WWE NXT RESULTS: The Empress Sees No Competition (November, 30th 2016)




Welcome All to the newest NXT Report and this weeks episode was quite the insight as matches this week were taped right before a main roster show, giving us a glimpse of Asuka on the bigger stage someday for sure. The Very Dominant NXT Women’s Champion is back in the ring this week and up against the Indys Very Popular Nicole Matthews.

Asuka enters the ring first for the single women’s division match of the night, and Nicole is already in the ring as seen when her entrance is completed. The bell is rung and the match begins with Asuka pacing around Nicole, ready for the potential opening lock up, but Nicole tries to take over early, only to be taken down. Asuka almost has Nicole in an Ankle Lock, but the heel soon forces herself to the ropes, and in turn, demands restraint. Asuka turns her attention back to Nicole, heading towards her, taking a kick along the way. Nicole fearlessly aims forearms at Asuka, but this only fires up Asuka. Asuka tries to retaliate with her own, only to have Nicole block it, executing another forearm. Asuka seems to enjoy Nicole’s moment of momentum, and just as Nicole preps for the next offense, Asuka takes to the ropes and floors Nicole with a running hip attack in the middle of the ring. Nicole is left to take the series of kicks to the chest from Asuka, though Nicole pretends to be out to duck the last kick. Nicole regroups in a corner, forearming Asuka as she attempts to attack again, and she then takes herself up to the turnbuckles and dives, only for Asuka to counter into the potential fujiwara armbar that Nicole attempts to counter out of. Asuka turns it into a cross arm-breaker, and Nicole manages to force the shoulders of Asuka to the mat mid submission for the pin attempt, getting a near fall.

Nicole breaks free of Asuka, springs back to her feet and goes for a high kick that Asuka dodges, hitting her own. Asuka wraps her arm around the front of Nicole and while Nicole tries to stay on her feet, Asuka eventually takes her to the mat with the signature Asuka Lock Submission applied. Nicole eventually taps and Asuka wins the match.

Later in the show, a victorious NXT Women’s Champion, that being Asuka, is interviewed in the locker room by Dasha. Dasha congratulates Asuka on the prior victory, but she cant help but bring up how people believe there have been changes in Asuka as of late. Asuka denies any changes in her persona as of late, reminding Dasha that she is the best, being the NXT Women’s Champion of course, and while she wishes for competition, she believes there is none left for her.

(Asuka vs Nicole Matthews; Asuka Backstage Segment)

Thoughts On This Match:
While Squash Matches can be tiring, it is a while before the next Takeover show and there’s plenty time in between to develop the next challenger or challengers to Asukas women’s title. I Really liked the idea of taping this match in front of a main roster audience, because while its similar or higher than the capacity of a Takeover crowd outside of Full Sail, it gives us a glimpse of Asukas entrance and presence on the main roster. Nicole, as i already know, is already a very good worker and while she didn’t get much offense in here, her offense and attempts to fearlessly counteract Asuka was fun to watch. I Do expect Ember to be the next contender to the women’s title by defeating either Peyton or Billie, or for it to become a 4 way with Billie and Peyton or one of the two and Liv, but one things for sure, as already said, there’s many weeks to develop or redevelop the competition in the women’s division.

– Catherine


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