LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: Aztec Warfare Creates History for the Luchadoras (November, 16th 2016)




Welcome All to this past weeks Lucha Underground report, and this week brought along the Third Aztec Warfare Rumble in the promotions history. Various Luchadora’s will also take to the ring in this very match for a chance to become the first Female Lucha Underground champion in history, but are chances slim considering the dominant power of the defending champion Matanza? Guess we will know soon.

But before we can get to the absolute mayhem that is Aztec Warfare, a confident Johnny Mundo appears before Dario Cueto right before the El Jefe can proceed to release Matanza from his dominion to enter as the first entrant of the said match. Dario is displeased when Mundo obstructs his path, but of course Mundo’s doing this just to pass on a message before he enters the ring that he is going to win Aztec Warfare (as the Gift of the Gods Champion). He adds that achieving this feat means he becomes the first person ever to hold the Lucha Underground and Gift of the Gods Championship at the same time, and to record his further boastful moment is Taya. Furthermore, Mundo declares that if in some way he doesn’t take home the victory tonight, he wants to face whoever the victor is next week for the Lucha Underground title. Seeing the confidence on Mundo that he feels he could beat Matanza, he looks to test Mundo’s belief he is the best in the world, thus he snatches away Mundo’s entry paper, originally written with Mundo as entrant number 12 and tears it in half, instead making Mundo entry number 2, right after his brother, Matanza. Before leaving Mundo to scowl, Dario warns him that after what Matanza does to him, he will most likely fight for his life than for the championship. Angry at Dario’s change in plan, Mundo makes Taya turn off the camera.

Next, we head right to Aztec Warfare, which is the only match of the night. The first Luchadora entering is Mariposa, at Number Seven, sharing the ring with Mundo, Matanza, PJ Black, Pentagon Jr, Son of Havoc and Jeremiah Crane. Mariposa is already fired up upon entry, delivering an aerial assault with a dropkick off the top rope to PJ and Mundo. She Samoan Drops Son of Havoc before taking Cranes Insane Crane Driller/Piledriver finisher. However Mariposa isn’t pinned right after, as Matanza scoops up Havoc and executes a German Suplex to the former Trios Champion, pinning and eliminating him. Matanza then pretends to be manipulated by Mariposa, and as Mariposa draws herself nearer to the imposing force, the trickery is unveiled, as Matanza chokeslams Mariposa and ensures her rather quick elimination. Mariposa has been eliminated from Aztec Warfare.

Sexy Star is the second Luchadora entering this match, at Number 12 right as her opposers the Worldwide Underground are dominating. She takes Mundo and beats down on him as Evans and PJ look to already assist Mundo by trying to pull off the former Gift of the Gods Champion. The Boos have already kicked off towards the trio as they start a three on one attack on Star, furthermore taking her out of the ring after. Star struggles with Evans later on the outside while Ricky Mandel enters as entry number thirteen. Pentagon, however, lays waste to Mandel and nearly proceeds to break the returning competitors arm before the sudden appearance of Black Lotus and her Triad (Mayu Iwatani, Io Shirai and Kairi Hojo) hit the ring. The Four get a load of offense in on Pentagon before Lotus soon demands them to retreat, following along with them. The assist from the Triad allows Mundo to pin Pentagon and rid of him. Additionally PJ has pinned and eliminated Ricky. As Star still takes offense from Evans at ringside, Mascarita Sagrada enters the match. Famous B then enters as entry fifteen, to the happiness of his valet Beautiful Brenda. However Brenda wont be elated for long as a 619 and Frog Splash from Rey Mysterio leads to B’s fairly quick elimination.

Sexy Star and the Mack work together at ringside to decimate the Worldwide Underground with various maneuvers while newest entrant Joey Ryan handcuffs himself to the steel handrail at the right side of the staircase so he doesn’t have to compete but rather get a close enough seat to watch the others tear into each other. However hes soon forced up by the strength of his follow up entrant, Mil Muertes, accompanied as expected by Catrina. As Catrina watches, Mil rolls Joey into the ring and simultaneously, he and Matanza lay out Ryan and Dr Wagner Jr, pinning both at the same time. Mil spills outside with Matanza after, while Star still deals with the Worldwide Underground as Kobra Moon enters as the third and final Luchadora in this match, entrant number nineteen. However Kobra just sits by and views the action from the commentary table, as the Mack pins Evans to bring the Worldwide Underground down to two remaining members. Star slips into the ring to join Mack at the same time to pin PJ, leaving Mundo as the one remaining member of his stable in Aztec Warfare….and their target.

