LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: The Show Must Go On….for All But Puma at the Hands of Catrina and Mil (November, 9th 2016)




Its Safe to Say that this weeks Lucha Underground was action packed, Luchadora-a-Plenty and a Costly Mistake (Maybe?) for One Prince Puma. Following the daring challenge made by the former Lucha Underground champion last week to his nemesis Mil Muertes (accepted by Catrina) the two longtime rivals face off in a match Mil is much experienced and very much undefeated in, Grave Consequences. On top, Ivelisse and Mariposa appear not on opposing but on the same side in a Dario Cueto Classic Move for a Multi Luchador match, and we learn some interesting backstory about Kobra Moon, and the shocking fate of the man she had chased for sometime, Daga…

The Opening segment sees Catrina appear before Mil in their disclosed location, the very shrine of which the two had taken the soul and life of El Siniestro De La Muerte. She reminds Mil he has beaten Puma before, but this time isn’t about simple defeat in the ring, but about watching him gasp for air. Raising the Stakes for the monstrous force, she threatens Mil with the stipulation that losing for him will not lead to revival like the past times. If Mil’s expression wasn’t enough to say so, then all i can simply say is that Mil is ready to heed Catrina’s words.

Following this tense segment, we get a crowd warming opening match, in the form of the pre announced believers backlash match between Famous B and Mascarita Sagrada, with Beautiful Brenda managing B of course. Brenda appears to be fully heel per enjoying Famous B’s moments of momentum, but she doesn’t have much to smile about later as she gets a cake to the face. Lana would know a thing or two about that. Sagrada eventually gets the win, getting revenge on the former mentor.

Moving much forward, Kobra has her second encounter of the season with one third of the Trios Champions, Drago. Seeing him prepping in the backstage area, she asks if he is preparing for war. Clearly not happy to be greeted by the presence of Kobra, Drago aims fists but she blocks at near every chance. He eventually gets the upper hands and again dismisses any attempt to rejoin Kobra’s tribe, but in order to tempt him further, and to ensure his safety in doing so, Kobra asks Drago whether he wants to suffer the same fate as Daga, implying that he was completely destroyed or worse by someone referred to as Lord Pindar. Drago is taken aback upon learning that this supposed comrade back in the day, or possible enemy is alive, and Kobra further confirms Pindar is alive, and that this comrade of hers will make Drago kneel before her, and force him to call her his queen. Both Luchadors tense moment is broken by the same man from before, who chooses to step out upon noticing their interaction, but not without hilariously farting on the way out.

Now to the Multi Luchador Match, set up by Dario Cueto to pit sworn enemies not against each other but to side with each other. Killshot, Dante (Killshots former comrade turned foe), Argenis, Texano and the “Machine” Cage battle The Mack, Mariposa, Ivelisse, Marty the Moth and Jeremiah Crane (Formerly Solomon Crowe). Macks reaction on upon making it to the top of the flight of stairs signals exactly the thought of Dario’s match booking. Jeremiah starts off against Dante as both represent their fellow teams. The Two go back and forth with Jeremiah later getting the upper hand with a big boot, extending a free hand to tag Ivelisse while clutching Killshot in the other. Following a kick to Killshot, with a hurricanrana to add, Ivelisse soon has the early momentum flattened by Cage, caring in no way whatsoever for the opposition of the opposite gender. He goes for a stalled suplex but Ivelisse escapes Cage’s grip and falls back into her own corner, to which Marty takes advantage of by forcefully tagging in.

After Texano swoops in and crushes the momentum of Marty, Mariposa comes in, dropkicking Texano into Cage, knocking Cage to the below floor as a result. Mariposa aims forearms to the chest of Texano, then flies over his shoulder in a roll up attempt, only to be forced to her feet by Texano. Mariposa avoids clotheslines but gets eventually caught in the grip of Texano, luckily avoiding his next move by clutching the ropes. The Luchadora is dropped onto Cage on the outside. Texano and Cage have some beef on the outside while Argenis battles the Mack. Later Killshot and Dante seem to put past issues behind them to deliver double echoey dropkicks to Marty and Mariposa. While Dante takes out fellow competitors by diving to the outside, Ivelisse swoops back in the ring to try and roll up Killshot, to no avail. However along the way Ivelisse appears to have hurt her knee again and is shown holding it on the outside. Marty eventually pins Killshot to get the win for his team, and all are headed to Aztec Warfare as a result. Only Mariposa and Marty celebrate as Jeremiah helps Ivelisse to the back.

And Last but not least, Puma and Mil look to close their returned feud in a lethal Grave Consequences Match. Despite a recent edge, and motivation from Vampiro, Puma suffers defeat at the hands of Mil, who not only obtains another victory over Puma as a result, but manages to keep Catrina pleased by continuing his path of destruction. However, if Vampiro’s expression says anything, a much Darker Puma could arise and overthrow the Power of Mil….

(Kobra Moon and Drago Segment)

(Prince Puma vs Mil Muertes w/ Catrina; Grave Consequences Match)

Thoughts On:
Kobra/Drago: Honestly, this season has developed more intrigue about Kobra as a character than ever before. While the intro vignettes in season 2 were excellent, Much of Kobras time has been about chasing Daga and having back and forth matches, and this season, as said, has added needed intrigue into the Luchadora. Who is Lord Pindar? And what exactly happened with her and Drago and this said force a millennia ago? This segment was so excellently done, and in turn we now know why Daga is no longer on screens. Is he not with Lucha Underground anymore or is there something to come?

10 Luchador tag: Not much from the women in ring wise this week, but plenty action nonetheless, but more could certainly be seen had Ivelisses previously ruptured ankle not given away. I Have a feeling this was the match that caused her re-injury that she had announced months ago, unless kayfabe meaning she hurt it elsewhere, but i do expect her away from Lucha Underground for many weeks unless in segments so Jeremiah turns into a solo character or avenges Ivelisse with many victories, but considering Ivelisse just started a feud with Mariposa, if this was the injury inflicted to her, it cuts it short, but also allows Marty and Mariposa to move forward by having momentum for Aztec Warfare. I’ll have to look at spoilers to see if Ivelisse competes in that next week, but when shes back, im sure she goes after Mariposa then Catrina. Either way, the Believers love her and will still be behind her when she makes her return.

– Catherine


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