WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: All for War And One (Team) to Fall (November, 15th 2016)




So Smackdown this week marked WWEs last Televised Show (when you don’t include Superstars or Main Event) before this weekends Survivor Series Pay Per View, and with that in mind, some major up in animosity was presented between the rivaling female teams set to clash, as RAWs Own got a little look in at the work of some, and then all, Smackdown Women’s Competitors. Want to know what exactly went on? Wait no longer.

A Match between longtime enemies Nikki Bella and Carmella has been scheduled for the show, and goes ahead as planned, but not without some spotlight on fellow Survivor Series combatants as Alexa Bliss gives Daniel Bryan a major mouthful over Lynch succeeding in retaining the women’s title last week with the odd finish gone unnoticed. To the Surprise of Miss Bliss, despite watching over and over as stated, Bryan cannot change the referees final decision. However, he is certainly giving Bliss a future rematch, but he wants her to channel all her current frustration on the women’s champ on the RAW Survivor Series Team instead on Sunday. Alexa is instead more concerned on wondering when she can face Becky again, but doesn’t get her answer as Natalya steps into the room to interrupt both her and Bryan. She tries to inspire Alexa in lyrical fashion of course, but Alexa sees through it all, even more disgusted at the choice in song lyrics and she hilariously storms off. However Natalya just acts like she has no knowledge of the band as Alexa disappears from view.

Sometime Later, Nikki Bella, Smackdowns Survivor Series Team Captain emerges from the back for the only women’s match of the night, a No Mercy Rematch of course against the one and only Carmella. The Two lock up to start their match, with some reversals eventually leading to Nikki being pressed against the corner post. More reversals come out of it as Nikki and Carmella keep ahold while trying to pace themselves to the opposite corner, but Carmella instead aggressively grips Nikki in the middle of the ropes, eventually forced to break off from the former divas champion. The Two end up staring each other down in the middle of the ring, with Nikki far from impressed at Carmella pulling a Cena Taunt, and after being face-palmed by the heel, Nikki has had enough and chases Carmella to the outside. Carmella is back to the ring first, stomping down on Nikki as she returns to the ring behind her, and the Princess of Staten Island hits with forearms also before getting aggressive again by the ropes, being forced to break off before a potential five count eventually. Carmella goes for a clothesline after and misses, and a counter by Nikki leads to Carmella’s face being driven into the opponents knee. Nikki follows this new roll of momentum with a snap suplex, whipping Carmella into a standing dropkick moments later. Carmella rolls outside, catching Nikki’s feet midway through the oppositions baseball slide dropkick and turning it into a painful looking neckbreaker. Nikki is clinging to the surgically repaired neck and is given more pain to deal with as Carmella smashes Nikki’s face against the ground then into the top of the nearby steel stairs. Carmella rolls back to the ring, hoping Nikki doesn’t follow up after but rather gets counted out, but it isn’t to be as Nikki makes it back into the ring. Rather than exchange offense, Carmella instead tries to pin a Hurt Nikki and gets a near fall, the first of the match.

Carmella then tries setting up Nikki on the ropes before eyeing up the turnbuckles and trying to loosen them herself, before returning to the old strategy after the ref takes some notice. Carmella chokes Nikki against the ropes before utilizing them to send her back to the mat. She gathers some heat from the audience by taunting, but it proves almost costly as Nikki seizes Carmella mid through it into a roll up, but it doesn’t even get the former divas champion a one count. Carmella flattens any hopeful momentum for Nikki with a quick superkick, one that drives her back to the mat. Carmella covers Nikki for the second time, getting a near fall. Carmella hits some swift elbows to both shoulder sides of Nikki then wraps her in a side headlock in the center of the ring, and despite keeping Nikki grounded for a lot of time, Nikki uses the crowd support to power through, attempting to break from Carmella’s dragon sleeper reversal by sending her back first into a corner. Nikki eventually gets Carmella off her back but as she stumbles around upon trying to find her feet, Carmella attacks from behind. Carmella returns to taunting after pulling Nikki’s hair against the ropes in catty heel fashion, and even does a Bella taunt before snapmaring Nikki back into the ring center. Nikki is then stuck in Carmella’s rear chokehold, looking to power out by lifting Carmella off the mat, and to the heels dismay, she also gets to the ropes to force the break.

