WWE SURVIVOR SERIES RESULTS: Hugplexes, Brand Domination and Mayhem to Come (November, 20th 2016)




Welcome All to the Survivor Series report, as this past Sunday WWE concluded their two weekend nights of action by bringing Survivor Series to One Queen of Harts home State of Canada. To come with the tradition of a Survivor Series Pay Per View was a Traditional Survivor Series Multi Woman Tag Team Match, the first in many years that revolved around the recently returned Brand Split as RAWs Women’s Champion Charlotte headed her team of herself, Sasha Banks, Bayley, Nia Jax and Alicia Fox to combat Smackdown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch, Nikki Bella, Carmella, Alexa Bliss and Naomi, coached by the veteran Canadian Natalya.

The Women are surprisingly first to grace the card, kicking off with the singular separate entrances of Bayley, Alicia Fox, Nia Jax, Sasha Banks and RAWs Women’s Champion Charlotte (with Dana Brooke) and then the entrances of Smackdowns Women’s Champion Becky Lynch, Naomi, Alexa Bliss, Carmella and lastly Nikki Bella. However the Fearless Bella, the Crowned Captain of the Women’s Team for Smackdown is shown writhing in pain backstage, having been attacked by an unknown assailant. The “Coach” for Smackdowns Team, Natalya, shows worry for Nikki as she approaches backstage, but its insisted by Bryan that she must replace her right away, as the match is about to take place. While Carmella insists no wrongdoing herself to her teammates, out comes Natalya to perform for the Toronto crowd, and per Bryan’s ruling, to take the place of the fellow former Divas Champion.

Opening for respective teams are Fox and Carmella. The Two lock up and Carmella gets the upper hand on first go as she manages to push Fox to the ropes, and a shoving match ensues a short time later. Carmella is furious, heading towards her with a clothesline prepped, only for Alicia to avoid it and nail a dropkick to the heel women’s superstar. Alicia additionally executes a Northern lights suplex, bridging into her first pin attempt of the match and getting a near fall on Carmella. Carmella tries to make a comeback with forearms to Fox, and she fully reverses the momentum with a flying head-scissor. After some typical heel taunting, Carmella squashes Alicia in the corner with a Bronco Buster before going into her own pin attempt, but like Alicia before, she also gets a near fall. Carmella whips Alicia to the ropes, but Alicia doesn’t bounce back, rather hanging on then kicking Carmella in the jaw. Carmella avoids the axe scissor signature kick from Alicia and tags in Smackdowns Women’s Champion, Becky Lynch. Tagged in by Fox for the RAW Team is Bayley. However before either can get physical, Charlotte tags herself in in the place of Bayley, leading to some boos. However Sasha only mimics Charlotte’s actions and tags herself in in the place of her rival. Sasha, Charlotte and Bayley bicker amongst themselves up until Becky goes in and uppercuts Charlotte, leading to every member of each team getting involved. The Presence of Nia eventually leads to separation between the forces, and all chaos calms before legal competitors Sasha and Becky return to battle.

Sasha and Becky stare down, but just as Sasha goes for a clothesline, Becky plays smart, avoiding it and rolling her up suddenly to try and get the quick elimination. Sasha kicks out at two, to Smackdowns Women’s Champion Becky Lynch’s dismay, and Sasha blocks a take-down from the fellow horsewoman and backslides Becky for her own pin attempt, with the same near fall result. Becky reverses a whip by Sasha but ends up taking a kick from Sasha, whose attempt to further retaliate is blown off when Charlotte force tags herself in again. However, Charlotte doesn’t have Sasha’s building momentum, rather thwarted by a series of arm drags from the fellow title holder Becky. Becky works on the left shoulder of Charlotte, avoiding a forearm from Charlotte as she gets on her feet, and a roll through from Charlotte followed by a knee into Becky’s midsection allows her to reverse momentum. Charlotte mocks the onlookers of the Smackdown team, going to attack Becky again, but Becky ducks, and she kicks Charlotte before trying to force Charlotte into the disarmer, to no avail. Charlotte prizes a nearby bottom rope and Becky is forced to break off from the submission attempt. Charlotte is done there, and tags in Nia, who is set to go head to head with Becky for the first time.

Becky remains courageous, charging over to the powerhouse Nia, though shes overtaken very soon as Nia runs her into the corner. Nia clotheslines Becky against the same corner before headbutting her out of it, and tagging in to try square up to Nia is Carmella, though she runs into a clothesline from Nia moments in. Nia demands extra and in tags Bliss to face the real life friend, meeting the same fate as Carmella however as she crashes to the mat upon coming into contact with Nia. Alexa is quick to retreat, tagging Naomi in instead. Naomi takes herself to the middle turnbuckle, leaping only into the arms of Nia, and while she escapes a slam attempt, she also ends up running into the monstrous competitor, crashing to the mat like her fellow women did upon battling Nia. Naomi rolls out, and Natalya tags in to a nice pop to face Nia. Natalya’s veteran experience is on show already, knocking Nia half down with a kick, prizing her into a side headlock afterward, and running the ropes and making contact with Carmella for her to tag in, and after Natalya avoids a clothesline from Nia, herself and Carmella double team Nia. However the teamwork of the two falls flat and they both meet the mat, courtesy of a furious Nia’s double clothesline. Nia finishes her work for now, tagging in former rival Alicia, who kicks away at a fallen Carmella. Carmella scraps with Alicia, showing her own mean streak before tossing her to another corner of the ring. Carmella readies for the second Bronco Buster, this time missing as Alicia escapes the corner. Alicia then smacks Carmella’s face against the corners second turnbuckle, and shes forced to restrain. While referee pays attention to Alicia, Dana sneaks in with an assist and Alicia has Carmella down with the axe scissor. This leads to Alicia eliminating Carmella per pinning her after the finish. Carmella is the first Smackdown member eliminated.

