TNA IMPACT RESULTS: All Rhodes Lead to a Victorious Experience (November, 17th 2016)




Welcome Everyone to a New Week of Wrestling, but before we can discuss whats coming up, lets all be reminded of what went down on a Knockouts-a-plenty episode of IMPACT Wrestling. Having her issues with Maria furthered, Brandi Rhodes went out of her way to seek out a tag team partner in attempt to overthrow the Former Knockouts Leaders Lady Squad, and this week that very partner will be revealed. Plus a sudden development for our Knockouts Champion opens doors for two others….

In the back in the first Knockouts related moment of the night is Laurel, Allie and Sienna. Allie appears curious after Laurel gloats about receiving a text from Braxton Sutter, and when she courageously questions Laurel as to why Sutter is even contacting her, she implies they do more than that. Meanwhile Maria is sneaking in to eavesdrop, and in defense of her Lady Squad, reminds Allie of her place in TNA. Additionally gloating over how Brandi has been left to her lonesome no thanks to Lashley taking out Cody Rhodes, she implies that no one would tag with Brandi, hopefully not Allie in her case. In additional defense of Maria, Sienna also declares that no one would be dumb enough to go against them to tag with Brandi, glaring right at Allie as she says this. Poor Allie is circled by the vicious vixens and forced to continue her alignment for another week as the segment ends.

Before we can even jump to the reveal of Brandi’s Partner for the evening, Gail Kim has a pre taped interview backstage with JB, in which she reveals she had been originally hurt while facing Maria, but whatever injury she has sustained, has been aggravated per the attack from Rosemary just last week. Knowing she currently cant give her 110% to the audience, Gail believes its best to step down and vacate the Knockouts Title she had won at Bound for Glory, and in two weeks, there will be a new champion crowned.

With Gail’s stunning announcement out of the way, out to the ring strides Maria with Laurel and Sienna at her side as well as Allie. Sienna and Laurel are indeed going up against Brandi and a partner of her choosing, and after the red clad now solo competitor emerges, shes berated by Maria on supposedly having to work alone. Furthermore she thinks Allie may have been a safe bet to work with Rhodes, and in turn, demands her to the back. Brandi reveals Allie wasn’t her partner anyways, and out comes Madison Rayne, temporarily retiring from her commentating duty. Rayne even gets to light up Allie, turning her frown to a quick smile as she embraces her on the way to the ring. Madison holds out to watch Brandi’s performance as Brandi decides to open up the match against a mouthy Laurel. However she turns her back from the opponent to go after Maria, and when the twos debacle returns to the ring, Maria manages to separate herself from Brandi as Brandi also avoids a clothesline by Laurel in turn. Laurel duplicates Brandi earlier by turning her back, slapping Madison and teasing her to step into the ring. Madison wants in, and Brandi accepts to tag her in.

Madison bolts in, avoiding offense by Laurel while executing her own. After a few elbows, Madison returns the favor from earlier by slapping Laurel. Laurel has had enough and Sienna tags into the match. Madison cleverly avoids a clothesline from Sienna, striking with an inziguiri to follow up. Madison forearms Sienna towards and eventually into the ropes, and she hits more forearms before trying to take her back to the center of the ring with a front face-lock applied. However Sienna shoves her towards the heels corner, and in turn, Laurel grabs Madison by her hair. As Madison tries to strike back against Laurel, Sienna attacks from behind. Sienna launches Madison up into the air with a choke applied before dropping her to the mat, and after trying to go for Brandi, she turns back to focusing on Madison as a screeching Brandi has the referees attention. Meanwhile Sienna has taken Madison back to the side of the heels corner, nailing some forearms to the Knockouts veteran before tagging Laurel.

Laurel furthers the work of Sienna by choking Madison against the middle turnbuckle. Laurel then tosses Madison over to another side of the ring, choking her against the second rope right after. Laurel plants Madison’s face against another turnbuckle before tagging back in Sienna. Sienna delivers a lethal Ric Flair-esque chop to Madison then wears her down with a number of stomps in another corner. Sienna taunts towards the crowd then bickers with the referee, allowing Laurel to take advantage and get sneaky with Madison from ringside. Sienna darts back over to the corner once Laurels work is done, choking her with her arms against the lower turnbuckle, before dragging her to the center for a pin attempt. Sienna gets the first near fall of the match on Madison. Sienna continues to dominate Madison and allows Laurel to further her work as she tags the fellow member of the Lady Squad back into the match. Laurel executes various hair mares before trying to also pin Madison, getting a near fall much like Sienna had. Laurel gets a second chance to pin Madison, only with a duplicate result.

Laurel whips Madison to the ropes, being arm dragged by Madison as Madison bounces back. Madison follows with the pin opportunity but also gets a near fall. Before Madison can do anything else, Laurel clubs her in the back, and she furthers her assault with a snap suplex before reverting to trying to pin the former Knockouts Champion, getting a near fall once more. Laurel is furious and tries to finish Madison with her curb-stomp but Madison avoids it, then sending down Laurel with a clothesline. With both women down on the mat, an opportunity is opened for Sienna and Brandi to tag. Brandi and Sienna do tag in, and Brandi attempts some hot clotheslines to Sienna, before taking a boot from Sienna to the midsection. Sienna forearms Brandi then has her whip reversed, leading to Brandi resuming control with a clothesline and dropkick near to the corner to Sienna. Sienna reverses Brandi’s whip but Brandi floats in the corner, missing Sienna’s corner splash and she takes Sienna to the mat with a running back elbow. A Follow up strike with a knee gives Brandi the chance to pin, but Sienna kicks out at two, and a little early as Laurel only gets the intervening offense in a little later. Laurel tosses Brandi around then becomes the target of a Boot from Madison. Madison takes her outside, leaving the legal opposition of Sienna and Brandi in the ring. Sienna goes for the AK47, reversed within moments by Brandi into a Reverse STO. Brandi pins Sienna, getting the win for her and Madison. Madison and Brandi win the match.

Moving from in ring action to in ring action to come, after being told by Abyss and Steve that their ever so creepy but ever so talented valet Rosemary awaits her, Jade goes to confront the very woman that laid waste to herself and now former Knockouts Champion Gail Kim just last week. Jade eventually finds Rosemary atop the impact zone, and after hearing her speech, she does what Jade does best, getting right down to business. She has heard that in two weeks there will be a battle for the now vacant Knockouts Title, and Rosemary, looking to test the fearlessness of Jade, who has even stated that she isn’t afraid of Rosemary, proposes that they fight enclosed inside a steel cage.

(Gail Kim Backstage Segment; Laurel Van Ness and Sienna w/ Maria and Allie vs Madison Rayne and Brandi Rhodes)

(Jade, Crazy Steve and Abyss Backstage Segment; Jade and Rosemary Backstage Segment)

Thoughts On This Match:
Its entirely understandable as to why Madison worked a majority of the match, considering her veteran ability and experience that is enough to make others look strong in the process. Brandi is clearly green but its expected with only a few months or so of training under her belt, but i will admit her finishing STO was done well. Overall its hard to see Sienna lose so much considering her in ring ability, and anyone whose seen her matches outside of the company knows that. Will she get another run with the championship? Who Knows but i expect Brandi vs Maria to end soon.

– Catherine


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