TNA XPLOSION RESULTS: The “Apprentice” Tries to Hold Her Own Against a Veteran Level Star (August, 6th 2016)




It feels like such a while since ive reported on an Xplosion episode, but since own commitments mean i dont get to catch the show live, and because matches seem to pop up when least expected (not even promoted by TNA) ive only just got round to this particular match, and a series of others you can catch me reporting on in the next few days/weeks. This episode jumps back a few months to the days when Allie enjoyed her services to “Miss Maria” but regardless, had to work alone to exploit her in ring ability against Madison Rayne.

Allie is out first in a gold and white piece of ring attire, followed by the entrance of a then and still now crowd favorite, 5x Knockouts Champion Madison Rayne. As Madison poses to complete her entrance in the ring, Allie does what any heel does best, blindside attacking as she strikes Madison from behind while shes set up on the turnbuckles. Once Madison has lodged herself against the ring post, Allie is underway with her starting offense, in the form of a forearm to the chest and a number of kicks. In addition to that she looks to expand her offense as she chokes Madison against the corner with her foot. Madison clambers her way to another corner, soon caught in the hands of Allie as the fellow Knockout soon forces her from that corner to another. Allie goes back to kicking Madison, this time against a different corner. She continues to exploit the use of the corners as she sends Madison head first into an opposite corner turnbuckle. Allie goes for a corner attack but Madison moves to safety, then reversing all momentum as she forearms Allie in the corner numerous times. Madison mirrors the strategy of Allie from earlier by planting her against a corner turnbuckle head first, doing the same again and again in other corners. Madison even gets to mimic Allie’s voice in comedic fashion before rolling her into a pin attempt, one which gets her a near fall. Allie doesn’t get to crawl away as Madison hooks her in for another pin attempt, leading to another near fall. A Third pin attempt on Allie ends the same way.

Madison gets back to her feet, seemingly urging for Allie to fight back against her. Allie slaps Madison across the face. Madison gives Allie a dark stare and within moments, Allie is into retreat. Allie gives the fans a mouthful from ringside, taking her eye off Madison, who snatches her by her hair and tries to drag her upwards onto the apron and eventually back into the ring. Allie shoulder tackles Madison, before trying to take Madison towards the corners top turnbuckle. Madison blocks the attempt using her boot, sending Allie into the turnbuckle face first instead. Madison prizes Allie between the ropes but Allie stumbles onto the mat herself, leading to Madison hilariously clapping to Allie “taking her first spot” (or maybe it was deliberate for unintentional laughs?). Madison takes Allie to another corner, hitting her with a running back elbow. Madison whips Allie to another corner, going for the running splash into the corner but being sandwiched between it when Allie moves away. Allie takes advantage of the veterans position and lands a running dropkick into the back of Madison.

Back from a commercial break, Madison remains in the earlier corner with Allie seemingly still in command. A Strong whip leads to Madison crashing into an opposite corner back first hard, and Allie rolls Madison over to try for a pin attempt, getting a near fall. In disbelief at the last pin attempt result, Allie tries again, and its another near fall on Madison for Allie. Madison hits back with offense as she tries to return to her feet, but misses an inziguiri when Allie steps away in time. Pleased at seeing Madison hurt near the rings center, Allie attacks with a kick, and looks to regain the momentum needed as she chokes Madison against the bottom rope. Allie is all joyous as she nails a baseball slide clothesline, but like past offense, its only enough to get her a near fall. Another cover follows from Allie, and again shes left furious when Madison escapes at the count of two. Allie keeps the momentum going up until shes forearmed in the middle of the ring by Madison. After a clothesline, Madison executes a back and forth chop and forearm sequence, which Allie soon tries to duck from. Allie laughs at Madison, but not for long as Madison gets to connect with the previously failed inziguiri, but she misses the baseball slide clothesline when Allie avoids. Madison also seems to hurt her arm during the sequence. Allie goes for the same maneuver herself but Madison springs back up and moves to safety.

Madison connects with the baseball slide clothesline then fires up the crowd right before booting Allie at the side of her face. A Northern Lights suplex back in the ring by Madison on Allie gets her yet another near fall on Allie. Allie and Madison get back to their feet, with Allie nailing a knee into the midsection of Madison. Allie has the next move set up but Madison brings on a counter, rolling Allie into the next pin attempt, keeping Allie down (and surprised) enough to take a three count. Madison wins the match.

(Madison Rayne vs Allie)

Thoughts On This Match:
This Match does what Main Event and Superstar does for the various women’s competitors, exploiting ability from others. It wasn’t one sided, equally competitive and despite Allie being continuously labelled as someone who is only developing in wrestling ability, she didn’t show any rookie level type wrestling here and already seemed like the multi year experienced wrestler that she is, and to top, the crowd were into it. Since Allie was early into her run here, it makes sense for the veteran to take the win but it was a pleasing match for definite.

– Catherine


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