TNA IMPACT RESULTS: Former and Future Champions Ascend to History? Or Only to Declare the Reign of the Death Dealer? (December, 1st 2016)




It was massively high stakes but in the name of history this week on IMPACT as both Jade and Rosemary, announced as contenders to the vacant Knockouts Title previously held by Gail Kim, stepped into a Six Sides of Steel singles match for the first time to capture the divisions top prize. That, plus Maria looks to make work of Allie after being humiliated in last weeks Thanksgiving Celebration. Lets get right to all things Knockouts!

We First see Allie and Laurel backstage. Laurel recognizes the sulky Allie’s expressions and wonders if shes mad Braxton lost his match earlier in the night (which came with a Mandrews heel turn that Ive been waiting for for months) and she suggests that she’ll go cheer him up tonight. Allie ponders why she never sees Laurel and Braxton together, to which Laurel implies that their partnership is being kept on the down low. Laurel adds that Braxton apparently told her he feels sorry for her, but Allie retorts otherwise, before Laurel suggests that Braxton is only acting nice towards Allie, but she doesn’t need to act the same way since Allie works for Maria, and shes most certain that Allie was trying to pie her in the face last week. Laurel continues to make Allie quietly fume as she tells the still Assistant to Maria that she will never seize someone like Braxton, nor will she have a job by the end of the night.

Laurel and Maria emerge later in the night, with a recap of course of Maria being humiliated per Allie’s actions of launching a pie in her face last week, intended for Laurel originally. Maria clearly cant cool off from having Pie Face chanted towards her, referring to herself as a role model unappreciated, and there’s only one person she could be referring to, as she screams for Allie to come to the ring. Allie does as told, and is greeted with supportive chants from the audience, to the chagrin of both Laurel and Maria. Maria directs her shouting towards Allie near instantly, asking what Allie has to say for herself after last weeks actions. Allie implies that shes sorry for hitting her boss in the face last week, but Maria understands that, as she was trying to target Laurel instead, but that displeases her. She believes the reason Allie intended to hit Laurel is because of a developing jealousy towards Laurels affections towards Braxton, but Allie denies such a claim. On top, Maria is still fuming about Allie exposing her injury clearance at Bound for Glory, but a more livid than usual Allie responds that she has a belief that Honesty is the Best Policy. Maria hits back with her own honest remark, labelling Allie as her worst assistant ever, adding that shes never had a problem with anyone else, and while they cant get on, at least she and Laurel do.

Speaking of Laurel, she has a question for Allie, asking how Allie feels that She and Braxton hooked up for a date the other night, whispering something Braxton apparently said to her on their supposed date. Allie says Braxton would never say whatever Laurel remarked, continuously calling Laurel a Liar as Laurel believes she is labeling her as. Having had enough of Allie, Laurel wants a piece of her, but Maria comes in between both. She backs off Laurel, reminding her fellow Knockout that the supposed “Loser” doesn’t know how to fight. Furthermore she states Allie doesn’t do anything right, messes everything up and in addition, is not a wrestler, but rather to her a Stupid Bitch. Allies scorn can be seen easily on her face and she soon delivers an immense slap to Maria. Maria calls this action a mistake and soon feeds her to Laurel, before quickly dragging her away and leaving.

After a neat video package from the TNA Team on Jade, we get our main event of the evening, the Six Sides of Steel Match to crown a new Knockouts Championship. Former Champion Gail Kim is out beforehand to officially relinquish the title due to her said injury, then she sits by at ringside as Rosemary and Jade make their entrances, both entering the bone chilling structure. Madison Rayne has joined commentary, witnessing this match also and Introducing both Challengers is Jeremy Borash. Once the title is held high, the bell is rung and this match to crown the next Knockouts Champion is underway.

Borash has only just cleared the ring when Rosemary opens with her attack, driving Jade shoulder first into a corner. Jade and Rosemary spill to the outside as Rosemary lunges at her fellow challenger with forearms, with Jade returning that same offense back. Jade tries to fire more offense before being sent head first into the steel steps by Rosemary, and as she regroups, Rosemary takes her back into the ring, also tossing a trash can into the ring. Rosemary steps back into the ring, the cage door closed behind her, but the earlier shot hasn’t weakened Jade fully as Jade begins to attack Rosemary inside the six sided ring with knees and kicks. After that series of knees and kicks, Jade goes for the first pin attempt of the match, getting a one count on Rosemary. Jade pounds at Rosemary after with forearms, circling her before returning to using kicks, then sending Rosemary back to the mat with a big gut-wrench suplex. Jade goes to pin Rosemary again, this time getting a near fall.