Carmella continues to showcase her known mean streak as she sends Nikki into her boot, pressed against the corners top turnbuckle. She Chokes Nikki against the bottom turnbuckle with her foot, bringing additional stomps with it, but she misses a bronco buster as Nikki moves to safety. Both are writhing in pain and are soon graced with the presence of Smackdowns One but Not Only Guest for the night from RAW, the Red Brands Women’s Champion, Charlotte. Nikki has made it to her feet and soon recognizes the woman who ended her record breaking championship reign last year in front of the WWE Universe, and the RAW Women’s Champion gloats as she flashes her ticket from the front row.

Back from a commercial break, we see Nikki trying again to separate herself from Carmella as she rams her back first into a corner to escape another hold. Nikki eventually sends Carmella over her back before derailing any chance at the enemy reversing momentum as she prizes her into her hands to successfully execute an Alabama Slam. Both Carmella and Nikki make it to their feet sometime later, with the Bella’s momentum continuing as she nails a running clothesline in the corner to the Princess of Staten Island. Nikki also connects with the inziguiri off the second rope, but Carmella retreats to ringside before any sort of pin attempt could be made, with Nikki quickly following behind. She takes Carmella and runs her back first into the barricade before having eyes on a still gloating RAW Women’s Champion, Charlotte. Nikki has heard enough of Charlotte’s snarky sarcastic chant and pummels her in the face with a huge forearm before even dragging the RAW Women’s Champion into the ring, where a big fight goes down. The in ring brawl between Charlotte and Nikki means Carmella wins the match via Disqualification, but Nikki could care a less as she continues pummeling Charlotte in the middle of the ring until its made clear that Charlotte’s army (the RAW Teammates) are in the building, and soon emerging are Bayley, Sasha, Alicia and Dana. Carmella has only just got up from the earlier spot to notice the women beat down on Nikki in aid of Charlotte in the ring, and decides to turn the page to suddenly try and aid the teammate, as she goes after Dana, soon overwhelmed by a two on one attack from the Champs protege and Foxy. The Two run Carmella into the appearing Nia Jax, who easily knocks the fellow heel to the mat.

As Nia looks to further that assault, down to the ring comes Natalya, Becky, Alexa and Naomi, going after respective forces. Natalya goes for Fox, Becky after Dana, Alexa after Sasha, though Alexa becomes the target of RAWs returning momentum, as she finds herself separated from RAWs former women’s champion by Nia Jax, then the target of Bayley right after. Nia then showcases her imposing strength as she tosses both the Veteran Natalya and Smackdowns Women’s Champion Becky Lynch across ringside like ragdolls. Nia then tries to spear Becky into the barricade, but Becky moves and Nia takes the full brunt of colliding with the snapped barricade in turn. Naomi then takes various members of Team RAW to the floor with a well timed crossbody from the top rope. Team Smackdown call in Team RAW for more as they stand in unison on the apron, staring down their opponents for the Pay Per View.

In Addition to all this drama, there’s drama on the door soon for Dolph Ziggler as shes left shocked when The Miz defeated him to obtain his Intercontinental Championship on the 900th Smackdown episode, celebrating with a very proud Maryse and Dolph’s former Spirit Squad Teammates.

(The Miz w/ Maryse vs Dolph Ziggler; Intercontinental Championship Match)

(Natalya, Alexa Bliss and Daniel Bryan Backstage Segment)

(Nikki Bella vs Carmella feat Team Smackdown and Team RAW)

Thoughts On This Match:
Again another great match from Carmella and Nikki with equal animosity from before but more strategy based in terms of how Carmella utilized her move-set to target one particular body part, that being Nikki’s neck. While RAW failed to bring on an invasion, i can see why as they would try and book for Smackdown to have the momentum as right now RAWs Women’s Team are probably going to be walking out as the dominant brand, but the crowd reaction and the timing was great. It came mid match rather than a clear result followed by the invasion, keeping Carmella’s momentum going rather than losing a second time, and we got some unlikely alliances and look ins at what could be incredible matches for the future, not to mention that Sasha and Alexa were REALLY going at it to the point where Alexa apparently has (another) broken nose dealt to her from Sasha. My Only negative was Bayley aiding Charlotte considering her image as a happy, sweet but courageous babyface, and it automatically made some of RAWs top babyfaces look like heels but its all about protecting and representing the brand so its a one night thing that culminates this Sunday in possibly one of the best Survivor Series matches since 2014s Team Fox vs Team Paige.

– Catherine


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