Bliss runs in, ramming Alicia into the Smackdown Women’s corner before heading to the top rope and Twisted Bliss allows Alexa to get revenge for the fellow heel by eliminating RAWs veteran Alicia. Alicia has been eliminated. Alexa then avoids Charlotte’s clothesline as RAWs Women’s Champion runs in, leaping onto the NXT Alumni’s back and attempting a sleeper. Naomi tags as Charlotte and Alexa make it over to the ropes and forward, and Naomi comes running in right after Charlotte takes Alexa over her shoulder to the mat. Naomi nails a sit out jawbreaker to Charlotte, and Charlotte soon retreats to Nia, who Naomi lobs offense at before she can even make it in, elbowing her from the apron to ringside. While she misses a kick to Sasha, she doesn’t as much with Bayley and she manages to kick Nia between the ropes before elevating herself to the top turnbuckle, where she executes a diving cross-body onto Nia, taking Nia down to the floor in turn. Naomi is up first, stopping an intervening Nia with a kick to the side of the head as she scales the apron to try avoid a count-out. However a counter leads to Naomi smacking her face on the ring post before being dragged to the floor by Nia. Naomi doesn’t make it back to her feet and is counted out as Nia looks on with her RAW teammates. Naomi has been eliminated.

Following that count out its Alexa facing the woman who has legitimately broken her nose on numerous counts, Sasha Banks. Waist-lock reversals kick off their encounter, then Alexa takes advantage by sending Sasha to the mat. Alexa executes her usual maneuver by the ropes, stomping on the back of Sasha’s neck, and she tags Natalya, serving up Sasha to her as the former RAW Women’s Champion takes a flurry of angry kicks from Nattie in the Smackdown Teams corner. Sasha forearms Natalya and Becky, though missing Alexa. She drags Alexa into the ring, throwing Miss Blissed Off into the Queen of Harts, and she tosses Alexa in the direction of the opposite corner before blocking a kick from Natalya. After striking Natalya with a high knee, Sasha blocks the offense of Alexa and connects with double knees, with Natalya, who had been launched into that corner also, escaping the offense of Sasha by making it away in time. Sasha doesn’t forget about inflicting pain to Nattie however as she heads to the apron and drives the back of Natalya’s head to the floor with flying double knees. Sasha rolls back in with Nattie, setting up her next move in the ring, though Natalya counters into a small package, only enough to get a one count however. Natalya goes for a stalled vertical suplex but Sasha breaks loose and goes for the backstabber but Alexa runs in, trying to pull her off the back of Nattie, only to eat a forearm in retaliation. However Alexa’s interference proves helpful as Natalya rolls Sasha over once again and gets a huge victory as she pins Sasha, eliminating 1/4 of the Four Horsewomen in the process. Sasha has been eliminated.

However, as Natalya celebrates that moment, Charlotte waits behind her, poised to strike the longtime foe, and she unloads with the famous Flair chops to Natalya, though Natalya fights back with her own, and forearms to add. Natalya floors the rival with a discus clothesline, avoiding a clothesline after and sending Charlotte tilting with a German Suplex. Charlotte regroups in the corner, and sneaks some offense on Natalya to reverse control. Charlotte heads upward to the top turnbuckle, but the ascension doesn’t go as planned as Natalya takes her into her hands, and Natalya releases her from the corner and nails a nice looking sit out powerbomb in the center of the ring to Charlotte, though only enough to get a near fall on the rival brands women’s champion, that being no thanks to a sneaky kick from Nia. Nia returns to her position, however, just to watch Charlotte not take back her momentum but rather become the victim of Nattie’s sharpshooter. However Charlotte does manage to reach the ropes thanks to Dana’s assist on the outside and Nattie is forced to release the submission. Charlotte gets back to her feet and downs Natalya with a big boot, and it does Charlotte favors as it did with pinning Bayley in the past, allowing her to pin her longtime foe Natalya. Natalya has been eliminated.

