrored result as the one-upmanship furthers.

Alexa gets back to her feet to attempt a clothesline only to have Becky duck underneath it, but the challenger holds the ropes and knocks Becky away in quick time. Becky rolls and a heated stare-down ensues between the two opponents. A Little smack talk results in Alexa going for the heated blow, only to be one upped by Becky once more as she ends up on the receiving end of a number of arm drags. Becky continues the ride of momentum as she nails a dropkick to Bliss, and an expected fiery forearm by Becky is dismissed as the ref throws himself in between Becky and Bliss as the heel regroups by the corner. Becky turns and soon becomes the target of Alexa’s sneaky kick. A High knee to the head follows by Bliss before she throws the champ between the turnbuckles, eventually leading to Becky crashing to the floor. Alexa doesn’t even give Becky a chance however to recover or even take in the pain as she follows her to ringside, picking the fallen opponent up off the floor then running her shoulder first into the side of the steel steps.

Looking to exploit damage to the left arm of Becky, Alexa stretches it against the ropes upon both returning to the ring. She continues to target the same arm as she applies pressure to it in the center of the ring. Becky tries to escape Alexa’s clutches, aiming a punch at her before being swept to the mat by the vicious contender. After ramming the same shoulder into the mat with her boot, Bliss goes for the next pin attempt, but despite all thats done, Becky manages to kick out at one. Becky strikes again to try escape the grip of Alexa, but has the follow up whip reversed, and in turn Becky is sent face first into the bottom turnbuckle in the selected corner. Alexa heads back to the outside and uses the other steel steps to her advantage, smacking the left arm of Becky against the side of those steps. She then returns to the ring and returns also to her previous strategy, stretching the left arm and shoulder of Becky against the ring ropes. Single knee drops in the center of the ring to the same arm follow, as the crowd chant support towards Becky as Alexa’s momentum continues. Becky delivers strikes like before but again a counter from Alexa takes her back to the mat. Alexa covers Lynch and gets a near fall.

Alexa continues to have all control with a submission of her own applied to Becky. Noticing Becky’s shoulders against the mat, the ref counts mid through the submission, but it only gets Alexa a one count, but regardless Alexa’s strategic submission remains applied. Becky rolls over Alexa in the attempt to escape her grip but as a two count is reached, Becky exudes Roman Reigns type strength as she lifts the clutched Alexa Bliss off the mat and high up in the air, and some forearms by Alexa do little as Becky drops her back first against the mat with a massive powerbomb. Both ladies are down and Becky’s shoulder is still showing the signs of soreness as we get to a commercial break.

When we return, its back to high competition as we see Lynch mid through rolling up Bliss, getting a near fall on her still fighting contender. Becky knocks off a charging Alexa with a forearm, then shortly rests up in the corner before booting Alexa as the challenger tries to rebound. Alexa goes for an attack in the corner but Becky swiftly escapes, pummeling Alexa with clotheslines using the uninjured arm. She also takes down Alexa with a leg lariat before readying (and successfully executing) her flying firearm to Alexa in the corner. To Follow up, Becky does the usual springboard sidekick, and the exploder allows Becky to get a near fall on Alexa. Despite the suffered pain, Becky musters strength to make it up to the top turnbuckle, but the double leg drop thats meant to follow fails to hit the target as Alexa moves away. Alexa delivers a vicious kick to the champ, followed by Insult to Injury for a near fall. Alexa doesnt take kindly to the result, and shouts some smack towards the groggy champ, followed by various shots before Becky musters energy to fight back, hitting Alexa with a hard forearm. The UK Audience deliver their Ooohhhs and Ahhhhs as Becky and Alexa trade fists, and that sequence leads to Becky taking control with forearms followed by a side kick. Becky whips Alexa to a corner, goes for a running shoulder tackle then gets caught up in the corner as Alexa takes herself upward, sunset flipping Becky for yet another near fall.

A Furious Alexa looks for the finish next as she takes herself off the mat and to the turnbuckles, ascending to the top and readying for Twisted Bliss. However Becky thuds the top rope to jolt Alexa’s position, and a battle of forearms follows between them before Becky is knocked to the mat via a headbutt. Alexa goes for a Tornado DDT after dragging Becky back toward her, but instead makes a landing with both feet and reverses into her recently used DDT. However the supposed new finisher is only enough to get a near fall on Lynch, to Alexa’s dismay. After a traditional Alexa Bliss tantrum towards the official, Alexa heads to the turnbuckles once more, but has her next move countered by Becky, who utilizes her knees. Roll Ups follow with matching near fall results for Lynch and Bliss, and an eventual counter from Becky allows her to put Alexa in her Disarmer Submission officially, and though Bliss tries to reach the ropes, Becky forces her away. While Bliss is seen tapping, its aware on camera that Bliss’s foot is on the ropes, to be addressed possibly at a later time. Becky wins the match and retains her championship.

(Naomi vs Natalya feat Carmella; Nikki Bella on Commentary)

(Alexa Bliss vs Becky Lynch; Smackdown Womens Championship Match)

(Becky Lynch on Smackdown Fallout)

Thoughts On:
Naomi/Natalya: While The Match served in putting over a Babyface Naomi and her recent winning streak, i can definitely agree with many viewers that the match was far too short to anyone’s liking, with outside shenanigans taking up most of the match. While Natalya was humiliated this week in her attempt to prove herself as the Coach for the Survivor Series Women’s Team, is it building for her heel character to be further mocked or for her to be a factor in many shenanigans on the side of the Blue Brand come the PPV?

Becky/Alexa: Great Match and Impressive Utilization of the steel steps and tactics by a well known to be vicious Alexa Bliss. Also Loved the Video Package though i cant help but wonder if there was some laziness on WWE’s side as to not edit their commentary audio as throughout much of that evening, the match was put over as the main event it never came to be, additionally taking away history from the two women as a singles women’s championship match has never main evented the blue brand show. An Intriguing development for me was the finish because even though JBL would put over the heel Alexa tapping out as an injustice due to her foot being on the ropes (in his heel absolutely fuming manner of course) where does this lead Lynch? Does Alexa further accuse her of being “scared” of her, thus using a stipulation to try and exploit any possible fear Lynch may have over Alexa in an eventual rematch? If Becky retains cleanly in the expected match then that cancels out the feud continuing and any further shenanigans, but with this seemingly reminiscent to last years Survivor Series with the finish of Charlotte/Paige, could Becky (who spoke about turning heel today in an interview by saying it could come when least expected) be turning heel by the end of the year in the feud that follows? Alexa is far too good in the current role to revert to the persona that started her NXT Career so if possible Becky could turn in the middle of an angle with Naomi or in a feud with Natalya that results in a double turn, thus pushing either two or Nikki as the babyface to eventually overcome such tactics and take the title? It remains to be seen but i don’t know about anyone else, but id love for Becky to turn heel eventually. Heck, if losing the championship next year leads to her somehow being traded to the RAW Brand, she could even coexist with Charlotte.

– Catherine


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