WWE NXT RESULTS: Team Aliyah Finally Have their Challenge in Toronto (November, 23rd 2016)




While Takeover Toronto concluded officially over a week ago, the matches that were taped prior to the show pay some contribution to the event. One of these matches happen to be the continuation of the Liv Morgan vs the Rising Mean Girls angle, as Liv and her newly found comrades of Ember Moon and Aliyah set out a challenge to own rivals Peyton Royce and Billie Kay to call upon a partner to combat them in six woman action.

Peyton, Billie and Daria are interviewed backstage after a recap showed Billie and Peyton appearing before Daria in order to recruit her to their side for the challenge in Toronto. Dasha welcomes Billie and Peyton, though Billie makes it clear they don’t need an introduction. Furthermore Billie reveals Daria to be her and Peyton’s partner for the evening, and when Dasha asks for the reasoning as to why the two selected Daria, Billie says that every loser, geek and nerd in the locker room wanted to team with them, but not just anyone sits at the cool kids table, they get invited, thus they welcomed Daria to their table so to speak. Peyton adds that while they are viewed as the bad people, they aren’t considering they are giving Daria an opportunity, and the world will only be prettier once Daria has rearranged the faces of anyone who tries to step between them. Furthermore, Aliyah, Ember and Liv are shown in the back afterward heading to the ring for the main event of the episode.

Liv enters the match first for the babyface side, followed by Canada’s Own Aliyah then Ember Moon. Billie and Peyton enter together, followed by the entrance of Daria, who has new entrance music to accompany. The Match starts appropriately with Liv facing up to Billie, taking a scrappy assault from the Heel Aussie before being forearmed in the face. Liv executes a head-scissor in the middle of the ring that sends Billie over to her own corner, but Billie regroups and charges over to Liv, missing a clothesline as Liv showcases her flexibility to avoid it, and she dropkicks Billie then an intervening Peyton. After Two Flair esque chops to the Aussies, Liv plants both with a double running bulldog. Liv has Billie in her grip, tagging Aliyah with a free hand. Aliyah nails an axe handle off the middle turnbuckle to Billie, before both reverse their hammerlocks. Aliyah gives a cry out to Toronto before arm dragging Billie from the ropes. Just as Aliyah appears fired up, Billie makes a tag to Daria. Daria takes Aliyah down instantly, before Aliyah counters into a roll up, though no count can be made as neither shoulder is on the mat. Aliyah goes for a corner assault but is taken to the mat by Daria’s double leg take-down. Daria showboats over her quick take over as we go to a commercial break.

When we return, Aliyah is still taking the brunt of the heels offense, this time being worked on in a corner by Peyton. Peyton tags in Billie and the two take Aliyah to the mat once again via a double suplex. Billie covers Aliyah before she can even reach Liv or Ember, getting a near fall. Billie makes the tag back to Peyton, and the two keep Aliyah working with a double hammerlock and various kicks. Like Billie, Peyton also tries to pin Aliyah, getting a one count. Billie is tagged in again to further the teamwork of the two heels, and Billie gets a near fall again on Aliyah as a result. Billie kicks Aliyah against the heel corner before tagging Daria in. Daria follows on with the kicks to Aliyah, taking Aliyah away from the corner with a snapmare after. After a sliding knee, Daria seizes Aliyah in a leg-scissor. Aliyah tries to push Daria’s shoulders to the mat, getting a near fall upon succession, but she still remains caught in Daria’s hold. Aliyah manages to turn around and pummel Daria with forearms, and she finally separates herself from Daria with an inziguiri, opening the chance for both to tag a fellow partner as they end up on the mat.

Peyton is tagged in by Daria while Aliyah makes the needed tag to Ember. Ember hits a spinning elbow and kick to Peyton, a high kick following up then a roundhouse into a head-scissor. She takes Peyton over to the ropes, moonsaulting towards her and hitting her with an elbow. Ember follows with a cross-body off the second rope, getting a near fall in the follow up pin attempt per an intervention from Daria. Liv runs in and takes Daria to the mat with an STO, soon floored by Billies big boot. Billie moves Peyton closer to her corner then executes Plan B, forcing Daria back to the ring and having her make the legal tag. With Peyton out, the two choose to Abandon Daria, and as Daria is left dumbfounded at the actions of the heels, she becomes the target of Embers Top Rope Finishing Stunner. Ember pins Daria, getting the victory for herself, Aliyah and Liv.

(Daria, Peyton Royce and Billie Kay Backstage Segment)

(Aliyah, Liv Morgan and Ember Moon vs Peyton Royce, Daria and Billie Kay)

Thoughts On This Match:
While I Initially thought the Partner of Billie and Peyton would be someone generally joining their unit, the choice of Daria allowed a proper reintroduction for her as a character and as a performer. In Addition, the match was well played out, from Aliyah continuously taking the heels onslaught to try and get her over, strategically of course in the home country crowd, and Billie and Peyton taking an exit to protect their momentum. While this arguably could have been at Daria’s expense, it fuels the chance for Daria to comeback even stronger, whether as a heel to prove herself more to them or to just go all out for herself, or as a face to add extra babyfaces to the division, though Daria’s role in my opinion would suit more as a heel. Furthermore, it helped Ember get the win and indicate herself more as a challenger to Asuka considering the wins shes had on top, and i can see her and Peyton facing off for the contendership at some point unless a multi match is in the plan.

– Catherine


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