Drago enters at number twenty, with eyes on a seated Kobra Moon. Kobra leaps from the table and delivers a hurricanrana to the Trios Champion. Kobra bashes Drago’s head against the ring post while Mundo kicks Star at ringside. Drago soon returns the favor by inflicting pain to Kobra, sending her into the fence. Kobra and Drago take the animosity to the ring, starting off with Drago delivering a kick to Kobra, before springboarding onto Kobra and various counters from Drago follow until hes able to get a proper pinning attempt, eventually doing so and eliminating Kobra from the match. However Drago soon joins Kobra on the eliminated list after being driven to the mat by the defending champion Matanza. The remaining six deliver maneuvers to Matanza in the ring following his beat-down to Rey, including Star who executes a codebreaker. Matanza counters a second 619 later from Rey, but Rey reverses into a Sunset Flip Powerbomb in the ring to pin Matanza, thus a New Lucha Underground Champion will definitely be crowned, either himself, Mundo, Star, the Mack or Mil Muertes.

When we return, Matanza takes his fury out at ringside, while Mundo and Star go at it in the ring. Mundo delivers kicks to the back of Star while Rey is attended to at ringside per facing the wrath of Matanza before. PJ and Evans, despite their earlier eliminations, return to assist Mundo in cheapshotting Star. The three gloat over their dominance until Angelico returns and dives onto all three of them from fairly high up. Star covers Mundo, taking advantage of the assist from Angelico, and the Gift of the Gods Champion is eliminated. Crawling back to the ring is Mil Muertes, only to be dropkicked by Star and take some shots to the back from the Mack. Mil clears the ring of Star before aiming forearms at the Mack. Mil continues his domination, shades of Grave Consequences, and its enough power to take out Mack, who is pinned and eliminated, bringing it down to Sexy Star and the Man of a Thousand Deaths.

Star returns to the ring with a cunning smile on her face before beginning to unload on Mil, first with a boot then forearms and furious chops. Despite the fast offense, Star is soon tossed to another side of the ring by Mil. Mil stomps away at the left shoulder of Star, then chokeslams her. Mil doesn’t pin, but rather sneaks outside and reveals and sets up a table in the corner, additionally bringing to the ring a steel chair. Mil goes for a chokeslam but Star counters into a DDT, sending Mil crashing into the chair set up in the near center. Getting to her feet, Star attempts to weaken Mil with chair shots to the top of his head. She tries to pin him some shots later, but gets a near fall. Star runs the ropes but is caught in the grip of Mil, who tosses her over to but not into the table. Mil goes for a corner spear, missing and going through the table. Star takes advantage, trying to roll up Mil after but like before, she gets a near fall.

Star gets up, charges towards Mil and is floored within moments by a fiery punch from Mil. Mil pulls out one more table and takes that to the ring to set up, hauling Star onto his left shoulder side after and placing her on the turnbuckles. Mil is readying a flatliner while on the turnbuckles, but Star begins to fight back with forearms. Star shoves Mil into the table, which snaps in half upon impact. Star hits double knees off the top rope to Mil and pins him to become the new Lucha Underground Champion, and the first female Lucha Underground Champion in the Companys History.

Thoughts On This Match:
While the quick eliminations of Kobra and Mariposa were rather questionable and even humiliating, while Kobras had some storyline enhancement in between, it was overall a great encounter and not only props to Star for how long she was involved, but Mundo as well. I Loved the use of the Worldwide Underground to show Mundo still cant battle the odds on his own, like he couldn’t with Matanza, though i loved the final fives sequence on Matanza, though i do wonder why Aerostar and Fenix didn’t get involved if the heels could to again assist Star, though with the Macks help, maybe it wasn’t really needed. We also got the debut of the Black Lotus Triad, which in all honesty, i forgot was going to happen, thinking it was going to happen on a later episode but im so stoked to not only see Lotus back in the ring but to see what Io does during her time in the Temple. I Was a bit unsure of the finish but congratulations to Star on the big title victory, though tonight’s episode may be an indication that it may still be a while before a Luchadora vs Luchadora match can happen for the title.

– Catherine


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