WWE RAW RESULTS: Shooting Down the Champ, Tie a Record, Rinse and Repeat? (November, 21st 2016)




Survivor Series for this year has closed, with RAW perceiving themselves as the currently dominant brand with their Women also winning and basking in the limelight that very night. With that winning moment not forgotten in Toronto, the WWE wrestlers are back for another night of business in Takeover Town, setting the stage for the next feuds post Pay Per View, and we’ll soon learn whats to go down with RAWs Women’s Division, after all Banks Championship rematch cannot go unforgotten for sure.

Charlotte hits the ring with Dana Brooke at her side, again resuming the role of Protege, and the RAW Women’s Champion, and Once Captain of her Survivor Series Team is surely out to brag about her greatness, but more so about her actions to a certain Bayley following the Survivor Series victory that only lead to a pummeling for somes favorite babyface. Asking to freeze the moment where she had floored Bayley, Charlotte brags about it, only to be interrupted by someone other than the Hugger, a also former NXT Women’s Champion Sasha Banks, who has yet to clash with Charlotte one on one after their historic bout at Hell in a Cell.

Sasha gets right to business and demands to challenge Charlotte once more for the RAW Women’s Championship, and it appears the champ has accepted at first, but not for tonight as one may have thought, but for next week in Flair Country, in Charlotte, North Carolina. Furthermore, she blames the crowds booing for the reason she will not change her mind about the placement of Banks rematch, and to add she got the chance to beat Sasha in her hometown, and she gets to repeat history in her own this time, facing Sasha nonetheless in North Carolina. Before Charlotte can say more about how she wishes to break her continually fighting opponent, out comes Nia Jax with something also to say, but alas its not to do with Charlotte, but with Sasha. A Sassy Nia is one to admit that she dominated the Smackdown Women’s Team just a night before at Survivor Series, but there was one person who didn’t, that being the woman she currently looks down on, Sasha. Nia states the WWE Universe are fooled by the Glitz and the Glamour that adorns Sasha, but she isn’t, and if there’s anything more she can say its that she views Sasha as an “Overrated, Purple Headed Barbie Doll”. Sasha displays no fear as she faces up to Nia, declaring that she will show just how Overrated she can be after she gets back her championship. Charlotte asks Nia if she will take Sasha talking to her in such a way, and can only smile gleefully as Nia continues to address Sasha, warning her that she is not her Boss. Dana has her laughable moment by mocking Sasha as she comes between the eventual challenger to the Women’s Championship and Jax, knocked to the mat by an oncoming forearm from Sasha in the process. Jax attacks Sasha, before even hoisting Sasha up for Charlotte to mock before Bayley charges to the ring. A Tag Match has been made.

When we return, Nia and Charlotte, with Dana in the corner of the heels, vs Sasha and Bayley is underway. Bayley and Charlotte grapple in the rings center before Bayley takes control, leading Charlotte to her corner and in turn, holding Charlotte in place while Sasha tags in. Sasha chops Charlotte in the chest, quickly tagging back in Bayley to do the same. Sasha is back in, and the two double chop Charlotte in adjacent sides of the back before Sasha tries pinning Charlotte, only for the Champ to kick out. With Charlotte back in hand, Sasha allows Bayley to tag in again, Bayley whips Charlotte, but is met with an elbow by Charlotte. While Bayley is slightly down, Charlotte makes a quick tag to Nia to further her work. Nia knocks Bayley to the mat with such force, following with a lethal elbow drop, though the following pin attempt only gets her a near fall on Bayley.

Nia tosses Bayley easily to the outside, and the ref has begun counting within moments. The ref stops to handle Nia, who looks to pace outside, and with his back turned, he doesn’t notice the outside cheap-shot by Dana. Bayley eventually returns to the ring, back in the hands of Nia, who resumes control as she headbutts Bayley, and after tagging Charlotte in, she pins up Bayley against the corner, allowing Charlotte to continue from where she left off. Charlotte snapmares Bayley from the corner, trying to wear her out with a rear choke-hold, tossing her to the mat before she can find momentum. Charlotte goes for Banks but misses the chance, but nonetheless still has control, and can only watch Sasha as she pulls her tag partner further away, placing her in the heel corner, and Nia tags in. Charlotte whips Bayley in the direction of Nia, and again the power of Nia leads to Bayley crashing back first into the mat. Nia seizes Bayley in a hold, though Bayley tries with much power to fight out, swinging elbows at Nia. Nia slams Bayley to the mat but misses a follow up elbow drop when Bayley moves slightly. Charlotte tags in, prizing Bayley by the foot and attempting to keep her as far from Sasha as she can. Bayley sends Charlotte to another side of the ring with a counter, and she tags Sasha, who blocks an oncoming running elbow from Charlotte, sending her to a corner turnbuckle in turn head first.

