LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: Challenges Are Set, One Is Accomplished (November, 23rd 2016)




Welcome to this weeks Lucha Underground report, and just a week into a historic world title reign, the record setting champion Sexy Star is set to defend her first Lucha Underground Championship against her contender and ongoing nemesis, Johnny Mundo. Just like in last weeks daring and chaotic Aztec Warfare that ascended Star to victory, the gold clad Luchadora remains brave and focused, willing to defend at least without the help of others. Will such a decision come to bite back in the end? We’ll soon know.

But first, Kobra Moon, who was one of three Luchadoras featured in last weeks Aztec Warfare, has a close up view of the Trios Title match between Paul London’s ever so eerie debuting stable and of course the Trios Champions Drago, Fenix and Aerostar. While the victorious Luchadors ascend to victory as expected for some, Kobra is unimpressed at this feat, and warns Drago from atop El Jefe Dario’s office that he will soon “bow to his queen”.

Jumping forward in time, we get our first glimpse of Sexy Star post Lucha Underground title win. The Record setting Luchadora eyes up her championship in the locker room when shes approached by long time ally and finalist in the Aztec Warfare Match, the Mack. He makes it clear how proud he is for her to have obtained the championship, and furthermore offers to have her back in her single title defense tonight. Star declines kindly, believing she must prove the win just a week ago wasn’t a fluke. Mack understands her decision, and additionally agrees with Star when she declares that the only one who will need luck tonight is Mundo.

Later in the show, Black Lotus reemerges in Dario’s office for the first time this season, perched in the El Jefe’s seat. He wonders whether Lotus wants a closer view for tonight’s main event, but she chooses otherwise, declaring instead that what she wants is retribution against Pentagon. Not only does she want to take out Pentagon, but so does her Triad, who only showed a little of what they can do in last weeks Aztec warfare, as Dario noted. Of course Dario cannot throw off the chance of a display of Violence in his temple, thus books Lotus for next weeks show, but its not just any match, but a gauntlet match featuring Pentagon and her fellow Triad Members, Kairi, Mayu and Io, and the match will not end until Pentagon has faced every member of the Triad. One smirk from Lotus hints enough that she has accepted this homecoming gift of Dario’s.

The Main event happens not too long later, and despite usual tradition, the Proud Lucha Underground Champion Sexy Star enters first to defend against the now former Gift of the Gods Champion Johnny Mundo, as he has used his Gift of the Gods title as a cash in to earn his wanted shot. Mundo enters next, and appears to enter alone to fight against Star, his Gift of the Gods Championship cashed in officially. He stares out Star upon entering the ring, title raised and the match is officially underway for Stars Lucha Underground Championship. Star engages in an in ring workout, then stepping up to Mundo, who trash talks her, being the heel that he is. They tie up shortly after, with Mundo trying to overtake with a take down. Mundo takes the leg of Star then turns his attention to the left arm, stretching it in a modified paradise lock. Star reaches the ropes fairly early but Mundo forces her away from it, and Mundo quickly resumes the strategy of inflicting damage to Star. He soon breaks off from Star with a lethal standing curb stomp, and he goes right into a pin attempt, getting his first near fall on Star. Already frustrated, Mundo tries to pin again, resulting in a second near fall. Mundo attempts his third after a suplex, with another near fall result.

Star aims some punches into the midsection of Mundo, stalled by one of Mundos lethal kicks. Mundo hits some more, enough to leave Star down on the mat, and having done more work, he tries to pin the defending champ once again, getting another near fall. Mundo gets up, pulls Star towards a corner then taunts towards the audience as he hints a signature move to come, proving costly as Star captures Mundo in a roll up, only enough to get a near fall on her contender. A Furious Mundo prizes the champion in a Labelle Lock, broken within moments when Star places her foot on the bottom rope. Mundo counters a kick from Star afterward and takes her to the mat, pounding her with some fists. Boos echo across the temple as Mundo goes into his next pin attempt, but again Star stays fighting, and thus Mundo gets a near fall once more. Mundo is back with the strategy of inflicting pain as he unleashes with kicks to Star after exposing her hanging body on the corner post. Star uses her own kicks and a bronco buster in an opposite corner to fend off Mundo, though a counter knocks off the second bronco buster attempt from the champ. Mundo further reverses momentum by slamming Star hard on the mat, signalling in an opposite corner for the shooting star press but not connecting when Star rolls away. Star nails fiery basement dropkicks complete with a face-buster though this is only enough to get a near fall on Mundo, to her dismay. Star executes a suplex within moments, again getting a near fall.

