WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: The Fearless Ones Bring the Pain Before the Painful Showdowns (November, 29th 2016)




This week on Smackdown, the established Blue Brand pulled out of the pit-stop to pull out last minute heated material heading into Sundays Big Clashes featuring various members of their women’s division. Two segments between ongoing rivals Nikki Bella, Carmella, Alexa Bliss and Becky Lynch set the stage for an even more brutal than expected PPV, and you can probably guess which one of these feuds got the contract signing per Lynch being the champion…

Opening Smackdown is a Contract Signing indeed for the Women’s Championship, and to play host is a woman who had defected from RAW as of late, Renee Young. She welcomes down to the ring Alexa, then the soon to defend Smackdown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch, and Alexa is visibly unimpressed again. But Alexa has enough to be unimpressed about evidently, from Renee’s fashion sense to the referee not playing smart back in Scotland as to not notice Alexa’s foot on the rope back in the last title defense. Becky laughs that off, then tells the challenger she is very similar to her cousin, both blonde, both having an unhealthy obsession with Glitter, both moan when they don’t get their own way but the only difference is her cousin is four years old, in comparison to Alexa. Furthermore Becky acknowledges the furious Alexa’s further ongoing tantrum about being disallowed to continue per being defeated despite the confusion with the ropes back in Scotland, and additionally reminds Alexa that back then she had a choice, to use her foot or lose her arm, but come their next battle at TLC, there wont be a choice. Having closed that statement, Becky gets straight to signing the contract.

Alexa, however, isn’t done berating her future opponent, questioning Becky on what its like to live in her “Fantasy World” where being nice means you can accomplish anything. Obviously Alexa doesn’t believe in that vision nor that world, and Becky has a fair bit to say on that matter, because being nice wasn’t the reason she was Smackdowns Top Female draft pick, nor did it play into her capturing Smackdowns Women’s Title. Becky says being WWEs Version of the Honey Badger and being relentless was the reason she ascended to those goals, while Alexa’s only accomplishments are having multi colored lips and having a victims mentality. Becky reminds Alexa that if she believes those accomplishments are what gets her to the top in this place, shes in for a rude awakening. Alexa pretends to vomit, before pulling a possible Kevin Dunn shot (as he apparently cant stand her accent for whatever reason why) by saying that every-time she has to hear the champ speak, she wants to vomit. In Addition, she states to Becky that it doesn’t matter how hard she works, there’s always someone better, clearly pointing to herself. She adds that Becky can go eat her Lucky Charms or do whatever she wants to do, but that wont help her as this Sunday she promises to pour the ice cold water all over the champs Straight Fire and in turn, become Smackdowns Second Women’s Champion. After signing the contract, she warns Becky to never call her Lexie again, but Becky shuts her down, jumping to a question of her own apparently before aiming a forearm right at Alexa. A Brawl kicks off between the two involving a table, which a Wicked Alexa soon puts the champ through, leaving a possible preview for this Sundays Clash.

From one extra heated feud to another, its later in the show that Carmella comes down to the ring with something more to say, only this time addressed to the Boyfriend of her Rival Nikki Bella, Former US Champ John Cena. The Princess of Staten Island snarkily apologizes to John from behind the mic for when she hits Nikki Bella so hard on Sunday, that her future twins will be “popping out of her back”. She makes this a promise, and as she imagines Nikki posting future vids to YouTube from the hospital bed, Nikki charges down and pummels Carmella with a massive spear. Unfortunately her Opponent for Sunday eventually escapes her grip, leaving the rest of their fight to Sunday, where they will meet in a sure to be Lethal No Disqualification showdown.

Moving from all that hype to the last women’s segment of the night, after being approached backstage by Renee, Becky implies that despite the pain taken per the earlier table spot, she will fight Alexa this Sunday, to get revenge on the “Little Bitch”. Renee recovers from gasping at Becky’s little remark to appear on Talking Smack, and Becky confirms that the stakes are raised come TLC, as she will now fight Alexa in a Tables Match.

(Becky Lynch and Alexa Bliss Women’s Championship Contract Signing Segment)

(Nikki Bella and Carmella Segment)

(Becky Lynch Backstage Segment)

(Carmella on Smackdown Fallout)

(Alexa Bliss on Smackdown Fallout)

Thoughts On:
Becky/Alexa Contract Signing: Personally my favorite women’s segment of the night (though nothing can be taken away from Nikki’s ridiculously amazing spear) and this segment alone shows how women’s contract signings have become a norm in the past few years, and how far both Alexa and Becky have come as individual characters. While i was pre hyped for Nikki vs Carmella, Smackdown this week added that extra layer to the Becky/Alexa feud with a stipulation to bring more appeal needed for the match itself, and in my opinion, this match can go either way, after all we saw Taryn Terrell act like a fighting champion before her twist of a turn and i wouldn’t be surprised if Becky turns soon, regardless of whether she wields the championship.

Nikki/Carmella: Though much shorter, there was additional appeal in this segment also, showcasing the evolution mainly of Carmella as a character like Alexa since debuting for the brand. While some worried about how they weren’t skilled or evolved enough to share the ring with various big talents, Carmella and Alexa have massively improved prior to and after their debuts, cementing their own individual characteristics, and while Carmella has been working on the mic since arriving in NXT, meaning she may be stronger than some on Smackdown already, its evident that she is one of the strongest mic workers in the brands division, just not at the top like Alexa who has everything in her package currently. I Love how the brawl was short between her and Nikki because we didn’t need weapons out before TLC to be fair, because it makes us anticipate exactly what they are going to do and what spots they are going to undertake, and to see that there’s not one but two stipulated women’s matches with weapons most certainly involved, id say Smackdown are making their own definite history with their women.

– Catherine


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