WWE NXT RESULTS: Toronto Setting Another Multi Woman Battle for Survival? (November, 16th 2016)




So not only did Smackdown bring the hype for this weekends Survivor Series, but also this week NXT had one last chance to insert either new or extra hype into the feuds set to culminate at the Pre Survivor Series NXT Pay Per View this Saturday in Toronto, NXT Takeover Toronto. While the NXT Crowd and viewers alike have to wait until the said day for Mickie James to return to TV Screens, there’s still another women’s feud to be excelled or addressed as Liv Morgan takes on Peyton Royce in singles action to open this weeks episode.

Jersey Native Morgan enters first to start the show in Full Sail, followed by the entrance of Peyton, who has Billie at her side. The Two Aussie Co Workers are highlighted as the two women having bullied the Rising Star of NXT over the months, and to add, they look to further that by attempting to put the hopeful future women’s champion out, at least thats expected to be the motive of Liv’s opposer. They don’t even wait too long to showcase their animosity with equal chops to each other once the bell rings. Liv tries to strike with a forearm but is sent to the mat by Peyton, momentum crashing down with it for Liv. Peyton hammers at the back of Liv, and strikes further with a knee into Liv’s midsection. and after an additional headbutt, she furiously forces Liv between the ropes, striking again with a knee, this time to Liv’s face. Peyton ties Liv in a unique stretch hold on the ropes, and a sneaky kick seconds later helps bring the groggy Liv back to the ring. Peyton takes Liv back to a vertical base, nailing a forearm to the slightly smaller opponent before being met with a fast flurry of retaliating forearms from the Competitor from Jersey looking to rebound. However Peyton hits back with equally aggressive offense, whipping Liv toward a corner, only Liv decides to haul herself up the turnbuckles along the way. Liv avoids the corner offense of Peyton by leaping off the ropes, and she uses her own athleticism to roll over Peyton for a pin attempt, though Peyton escapes free at one.

Peyton misses a clothesline to Liv, who floors her with a clothesline of her own. She takes Peyton down again with a second before following with a dropkick. Liv runs the ropes and executes a running bulldog and kips up, known momentum flowing through as she nails a standing flatliner before going right after Billie Kay. Liv rolls Peyton after into a Guillotine before Billie charges in and Peyton’s Fellow Aussie bestie assists Peyton in a two on one beat-down after the bell is rung. As Liv is left overwhelmed by the vicious heels, the majority of the audience calling for the presence of Aliyah have that granted as the officially now babyface charges to the ring and assists Liv. However the equal numbers game doesn’t work as once thought as Aliyah is sent into the aprons LED Board, and only when Ember Moon arrives, does Liv manage to clear Billie and Peyton off officially.

The New Found Trio of Aliyah, Ember Moon and Liv get to speak backstage later in the show on their much odd alignment. Dasha asks what brought the three women together, and Aliyah answers that what brought them together was the ignorance of Billie Kay and Peyton as to think they run the division. In Addition, Ember proclaims that she wasn’t going to sit back and let her own fire die out, and her path became there’s when Billie and Peyton stepped in the way. After mocking Billie and Peyton herself, Liv sets up a challenge for “Poison Ivy and Olive Oil” to find themselves a third member to square up to them another day.

(Peyton Royce w/ Billie Kay vs Liv Morgan feat Aliyah and Ember Moon)

(Aliyah, Ember Moon and Liv Morgan Backstage Segment)

Thoughts On This Match:
I Liked the idea of Liv and Peyton opening as they gathered quite a pleasing reaction and i loved the opening fisticuffs between Liv and Peyton to begin to play up their ongoing animosity and for Liv to match up in some way to Peyton’s aggressiveness which is a factor in most of Peyton’s matches. I Love also seeing Liv use the Guillotine as a possible finisher as not only does it look effective, but it shows more expansion in the evolving competitors move-set, and could be useful for a possible future rematch with Asuka. Aliyah and Embers involvement in the post match shenanigans not only put both in a storyline as not only did Ember need it due to not really having one since her debut, but Aliyah needed one to certify herself as a babyface. While its unknown whether its going to be at Takeover, as it could be a last addition, the partner of Peyton and Billie remains an intriguing mystery, but Mandy could be a choice due to her similar mean girl traits, the yet to debut on TV recent signing of Crazy Mary Dobson could have an effective debut as the Enforcer of the Aussies, or Aliyah could turn on them and maybe even link up with the Aussies either because her transition to babyface has been done in short time and with only last minute definition, and because the last time she was heel, Liv was her opponent, or because she could use both Aussies to “run the division” herself.

– Catherine


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