Before Star can ready the next offense, shes left stumbling around the squared circle courtesy of a thumb to the eye from Mundo. Mundo overwhelms with a kick and neckbreaker, but despite this combo and the sneaky strategy prior, he again gets a near fall on Sexy Star. Mundo captures Star in a rear choke-hold, managing to partially keep Star away from the ropes. Star returns to a vertical base while caught in the heels grip, eventually striking back, but any momentum is temporarily reversed by an uppercut from Mundo. Star returns with a sunset flip to get another near fall on the challenger. Star cleverly averts a clothesline from Mundo and follows with a roll up, and a near fall again follows. The Lucha Underground champ begins to fire Flair-esque chops at Mundo, stalled by a kick from Mundo before retaliating with a boot in the corner following an irish whip. Mundo is launched from the corner via Stars hurricanrana, and Star takes Mundo out with the Backstabber, or so thought as Mundo remains fighting, kicking out of her pin attempt at the count of two.

Star begins to fire up again, shouting something towards Mundo. Shes silenced by a kick from Mundo to the midsection, and the leg sweep from Mundo follows, resulting in a near fall on the champ. Mundo whips Star into an opposite corner turnbuckle, though a springboard sidekick is diverted when Star kicks from under the leg, leading to Mundo landing on the mat neck first. Star executes a diving double stomp to Mundo, who hangs half on the ropes, and its another near fall result in Stars courageous pin attempt. Mundo rolls outside, with Star quickly in pursuit, though she doesn’t even make it outside as Mundo snaps her arm against the ring ropes. Mundo returns to the ring, knocking Star to the mat with a knee, and there’s only more boos for Mundo as he relentlessly stomps away at the midsection of the champ. Star avoids Mundos next maneuver, nearly pulled to ringside by Mundo though she counters, leading to Mundo hitting the ringside fence back first. Star then finds herself meeting the contender on the outside with a senton off the apron, and the two scrap continuously around the outside. Mundo even prizes a crutch from one of the fans for possible usage, though whether it can even be a fan is made a question as shes viewed wearing a Sexy Star Mask, though something appears recognizable. Regardless Star soon snatches the crutches for her own use, though she doesn’t get to hit Mundo with them as the contender bolts back into the ring. The Ref takes the crutches and Star returns to check on the “female fan” who had been watching from ringside out of kindness, only to receive a fist from the person. Not just a fist may i add, but brass knuckles. Mundo brings Star back to the ring, connecting with the signature shooting star press, and he pins Star to win the Lucha Underground Championship. As he celebrates, the Masked Woman who had played a part in blindsiding Star steps to the ring and reveals herself as Taya, and soon emerging are PJ and Evans to join in Mundos big celebration.

(Mala Suerte, Saltador and Paul London vs Fenix, Drago and Aerostar feat Kobra Moon 3.56 – 13.08)

(Sexy Star and The Mack Segment 13.16 – 14.27)

(Black Lotus and Dario Cueto Segment 27.25 – 28.54)

(Johnny Mundo vs Sexy Star; Lucha Underground Championship Match feat Taya 28.58 – 44.59)

Thoughts On This Match:
It was only a week or so ago that i was reminded of the ending of this match, and even though it cancels out any thought that a Luchadora can represent the company as a long term champion, there’s two positives that came out of this match. Firstly, it told the story of Stars resilience and belief she can win on her own, with a believable backfire per Tayas assist, and second, Mundos desperation to be champion after fighting against Dario’s tactics and coming up short in his quest to earn the top brass, if the multi pin attempts didn’t indicate enough. After being fairly forgotten due to the Injury angle, Taya is back and used well to remind all that the Worldwide Underground does have its female addition, or even its mother so to speak as Taya had played captain to Evans and PJ many many weeks ago. Not only does it do its job in solidifying Worldwide Underground (and Mundos) spot on the roster, but it helps give Star a story following her debatably sudden loss. It didn’t even bother me much that Mundo may have broken kayfabe in the celebration as while he does play an arrogant heel using outside or sneaky shenanigans to win, looking at his wrestling career, it was years of hard work that got him so far. As a fan of Mundo, Ive been waiting a while to see him as Champion so Star losing doesn’t move me much, as im excited to see what comes out of Mundos reign, and how Taya plays into it. Lucha Underground, if anything, is going to be exciting in the weeks to come if you are a fan of both Mundo and Star.

– Catherine


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