WWE RAW RESULTS: More Disarray Before the Battle for Survival? (November, 14th 2016)




Welcome All to this weeks RAW Report, and unbelievably this will be the last RAW before this Sunday presents to us WWEs Survivor Series Pay Per View, and before we can even get to that, Mick Foley is kind enough to give us a Jokers wild edition of RAW with the Women’s Booking. Himself and Stephanie McMahon have booked for Nia Jax and Alicia Fox to put their differences aside (as well as the Bo$$ and Charlotte) to compete alongside one another in a tag team match.

In Fact, if the expressions of the women’s survivor series teammates didn’t show enough dissension, we get to a clear verbal glimpse of that as Charlotte and Sasha bicker backstage later in the show. While the Captain, that being Charlotte, sugarcoats her clear several month issues with Sasha, shes weirdly questioning why Banks has an inability to co exist with the Survivor Series team. Sasha, labeling the champion crazier “than Miley Cyrus”, reminds her that besides herself, there are other women that dislike the gold clap champion around the locker room. Charlotte sees Sasha’s verbal retaliation as jealousy, but Sasha denies it, while confirming she cant stand the image of her wearing the women’s title, which Charlotte additionally takes as a form of jealousy. Regardless, Sasha is quick to also remind Charlotte that shes entitled to a championship rematch, and while its not about that right now, the current situation lies with Team RAW, and while shes sure that they are already better than Smackdown, come Monday Morning the title will surely be back with her. Charlotte puts Sasha in her place, stating she will teach the rival how to win a match while the bright lights are on, so she can leave her ego and “Purple Jealousy” at the door. Regardless her supposed egotistical nemesis turned tag team partner is a swift reminder when it comes to reminding her Captain that all eyes and blame lie on her if they lose this coming Sunday.

Moving forward to the booked tag match, and while Bayley has joined commentary, Charlotte is entering for the said match with Dana Brooke back by her side again. Also entering with singular entrances are Sasha, Alicia and Nia. Opening up for respective sides, its one half of the former BFFs Charlotte facing a former Divas Champion Alicia Fox, only just as Charlotte warms up, does Nia tag herself forcefully in, quickly changing Charlotte’s mind as to being the opening entrant. In Fact, as she turns to her smirking partner, Sasha, the former BFF leaps off the apron and leaves Charlotte to her behemoth opponent. With the realization set in that she may get on the bad side of the gigantic foe, Charlotte composes herself around the ring before eventually locking up with Jax. Charlotte releases quickly from the first, runs the ropes and ends up bumping into Nia on her way forward. Charlotte is then taken down by a running elbow from Nia, and tagging in to confidently take the place of the champ is Sasha.

Sasha works smartly upon Nia going for offense, ducking from it and placing her in a side headlock. Nia shoves Sasha to the ropes, and once Sasha is back in Nia’s grip, she manages a counter and tries to roll up Nia from underneath, turning out to be a mistake as Nia forces her up to a vertical base by her weave, but as she takes her back to the ropes, Sasha strikes with a kick to create temporary separation. Sasha goes for more kicks to try and knock Nia down a peg, before failing to whip Nia to a corner as she remains aground. Nia reverses, going for a running shoulder block after but missing as Sasha elevates herself upwards, then over Nia’s back before making it back to the mat. Nia returns to the ring center and clobbers Sasha as she runs the ropes, leading to Sasha crashing with a thud back first on the mat, and a quick familiar Ambrose like reaction from Charlotte follows. Avoiding any sort of altercation with a currently dominant Nia, Charlotte just taunts the fallen partner on the outside with Dana.

Returning from a short commercial break, Charlotte has entered the ring, only to work with Fox. Charlotte forces her over to her corner, also allowing Sasha to tag in. Sasha prizes the veteran from the arms of Charlotte for a roll up, but Alicia escapes this roll up attempt at the count of one. Sasha resorts to a chinlock on Alicia in the rings center as Bayley looks on from the three man booth, easily ecstatic for this coming Sunday despite own issues with the champ. Back in the ring, Alicia escapes the clutches of Sasha with a countering snapmare, though quickly overtaken by a dropkick from the retaliating opposition. As Sasha tries to further her momentum, Charlotte tags herself in and the dissension makes a return. A Shoving match between the two ladies gets a little more heated, leading to Sasha shoving the champion to the mat with force, and a furious Charlotte tries to forearm Sasha, only to miss. They aim one to each other before crashing to the mat upon follow up contact, and while both try to regroup and recover, Alicia is viewed crawling over to Nia. Nia makes the tag and downs Charlotte with a clothesline, the one in unison missing Sasha who has instead hit the ropes. Nia sees this and catches Sasha mid through the opposers crossbody, but Sasha aims elbows to try escape the samoan drop, eventually finding herself on the apron. Sasha snaps the chin of Nia against the top rope, leaving her groggy enough to stumble into the big boot from Charlotte. It doesn’t fully down Nia, but Sasha tags in to further Charlotte’s work, and the two are beefing again as Fox tags in.

Both then end their newest shoving match to stumble into a crossbody by Alicia that takes both Sasha and Charlotte down, and in turn the veteran gets a near fall on both. Charlotte smartly tries to keep Nia far from the ring as Sasha manages to pull Alicia into her finishing Bank Statement Submission. The Former Divas Champion eventually taps and Charlotte and Sasha win the match. Bayley runs in to raise both women’s hand and embraces with Sasha while Charlotte remains concerned on herself.

And for the 120th week, Emma received a new promo to hype her character change into the villainous Emmalina. It States that the former NXT Alumni will arrive soon, and of course this means again no set date.

(Alicia Fox and Nia Jax vs Sasha Banks and Charlotte w/ Dana Brooke feat Bayley)

(Emmalina Promo)

Thoughts On This Match:
Full Entrances are a Plus and each sequence was fantastically played and thought out, while Nia additionally kept her main roster undefeated streak alive. Only negative of this match for me was the result because while Alicia should be looking strong to maintain her veteran presence, seemingly having her own form of captain like presence because of it, she instead took the fall as expected and Sasha and Charlotte, despite presented animosity, looked strong. While it showed they can seemingly be on the same page, its been known for months that Sasha and Charlotte have tension so they didn’t need (in my opinion) to replay it here. Also, rather than Nia just standing in shot at the end, couldn’t Bayley have tried to play peacemaker if she tried to attack Alicia over the result after the match so the spotlight of tension isn’t just on the said two?

– Catherine


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