TNA XPLOSION RESULTS: A Vicious Dominican Has No Time for Brazils First Ever Knockout (July, 2nd 2016)




Welcome All to another Xplosion Report, this time highlighting Two Women who have rarely been seen on TNA Television as of late (outside of this particular show of course) Raquel and Former Dollhouse Member Marti Belle. Of course this match was taped around the time of Marti transitioning to a solo competitor to the chagrin of her ongoing target at the time, her former Dollhouse companion Jade, and the Feisty Dominican looks to give Raquel a tough welcoming of her own to the Knockouts Division.

Marti enters first followed by the entrance of Raquel for this exclusive Xplosion Knockouts Singles Battle. Of course with any Marti Belle match comes some sassy attitude, which Marti displays by getting in the face of Raquel moments after the opposer enters the ring. When Raquel tries to fight back verbally, Marti is quick into retreat when she feels a fights about to go down, and once she releases herself from the ropes, Marti cheap-shots Raquel with a kick into the midsection as part of her first lot of offense. She forearms Raquel to a corner before grabbing her by her hair and running her into an opposite corner turnbuckle. She smacks the face of Raquel against the corner turnbuckle a second time, giving the official Earl Hebner some smack talk as she repeats this offense in another corner. Marti whips Raquel to another corner, clotheslining her on the way back, and she smack talks Raquel as she stands over her, before being surprised by a sudden reversal from Raquel that takes her to the mat. Raquel goes for her first pin attempt but Marti kicks out as quick.

Raquel dodges the oncoming clothesline from Marti, arm dragging her to the mat several times then mocking Marti after taking a few steps back to avoid more oncoming offense from the heel competitor. Marti recovers, attempting to splash Raquel in a corner but Raquel elevates to the top rope and rolls up Marti for the second pin attempt, getting a near fall result. Raquel rolls her up again for another near fall, then has a suplex attempt stalled by Marti, who then reverses an arm wringer, sweeping Raquel to the mat after. Marti returns to giving Hebner some attitude while Raquel attempts to regroup as we go to a commercial break.

When we return, Marti remains in control, planting an overwhelmed Raquel in a corner, then tossing her head first to the mat. Raquel takes time to get to her feet, attempting to swing forearms right at Marti on her way up but Marti fights back harder and Raquel returns to the mat. Marti snapmares Raquel, furthering this assault with a hard kick to the back before applying a temporary stretch while standing on the hair of Raquel. Just as Raquel makes it to her feet again, Marti knocks her back down with a big forearm, and she unleashes a number of kicks in the corner to Raquel to follow it. Marti whips Raquel, who ducks Marti’s attempted clothesline on the way back, then planting Marti back first in the center of the ring with a running crossbody. The Maneuver gets her a near fall on Marti. Raquel continues the momentum with an arm wringer then rolls into a small package, leading to another near fall result. Before Raquel can make it back to a vertical base, shes sent down due to a hard kick from Marti. Marti hits Raquel with a load of forearms as she grounds her against the mat, applying a stretch hold to Raquel moments later. Raquel breaks away from Marti by sending Marti over her shoulder, and she avoids a running elbow in the corner by Marti to try and make her own comeback, in the form of various clotheslines. Raquel goes for her top rope maneuver, which Marti nearly counters but Raquel manages to arm drag Marti once back in the ring. Raquel takes down Marti with the sidewalk slam for a near fall.

Raquel continues her run of momentum with a knee to the midsection of Marti, following with a suplex, and the combo from Raquel gets her a near fall once again on Marti. Raquel waits for Marti to get back to her feet, striking her with a knee once she does so, but as she looks for a neckbreaker variation, Marti breaks loose, and after a kick Marti forces Raquel to the center of the ring, planting her with the finishing Pedigree. Marti pins Raquel and wins the match.

(Raquel vs Marti Bell)

Thoughts On This Match:
While it wasn’t so much a technical standout, or on the level of her first match with Madison, Raquel has quite a number of moves in her move-set to say shes still early into her development, and while the top rope maneuver could have gone horrendously wrong, Raquel held her own against Marti to put on a rather good match, considering Marti isn’t to the level of the likes of Madison, Gail etc. The Result was understandable considering Raquel is still in her development and Marti at the time was being developed as the next upcoming heel (to a point) but it wont be the last time we see Raquel on Xplosion, thats for sure.

– Catherine


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