WWE MAIN EVENT RESULTS: The Glowing Superstar vs The Wicked Witch (November, 25th 2016)




Welcome to this past weeks Main Event report, showcasing two of the best of what Smackdowns Women’s Division has to offer as No Mercy Opponents Naomi and Alexa Bliss renew their short term feud for the most recent episode. With her Championship Rematch Clause cemented, will Bliss be able to send Smackdown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch a message with more brutalization? or will Naomi leave Bliss surprised for a second time running?

Naomi is the first to emerge with her ever so popular entrance for the one match of the episode, followed by the entrance of the contender to the Smackdown Women’s Championship, Alexa Bliss. Speaking of the contender, shes quick to smack talk Naomi upon entering the ring, shoving at her as she does so. Naomi shoves back, and Alexa’s facials are enough to indicate how unhappy she is at the opposers retaliation. Alexa backs herself between the ropes, demanding the ref to force her back as she does so, composing herself seemingly before returning to the ring. Alexa backs behind the referee while further smack talking Naomi, then going for her first offense in the form of a kick which Naomi smartly blocks. Naomi drops Alexa against the mat then applies a front face-lock. Alexa stomps on the foot of Naomi before executing her own roll up, with Naomi kicking out of the pin attempt at a count of one, capturing Alexa in a side headlock as she gets quickly back to her feet.

Naomi releases her own side headlock, leaping over the shoulder of Alexa and kicking her from behind. She nails a kick to the front of Alexa to down her, then going for the next pin attempt of the match, one that gets her a near fall on Alexa. Naomi reverts back to her side headlock, with Alexa sweeping her to the mat after some attempts to break loose. Alexa goes for a forearm, of which Naomi avoids, and she takes the heel by her hair and sends her crashing to the mat. Alexa misses another forearm, caught after in a snapmare by Naomi, who takes to the ropes and bounces back with a low clothesline. Naomi continues her momentum as she plants Alexa’s face against a corners middle turnbuckle, and within moments Alexa has rolled away and is regrouping at ringside, rolling to the ring after a short recovery moment, but feigning it so to speak as shes back out within seconds. Naomi has had enough of waiting and kicks Alexa between the ropes, then waiting for Alexa to recover on the apron before setting up the next move, which Alexa counters, leading to Naomi falling back first against the apron. Alexa nails a forearm to Naomi before pulling the hair of the opposition against the ropes as we come to the commercial break.

When we return, it appears Alexa’s momentum is continuing as the contender to the Smackdown women’s title hits the ring and tries to pin Naomi, getting a near fall. Alexa continues to dominate, including in her arsenal a knee to the back of Naomi’s neck before attempting to pin once more, leading to another near fall. Alexa is adamant that count was a three but continues to work on Naomi anyway, or tries to as she is diverted by Naomi’s sudden roll up, with a result much like Bliss’s last. Alexa knees Naomi immediately and reverses momentum as quick. Its another pin attempt by Bliss on Naomi, and again another near fall. Bliss switches strategy, stomping on the back of Naomi’s neck while clung to the ropes, and after she kicks Naomi out of the ring, thus the ref has begun his count. Naomi has hit the apron at the count of five, blocking Alexa’s attempt to send her back with a high kick and she makes it back to the ring. Naomi sunset flips Alexa for another near fall. Alexa clotheslines Naomi to send her back down, executing insult to injury to follow for yet another near fall. Alexa attacks Naomi in the corner, though a third assault is diverted when Naomi throws off Alexa’s attempt to divert her in the direction of the ropes, scoring an echoing kick to Alexa, and just as Alexa manages to climb to her feet, shes back on the mat moments later courtesy of Naomi’s Lou Thesz Press, and after some forearms, Naomi starts to take control as she executes a spinning clothesline and back elbow followed by a sit out jawbreaker. Naomi kips up, hits her fast flurry of kicks finalized with a dropkick, and after being elevated to the apron by Bliss, she takes herself to the top turnbuckle, crashing onto Bliss with a diving crossbody that gets her another near fall.

Naomi is barely moved by a forearm and strikes Alexa with a kick, though the second running bulldog is averted by Alexa per a counter that sends Naomi head first into the top turnbuckle. Alexa uses this to her advantage and drives Naomi down to the mat before smack talking her once more, met with a forearm by Naomi. Alexa strikes again, this time with a DDT and she finalizes this offense with the Twisted Bliss finisher, which helps her pin Naomi. Alexa wins the match.

(Naomi vs Alexa Bliss)

Thoughts On This Match:
A Highly competitive match, again a better standout in comparison to the No Mercy match, and its agreeable that the women in this match brought all they could while some rather ignorant chants broke out. First of all, why chant CM Punk when even the man himself said hes never coming back? And why chant Sasha when the Smackdown Women’s Division has their own athletes to offer? Overall the match brought equal momentum on both sides, and the loss for Naomi on a B Side Show doesn’t necessarily affect her momentum on the main show, but as indicated on commentary, the counter from Naomi’s second bulldog was a definite turning point in the match and looked brutal. Props regardless to both on putting on a good match despite the crowd massively crapping on it in points.

– Catherine


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