TNA IMPACT RESULTS: Rosemary Looks to Decimate the Future In Order to Create Her Own (November, 10th 2016)




Welcome One and All to this weeks report on all things IMPACT Wrestling, well regarding the women of the promotion that is. So the question on the mind of some fans is where exactly was Gail Kim after her major Bound for Glory victory? Well wait no longer for answers, as the 6x Knockouts Champion returns to the IMPACT Zone with some apparent news that may send a shiver down the spine of anyone awaiting a sad retirement…

Introduced by none other than Jeremy Borash is a Silvery Clad Gail Kim, who additionally holds Gold. The Knockouts Champ is courteously helped into the ring by Borash, who declares her as the 6x Knockouts Champion who has fought for her many victories. He is additionally aware that Gail has some news to share on this night to which Gail is about to address, but not before thanking Jeremy for being a friend to her in the business. She adds that the business has made her a better co worker amongst other things before giving thanks to the fans, and after speaking on how she had always wanted to be the Knockouts Champion, being the first as well, its also notable how shes wanted to inspire others, so she wants to speak to none other than Jade, calling the former Dollhouse member and former Knockouts Champion to the six sided ring.

After welcoming her respected co worker to the ring, Gail takes the time to share her feelings towards Jade, that being that she views her as the future of the company. She envisions Jade as her second coming, the woman who had stepped foot into the company ten years ago with the mirrored passion and drive as a performer, and furthermore she has her utmost belief in Jade when it comes to viewing her as the successor. She states that she again views Jade as the future of the Company, but even more so as the future of women’s wrestling, and as Jade tries to hold in tears, Gail cant go without speaking on why she additionally came out to the ring, but as shes about to address this fated news, out comes a familiar nemesis who had caused some chaos for the Gold Holding Gail Kim in the past, Rosemary and the Cohorts from Decay. Stalking the Knockouts Champion within the ring, Rosemary is soon gutsy in spitting mist in her face and while the Champion is writhing in pain, she makes very quick work of Jade. Abyss holds back the intervening Jeremy Borash while Rosemary attempts to fade out Gail in the ring with a submission. After managing to make the champ pass out, Rosemary turns the attention back to Jade with a series of forearms in the corner to her. She then uses the comrades usefulness to her advantage as Steve pins back Jade from the outside as Abyss places a trash can right to the side of the former champion, and Rosemary makes a lengthy leap off another corner turnbuckle and dropkicks it into Jade. Rosemary and the Decay leave pleased over the trail of devastation left in their presence.

Meanwhile Allie doesn’t have carnage to look at, but rather the victory she wishes she could get over “Miss Maria” as she watches (her real life husband) Braxton Sutter’s recent match. Brandi appears to notice this as she approaches the also former Knockouts Champion, declaring in turn that she may ship them as a couple before turning up the seriousness with the subject of getting Allie to join her to deal with her former comrades Maria and Sienna. Allie does want to help, but she reminds herself and Brandi that she still works for Maria, and furthermore walks away from Brandi’s Cementing plan of action despite Brandi urging her to stand up to the Former Knockouts Leader and her Enforcer.

And the Babyface Reby Hardy was involved in some rather enjoyable (insert Matt Hardy “Delightful” instead) segments with the Hardy Clan as she and the others looked to bring Matt back to his prior state after apparently suffering amnesia and losing all sense of what he was as a being. Even the former entrance theme of Jeff Hardy failed to revive the said character, thus we go to another week of attempts.

(Gail Kim, Jade, Rosemary and the Decay Segment)

(Allie and Brandi Rhodes Backstage Segment)

(Reby Hardy and the Hardy’s Segment)

Thoughts On This Segment:
While it can be said that there was again no official Knockouts Match, its a real step up in the Division this week as not only were other Knockouts put over, but TNA showed how to put Fresh Knockouts into the title picture, that being Jade (desperately in need of a rematch and 2nd title run) and Rosemary (who is fully into working her character). I Absolutely loved the segment and how Rosemary looked strong over even Gail Kim who has had a stronghold over the division victory wise since even February, and it gives me some hope that Allie, Rosemary and Jade will be the center pieces of the division come next year.

– Catherine


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