TNA IMPACT RESULTS: No Thanksgiving Miracle As Maria Tastes a Humble Ones Pie (November, 24th 2016)




This week on IMPACT played host to celebrating the American Celebration of Thanksgiving, and like some of the years that have gone by, that means plenty bragging, plenty pie and plenty angles furthered in the name of fun. Considering Poor Allie’s ongoing animosity with the Likes of Maria and Laurel Van Ness, will a small Thanksgiving celebration inside her actual home of the Squared Circle allow her to serve up the Humble Pie to Impacts resident “Meanies?”. We’ll soon see…

After learning she would be dressed as a Pilgrim for Maria and Laurel’s Thanksgiving dinner, Allie plays her role as ordered after being summoned to the ring by Maria, who stands by with her Husband Mike Bennett and Laurel Van Ness. Maria cant help but laugh at Allie’s forced outfit once she steps foot in the ring, and Laurel welcomes her Love Interest (and Allie’s real life husband) Braxton to the ring, thinking at least he’ll find the outfit as laughable as she does. After ordering Allie to refrain from making eye contact with Braxton, Maria has everyone minus Allie sit down to begin their Thanksgiving celebration. Maria says she will start off in declaring what she has been Thankful for, first mentioning her Husband in Attendance, Mike, then Laurel, and lastly she is Thankful for being the self professed First Lady of Professional Wrestling. Mike is about to give his two cents on what hes thankful for, but is interrupted by the crowds adulation for Allie. He tries to quieten them, to no avail thus he speaks anyway. Hes firstly thankful for food, for the New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady, and hes very much thankful for his Wife, who he puts over massively.

With Mike having completed his declaration, the mic is back in the hand of Maria, who asks Laurel what she is Thankful for. Like Mike, she is obviously going to mention Maria, then of course she declares how thankful she is for her date for the evening, Braxton. Allie interrupts Laurel to try and declare what shes thankful for, without being asked of course. She cant help but mention how Thankful she is for the supporters in the Impact Zone, but Maria is far from happy at her attempt to take the spotlight on their celebration. She believes no one wants to hear her, then demands her to get on with her next job in serving up their feast. While Allie proceeds to do so, Laurel continues to flirt with Braxton, asking what they have planned for the night, stating that back in the day in college she would be referred to as Laurel Van “Yes” and you can probably figure out what that means…

Allie hears this and has immediately had enough of Laurels flirtatious antics, and she calls out Laurel for being a Big “Meanie”. To add, shes furious there’s nothing vegan for the feast, though in Maria’s eyes shes clearly not a part of it anyway. Laurel mocks Allie, and Maria has to come between both before there’s a proper fight, and while she tries to calm down Laurel, Allie seizes a Pie from the dinner table and while it misses Laurel, it hits Maria square in the face, and Braxtons reaction is GIF’able enough. Even Mike tries to poke fun by trying to take a little of the pie off his wife’s face, but shes massively displeased and humiliated as Allie leaves the ring with a huge grin on her face.

In Addition, Rosemary had some last moment threats to dish out to Jade within a cage, due to the fact the two will battle inside one in next weeks main event for the Newly Vacant Knockouts Title once in the hands of Gail Kim.

(Maria Kanellis-Bennett, Mike Bennett, Laurel Van Ness, Allie and Braxton Sutter Segment)

Thoughts on this Segment:
Overall a fun segment, which is what most Thanksgiving segments are in wrestling, and it was the perfect way to serve up Allie’s punishment to Maria for all her mistreatment, though i guess Allies revenge to Laurel will be done elsewhere. I Couldn’t help but laugh at Laurels ending actions towards Braxton, though with Braxton being a babyface and siding secretly with Allie, he is set to turn on Laurel soon so i cant wait to see what segments go on between Laurel, Allie and Braxton in the next few weeks and to see who Laurel may possibly have replace him. But overall im more hyped for the Knockouts next week as Jade gets her first TNA Main Event, inside a Steel Cage, and it honestly feels like a stepping stone and a chance to show that new faces can represent at the top of the Division. While I Know the result, i recommend all to tune in for the match.

– Catherine


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