WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: All Eyes on Prizes and Retribution (November, 22nd 2016)




Welcome all to this weeks Smackdown report, and only less than a week remains until Smackdown snatches WWE TLC and makes it its own exclusive Pay Per View. With that in mind, our women’s matches, yes Matches not Match, are set, but before we can even discuss that, lets see what exactly lead to these pretty exciting announcements.

Speaking of announcements, Miz would have one coming after a furious battle against One Half of the Former Tag Team the Lucha Dragons Kalisto. While the former NXT Tag Team Champion was laid to waste by his ongoing nemesis Baron Corbin, Miz gloated from the stage with championship in hand, and Maryse at his side, only to be left laying by his own ongoing enemy Dolph Ziggler, who in turn has laid claim to a championship rematch.

As Shane and Daniel observe this backstage, they are approached by Alexa Bliss. Daniel declares he doesn’t have time for Bliss’s possible complacency and dismisses himself, leaving Bliss with Shane. The Contender to the Women’s Title goes straight to business, again asking when she will receive her title rematch. Before Shane can even answer, the soon to defend champion Becky Lynch steps in for him, telling her rival she gets her rematch for the Smackdown Women’s Championship at TLC. Alexa is obviously happy over this, but doesn’t go without her usual heelish threat, as she tells Becky to keep the title shined for her until her possible crowning moment. Natalya then interrupts both and tells Shane she has been re-watching Survivor Series, and she has come to a conclusion that the blame for the brands loss at the Pay Per View was due to Lynch. She makes claims that Becky is threatened by Alexa, and the fear of losing her title to Alexa was the distraction that cost them, though Becky finds this laughable. Alexa agrees with Nattie’s claim, further adding that she has got in the head of Becky but is left gasping when Becky silences the Tweedle Dumb to remind her and Natalya that she was the one fighting till the very end, and before anymore arguing can ensue between these superstars, Shane pits the loss on each of them, and while there’s no confirmed identity for the person who attacked Nikki Bella, he believes it would have been nice to have the true captain there to possibly give a different result. Shane tells Nattie also that if she thinks so highly of herself then she can prove it in the ring against Becky tonight. Alexa is left hilariously wandering out of the segment when Natalya sends a threat to Becky in the form of Celine Dion lyrics, and Becky isn’t left long to wonder where those lyrics came from herself, as Dean Ambrose is there to give her the answer, and Pizza. Dean tries to tempt Shane into some Pizza, but Shane is more frustrated to see him back, having removed him from the show for the night. He attempts to dismiss him, though Dean clearly hasn’t taken enough steps out as to hear Becky’s traditional pun.

Beckys Match with Natalya happens later following a Tag Team Championship contendership gauntlet. Natalya is already positioned in the ring to view Becky’s entrance, with Alexa getting an own view of the enemy as she perches by the commentary table. Once Becky has entered the ring and removed her jacket, the bell is rung and the match begins with a lock up. Natalya tries to take the momentum early with a take down, and a pin attempt per Becky having her shoulders on the mat, though she only gets a one count. Becky locks Natalya in the head-scissor, but Natalya is quick to kip up and rise to the mat, taunting Becky as they come face to face. More counters lead to Becky taking down Nattie this time, wrapping her in a side headlock before a reversal from Nattie leads to Becky being caught temporarily in a head-scissor, temporarily of course as Becky breaks loose, and at that time Natalya takes herself between the ropes, staring down Becky during her also short regroup moment. Natalya eventually releases herself from the prior position and hits Becky with a kick, connecting also with a slap to the face of the champ. Becky doesn’t take kindly and hurls forearms in the direction of Natalya as a result, and an uppercut that follows takes Nattie to the corner. Becky heads to Natalya, launched over the ropes by the veteran but Becky lands on the apron, blocking Natalya’s oncoming assault, hitting a forearm again before scaling the turnbuckles. A Cheap-shot by Natalya leads to Becky being stalled on the top turnbuckle, and shes caught in position for the sit out powerbomb, which Natalya successfully executes in the center of the ring. Natalya gets a near fall result from her standout move. Regardless, Becky is left laying in the ring for a little while, and Natalya is in control, standing over the champ and taunting her as we go to a commercial break.

Returning from Commercial, Natalya is still much in control as she has a abdominal stretch applied to Becky. Becky aims elbows to Natalya to try break off, only managing to do so with an arm drag. However any momentum Becky wishes to gain is crushed as quick by a comeback discus clothesline by Natalya, who tries to capitalize with a pin attempt, getting a near fall. After a stomp, Natalya slams Becky to the mat, going for a rather cocky pin attempt this time around with only a mirrored result from before. Natalya appears to have a suplex set up, but is too busy winding up the crowd, thus Becky manages to roll over Natalya into her own pin attempt, another of which Nattie escapes. Becky makes the needed comeback with her signature clothesline and lariat combo, completed with the flying firearm and springboard sidekick, or so thought as Natalya captures the foot of Becky midway. Natalya counters Becky’s submission attempt, fails another chance to pin and goes for another pin attempt after countering another disarmer attempt, leading to a near fall once more. Becky executes the exploder suplex, charging over to Nattie in a corner after only to meet the corner face first. Natalya rolls her over again, only this time countering it herself to try lock the Sharpshooter, but to the dismay of the heel, Becky reverses into the Disarmer. Natalya taps and Becky wins the match via submission.

Becky’s hard fought victory doesn’t even get a five second celebration when Bliss removes herself from the commentary table following the result, beating down her gold clad opponent from behind and laying her out with her brutal DDT. Alexa stands tall over the fallen women’s champion, leaving her own proposed image of the outcome at TLC.

Also at TLC, Carmella may get a more brutal encounter with Nikki Bella, after Carmella is accused by the Total Bella’s Star backstage of being the one who sidelined her at Survivor Series. Nikki reveals to Carmella that she approached Daniel Bryan and was rewarded with a booking, a match vs Carmella at TLC with a No Disqualification stipulation, set to end their rivalry once and for all.

(The Miz w/ Maryse vs Kalisto; Intercontinental Championship Match feat Baron Corbin and Dolph Ziggler)

(Daniel Bryan, Shane McMahon, Alexa Bliss, Becky Lynch and Dean Ambrose Backstage Segment)

(Becky Lynch vs Natalya; Alexa Bliss on Commentary)

(Maryse, The Miz and Daniel Bryan Backstage Segment; Nikki Bella and Carmella Backstage Segment)

Thoughts On:
Natalya/Becky: A Pretty standard match up with Natalya playing the role of further putting over fellow women, plus there was some backstory behind it per Natalya trying to place the blame on Becky for Smackdowns Survivor Series loss, which was a nice touch. While im finally glad to hear Alexa and Becky will go one on one again, with no idea what the ending could actually look like, this feud has been based on one-upmanship so far with varied insults, so i can see why its missing a stipulation this time around. The Finish of the rematch appears the most intriguing part of the upcoming bout, other than how the match can go itself.

Carmella/Nikki Backstage: From this segment, with the exciting match announcement, i can see now why they left the feud going for so long, using Survivor Series to add a layer to a rather personal feud. However, with TLC only less than a week away and one Smackdown episode coming before it, will there be a reveal as to who attacked Nikki unlike Natalya’s RAW angle last year? Or will Carmella not be the supposed assailant but rather whoever may play assist in the match? While this weeks smackdown may add a hint as to who wins the match depending on momentum siding, im overall excited for this match to see how far Nikki and Carmella go, especially since they worked really well in a non stipulated match prior, and the No DQ stipulation not only helps to further boil the animosity via utilization of weapons but plays host to mysterious interference’s…

– Catherine


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