Cattie’s Catch Up: Sienna vs Madison Rayne in a Knockouts Championship Number One Contenders Match (June, 7th 2016)


Welcome All to a Late edition of Cattie’s Catch Up per Real Life catching up and giving me less time to update. Now I’m Back i give to you a new reflective moment from women’s wrestling, this one highlighting a moment from this year as 2017 comes along. While the match may not scream dramatic itself, this match played into the hopeful rise of two Knockouts who have a history barely spoken of on TNA Television that could hopefully be addressed in a future Knockouts Angle, Jade and Sienna.

Sienna, formerly known as Allysin Kay, had debuted in TNA by attacking Jade during the developing babyfaces confrontation with Maria Kanellis-Bennett, establishing herself as the enforcer of the Knockouts Leader, and per her brute strength, every babyface Knockout was made to fear her, especially if they went against Bennett’s rule. Of course the grip of power Maria had played into Jade being unable to see past a potential victory for Sienna over Madison Rayne some weeks later, as Sienna, accompanied by Maria’s then heel assistant Allie, gained a win over the veteran Knockout to become the Number One Contender to Jade’s Knockouts Championship. However Maria’s power play didn’t stop Jade trying to brutalize Sienna after the match, going right after the powerhouse just as she attempted to attack Rayne following the victory. While the two got into a short stare-down, they couldn’t see the possible match change coming, as while they were expected to showcase themselves as the newest members at the forefront of the division in a brutal affair, Gail Kim was later added to the previously booked singles match for the title at Slammiversary by TNAs eventual president Billy Corgan as Kim’s Original Opponent, that being Maria, was injured. This didn’t stop Sienna helping Maria establish her stranglehold over the division, even if it meant capitalizing on an assist from the unexpected (Marti Belle) as she ended Jade’s few week reign at the big event, obviously to the happiness of Kim and Jade’s rival.

– Catherine


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