Smackdowns Team is now made of Alexa and Becky against Nia, Bayley and Charlotte, and Becky fires in, dodging a boot from Charlotte, and she slams Charlotte against the mat before a blatant tag from her current tag partner and soon to be contender, Alexa Bliss, leads to some anger spewing from the Smackdown Women’s Champion. Though they’re too busy bickering to have noticed Nia tagging in, they notice in enough time that Nia is heading towards them, dodging a double clothesline from RAWs powerhouse and dealing a double kick to Nia in return. They try for a double suplex as they work together temporarily, though it doesn’t go so far and instead Nia’s reversal leads to her suplexing both at the same time. Becky heads out to ringside while Alexa and Nia both regroup. Alexa escapes the corner and Nia’s corner splash, and after missing a clothesline, Alexa is caught in the arms of Nia, but Becky has tagged along the way. Becky ascends the turnbuckles and executes a missile dropkick that downs Nia and Alexa. Alexa and Becky fail to target Nia again, and while Alexa is out of the way, Becky tries to pin Nia, getting a near fall. However Becky makes up for it by capturing Nia in her Disarmer submission that failed to connect once before in the match, and Nia taps out. Nia Jax has been eliminated.

However, an eliminated Nia has visibly become furious and targets the Smackdown Women’s Champion, sending her back first into an outside barricade before taking her leave. Alexa tags in in the place of a beaten Becky, rolling her out of the ring before failing to evade a big boot from Charlotte. Charlotte brings the odds to her team again by pinning Alexa Bliss following the boot. Alexa has been eliminated, leaving Becky as the last member currently standing for Smackdown against Team RAWs Bayley and Charlotte. Charlotte targets Lynch on the outside after quickly doing away of Alexa, sending her fellow title holder into the apron before rolling her back into the ring to end their ringside altercation. Becky takes a number of kicks in the corner from Charlotte, and Charlotte spends time taunting before going to pin Becky, getting a near fall. Charlotte tries to wrap Becky in the figure four, but is forearmed in the face by Becky midway. Becky gets back to her feet, evades a clothesline from Charlotte and fires clotheslines in Charlotte’s direction, connecting successfully. Becky’s dropkick and flying firearm in the corner follows, with the exploder also following up. Becky takes Charlotte closer to the ropes and connects with the top rope leg drop, though again she fails to pin as Charlotte kicks out at two, only due to Bayley running in to actually save her current rival.

Bayley returns to her corner, awaits as Charlotte climbs towards her and Charlotte successfully tags her in. A Standoff ensues between Lynch and Bayley, then Bayley surprises the Smackdown Women’s Champ with a Take-down, bridging into her first pin attempt on Becky, getting a near fall. Becky gets back on her feet and forearms Bayley, who fires back with her own. More follow between the two until Bayley gets the upper hand with multiple forearms firing in the direction of Becky. Bayley has her whip reversed and is on the receiving end of an exploder suplex from Becky, and Becky again tries to pin Bayley, resulting in another near fall. After a kick, Becky executes single leg and elbow drops to Bayley, though the second leg drop falls flat as Bayley evades. Bayley hits the ropes and overturns momentum with a running low clothesline to Becky, followed by the spinning back elbow. Bayley gets a near fall on Becky. Becky tries to seize Bayley in the disarmer following counters but takes two boots to the face. Becky tries again for the submission after getting up from a single suplex from Bayley, and after embracing the rope for sometime, Becky ends up pulling Bayley in, and in turn, falls victim to the Belly to Belly Suplex. Bayley pins Becky and gets the win for Team RAW, with herself and Charlotte as the Soul Survivors. However, Charlotte is non too pleased with the image, attacking Bayley viciously after the match and leaving the Toronto audience booing as she exits with Dana Brooke.

In Addition, Maryse saved Miz humiliation and a possible quick ending to his newest title reign, assisting in helping the “Most Must See Superstar” retain his newly won Intercontinental Championship by ringing the bell at ringside to distract Sami Zayn just as the NXT Alumni was in belief that he was the winner of the match. However, Miz managed to pin Zayn during his moment of possible splendor and leave with the Blue Brands Title.

(Nia Jax, Charlotte, Sasha Banks, Bayley and Alicia Fox w/ Dana Brooke vs Natalya, Carmella, Alexa Bliss, Becky Lynch and Naomi)

(The Miz w/ Maryse vs Sami Zayn; Intercontinental Championship Match)

Thoughts On This Match:
While the finish was arguably centered around particular names, more so three of the Horsewomen, and while it may have arguably devalued Becky as the opposing brands champion, it would be considered a feat to have been the final member remaining for her team. While i cant find myself excited for another Bayley v Charlotte encounter, there were some good moments to reflect on in this match, whether it would be Becky and Alexa’s temporary teamwork, Natalya’s surprise elimination or the focus on Nia Jax as a dominant dark horse so to speak for this match, gaining pops and chants for her various moments of momentum. I Truly feel this was another coming out moment for Nia as a member of RAWs women’s division, giving non NXT fans a look of her in ring expansion, and what sets her apart from her comrades and eventual enemies, though i do believe she should have kept her undefeated streak intact by being one of RAWs soul survivors, with Bayley out instead via some miscue with Dana Brooke, though it can remain in the question whether Vince even cares about Nia’s streak at this point. Overall pleased with this match despite the feud to come and Nia’s questionable elimination. Plus we also have an additional intriguing side story with Nikki being removed via a mystery assailant, and while all eyes are on Natalya or Carmella as suspects, all eyes should be on Nikki’s match to come at TLC….

– Catherine


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