We Return from a commercial break to see Jade still in control, firing forearms at Rosemary. She has a whip reversed, but Jade manages to dodge Rosemary’s clothesline in the middle of the ring as she ducks, soon sending her whirling with a flying headscissor. Jade targets the side of Rosemary’s face with knees, ducking before Rosemary can utilize the mist, but being sent to the mat soon after by Rosemary. Rosemary hits a few forearms to try and take control, before being caught in a schoolgirl package pin by Jade that gets her a one count on Rosemary. Rosemary resumes control by driving Jade to the mat with a sudden clothesline. Jade tries to resume control with some kicks, getting to her feet as she strikes back, but Rosemary hits back. Rosemary tries to send her head first into the cage side but Jade blocks this attempt, but her follow up kicks and forearms do little to knock down Rosemary as again another fiery clothesline takes Jade down. Rosemary doesn’t cover however, scraping the babyfaces head against another side of the cage in direction of the commentary table. She then chokes her with her foot against the nearby corners bottom turnbuckle, then taking her down again with a chop to the back after firing up despite Jades retaliating offense. Rosemary utilizes the cage again to hurt Jade before being met with more retaliating offense from the fellow Knockout.

Jade goes for a possible inziguiri in the middle of the ring but is caught in Rosemary’s grip, tossed back first into the cage side. Rosemary seizes the trash can she threw into the ring earlier, setting it up next to Jade, readying for the lethal dropkick off the ropes previewed weeks ago in her attack on Jade. However Rosemary only makes it to the top rope as Jade gets to her feet, throwing the trash can directly toward Rosemary. Jade joins Rosemary on the ropes, driving Rosemary soon downward with a top rope Hurricanrana. Jade now has the momentum as she launches Rosemary into the cage side herself, and on more than one occasion does she do so. Jade applies a choke-hold while ramming the back of Rosemary into various sides of the cage, staying clung as she takes Rosemary back to the near center for a powerbomb. Jade gets another near fall on Rosemary. Some reversals between them then lead to Rosemary hitting Jade with a German suplex to possibly overturn momentum.

Both ladies take a while to get on their feet, Rosemary first as she clambers up a side of the cage, though in this match escaping the cage is not a way to win. Jade launches herself onto the ropes to join Rosemary in combat again, sending her face first into the cage side numerous times. Jade pushes Rosemary down to the mat then takes herself superbly high up to the top of the cage, meeting Rosemary back on the mat with a crossbody from atop the cage. Despite the high risk maneuver, Jade doesn’t pin Rosemary as she so desires, as Rosemary kicks out of that follow up pin attempt at two. Jade heads back to the turnbuckles for the next maneuver but Rosemary takes herself up also, springing over to Jade and blowing the mysterious mist in her face. Rosemary takes Jade onto both shoulders and connects with the TKO for the pinfall victory. Rosemary wins the match and becomes the new Knockouts Champion, to the disbelief of an onlooking Gail Kim.

(Laurel Van Ness, Maria Kanellis-Bennett and Allie Segment)

(Rosemary vs Jade w/ Gail Kim; Six Sides of Steel Match for the Knockouts Championship)

Thoughts On:
Maria/Laurel/Allie: While this was the strongest mic work seen by Laurel in TNA so far in my opinion, i cant help but wonder if that segment was rushed due to the ending with Laurel just hitting a few forearms to Allie then being force-ably pulled off by Maria for them to move to the next moment. Regardless it is going to be intriguing to see how Allie and Braxton set themselves up with each other and how they part Braxton and Laurel, but i do believe Braxton will play a part in Allie developing into the top league wrestler we know she already is, and if this episodes ending was any indication, the major indy rivalry between Allie and Rosemary could be at the forefront of the division by 2017, and hopefully Laurel will be a part in the Divisions development also, even if it means having her gimmick mimic Charlotte a little as i do oddly see some comparisons between the two. If Maria and Mikes recent teases hint anything then i do expect Allie to write Maria out of TNA to give Allie that revenge ending everyone has been waiting for.

Rosemary/Jade: While i was shocked at first to hear it was the main event, im majorly happy to see different Knockouts not only take that huge slot, but to have already so many people in the impact zone behind them. Rosemary has come full circle with her character, one of the most intriguing ones in the division, and everyone has questioned when she will fully be a part of in ring action, and her win set the stage for it. Also, the video package highlighting Jade was well done, and all this talk of her background and all the praise, where was it when Jade was feuding with Sienna? If they had gone on a little longer and if Jade hadn’t been moved to a side feud, the history of Jade and Sienna would have made for a longer compelling angle. Also, there is something moving about seeing Gail at ringside for Jade, not only because when i watched these two interact for the first time outside of TNA, i wanted them to feud on TV somewhere, but because i really think Gail managing Jade in the future would be intriguing. However, if the end indicates anything, we may see Gail overthrow Rosemary next year considering she has yet to pin Rosemary and because she never fully got her revenge on Decay, if those are even referenced in a possible feud. While that backstory will help drive the feud forward, as stated before, there’s a forever ongoing feud on the indies between Allie and Rosemary which brings the best out of the two and since Allie is the impact zones top babyface seemingly, this should drive her to the top of the division with the likes of Jade as she should be placed, and to give her that pay off rather than to be remembered as the woman who dropped the KOs title to Maria after a week. But seeing Jade highlighted and praised the way she was in this match, being allowed to show her full potential through that crossbody alone, made me a proud fan and i truly feel because of boths hard work, Rosemary’s character acceleration and Jades ongoing battle to try be back atop the division again, that they deserved the main event slot. If the division goes how i think it will go, then im majorly excited for Laurel, Rosemary, Jade and Allie heading into next year. Two Heels. Two Faces. Winning Formula.

– Catherine


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