Sasha heads up top and nails a diving crossbody to Charlotte, and furthermore, hits the ropes and drives both knees into Charlotte in the middle of the ring. Charlotte’s face meets a turnbuckle once more and Sasha unleashes with some chops in the corner to Charlotte, and after she blocks a boot, Sasha capitalizes with double knees between the ropes, only enough to get a near fall per Jax’s intervention. Bayley runs in, grasped by her throat by Nia, as is Sasha. Nia seeks a double clothesline but the Horsewomen counter into a double suplex of which Becky and Bliss couldn’t somehow achieve just the night before. While Nia rolls away, Charlotte sneaks back in the ring to try to pin Sasha, getting a near fall. Charlotte escapes a near Bank Statement counter, missing a clothesline and being rolled into the second Bank Statement attempt. This time her submission locks in and the Champ taps. Bayley and Sasha win the match.

In addition to all this, we see Emmalina introduced in another picturesque promo, with a date yet to be set (still) for Emma’s transformation into the villainous assumed model. Plus Lana got to see a bit of body herself, finding herself possibly flattered when Enzo is seen non intentionally streaking backstage as Cass has apparently got his gear. Regardless Rusev is offended at his wife seeing the image of another mans you know what and covers the eyes of his Ravishing wife, while promising consequences for the Certified G, in a match of which he’d end up winning.

(Sasha Banks, Charlotte, Dana Brooke, Nia Jax and Bayley Segment)

(Nia Jax and Charlotte w/ Dana Brooke vs Bayley and Sasha Banks)

(Emmalina Promo)

(Enzo Amore, The Shining Stars, Titus O Neil, Big Cass, Rusev and Lana Segment)

(Enzo Amore w/ Big Cass vs Rusev w/ Lana)

Thoughts on this Match:
While i could say Nia is a fresh inclusion, and that shes getting some spotlight and some further evolution, and while im glad Nia didn’t get pinned meaning her streak may matter, two things pop up here that are of some worry. Charlotte vs Sasha again. While each match seems to dazzle in various ways, its been overdone, and while Charlotte could retain with help from Nia to set up an alliance or a multi woman match, the inevitable could be Sasha winning, crushing Nia’s streak once and for all in a possible teased match or getting her feud with Bayley while all other women cease to have any existence outside of Charlotte. Also, while the “reports” state Dana’s push has been cancelled, it remains to be seen whether it was a plan, but if true, they can work on her as a character regardless, because what else is Dana doing now besides assisting from the outside continuously for her fellow heels in a rinse and repeat type of way? She needs to be shown as her own force, be a proven assist to Charlotte rather than her presence being almost forgettable to the point where shes just there to either stand and look good next to Charlotte or to be the one to be pinned by a Horsewoman, which is why i fear for Dana every-time a segment features herself and a babyface in ring gear. I Do expect Charlotte vs Sasha vs Bayley currently at Roadblock, and while Nia is having some sort of proper introduction as a force in the division considering her excellent work at Survivor Series, Please WWE, remember that your other women are more than just apparent athletes in the division, they all work equally as hard and all deserve their own spotlight and have many accolades to (and can) achieve, not just for particular women in general to grasp. If Roadblock goes with the Triple Threat, its clear where the division is centered, so on begs the ongoing question, while we have excellent matches to talk through from this year, is this really a women’s revolution when other women cant be involved or step over and be victorious over a big name just once in a while? Can we say its a Revolution if a great wrestler in Emma has her gimmick transformed to only focus on her looks? Guess we’ll know soon.

– Catherine


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