LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: A Night of Mass Violence Sees the Feared Triad Dominate (November, 30th 2016)




This Past week on Lucha Underground, we were welcomed with a lengthy exchange of offense and snapped arms as the Black Lotus Triad, lead by a vengeful returning Black Lotus, made their debut in the Boyle Heights Temple against their one common enemy, Pentagon Dark. The Man formerly mentored by a sneaky Vampiro, Pentagon Dark, battled all four members of the Feared Tribe in a Gauntlet Match, with the added stipulation that even defeating some of the members wouldn’t mean victory until he had cleared through them all.

Pentagon enters for the only match of the night, that being his challenging gauntlet vs the Members of Lotus’s Triad. First to face Pentagon on Behalf of the Unit is Doku, best known as Kairi Hojo. As expected Doku is fearless like her fellow members, encouraging a fight right upon entering the squared circle. Of course Pentagon doesn’t hold back against someone of an opposite gender and he has the upper hand strength wise once the two engage in combat, running Doku back first into his earlier corner. Doku reverses quickly, then dealing a series of slaps to Pentagon, finalized with a stiff chop to the upper body of the opposer. Doku returns with more offense, this time a knee but is sent flying into a nearby corner by Pentagons retaliating running dropkick. While Pentagon is bickered at by the ref, Doku gets back to her feet and returns again with kicks. She forearms Pentagon over to a corner before forcing him out of it, executing a spinning back fist once done. Doku strikes with a running forearm in the corner to Pentagon, though the second strike is averted when Pentagon kicks her. Doku is left reeling per Pentagons returning offense, then rolled out of the ring where Pentagon continues the offense, having followed her out. Doku is even thrown head first into the apron by Pentagon if the previous offense wasnt enough.

Pentagon continues to deliver the pain to Doku, kicking her around ringside and exploiting her back. The Believers show much appreciation to Pentagon as he rolls Doku into the ring, and furthermore returning to using his lethal kicks. Pentagon whips Doku afterward, and she tries to make a comeback with a spear, which Pentagon blocks, countering into his next move. Doku takes herself back to her feet and soon faces a super-kick courtesy of Pentagon. Doku dodges a clothesline by Pentagon and finally executes her spear, then ascending to the top turnbuckle while Pentagon lies flat on the mat. Doku connects with a top rope elbow drop and her set of offense isn’t even complete there, as she climbs the turnbuckles on the opposite corner, readying the second top rope elbow drop but Pentagon catches her arm as she makes her way down, and he fully breaks the arm of Doku to take win number one.

Before we go back to this ongoing collision, there’s some development in the story between Ivelisse and Jeremiah, per an interesting encounter between the man formerly known as Solomon Crowe and the Sorceress Catrina. Catrina sarcastically pities Ivelisse’s recent injuries then claims Jeremiah brought her to him, additionally making claims that in reality Jeremiah is in love with her, per hording one of her precious stones in his charm, but that presents a problem, as Catrina isn’t anxious to reveal that shes in love with someone else. Is Jeremiah setting up to break Ivelisse? Time will soon tell.

Back to the Ring and Pentagon next faces Yurei, best known as Mayu Iwatani. Yurei steps in as fearlessly as her fallen comrade, taunted by Pentagon who gets in the early offense right after with a kick to the midsection. He whips Yurei to the ropes but Yurei ducks the attempted offense by Pentagon, though her athleticism doesnt help her in the long run as shes brought to the mat by Pentagons sudden arm drag. Yurei regroups quickly, matching up to Pentagon with her own arm drag, and after flying off the ropes, she does a second, and this time its Pentagon forced to regroup. However Yurei doesn’t wait, teasing a suicide dive before pulling a Kevin Owens Troll Moment by stopping, and instead climbing the turnbuckles. Yurei heads to the top turnbuckle and dives onto Pentagon. Now having momentum, Yurei takes Pentagon around ringside, smacking his head against the apron and ring post as she does so before whipping him into the ringside fencing. Like Doku, Yurei has her own innovative fast kicks, and starts pummeling Pentagon with them. After tossing him into a planted ringside chair, Yurei smacks the head of Pentagon against it, seizing him once more after and planting his head against the commentary table. She continues to target the same area, this time smacking him with the ring bell, and lastly, planting his face against the stairs where much of the Believers were once perched. However Pentagon soon gets back to his feet and fires back at Yurei with a number of kicks, even when Yurei tries to strike back. Yurei soon finds the Asuka like fire within her, and its Pentagons turn to be overwhelmed with kicks. Yurei takes Pentagon back to the ring and knees him in the near center, doing so a second time before Pentagon blocks a third. Pentagon first has her in an ankle lock, then attempting to snap it fully, but not managing to do as believed when Yurei seizes the rope.

Pentagon, however, is full of momentum still, and this time he takes the knee of Yurei and smashes it against the mat. He continues to ram the knee into the mat before setting her against the ropes for a chop. Pentagon attempts to whip Yurei, but Yurei reverses, going for a corner assault after but being elevated to the apron. Yurei knees Pentagon from the outside, then elevating to the top turnbuckle of which she performs a flying head-scissor off of. Yurei follows up with the Coup De Grace, but the first pin attempt that follows from Yurei gets her a near fall. Yurei has a whip reversed by Pentagon but retaliates by kneeing a charging Pentagon in the opposite corner. Yurei strikes with a second knee to Pentagon, finalizing that round of offense with a Round the World DDT, but as she goes for a senton off the second rope, Pentagon has her caught, and the Assailant has Yurei out with a Package Piledriver. He breaks the arm of Yurei and gets his second win of the night.

The Most Infamous and Fearless of the Triad will enter before Lotus herself, Hitokiri, aka the Legendary Io Shirai. However as Pentagon sets up to face this acknowledged warrior, she makes her presence felt in a different way, and instead of staring down the opposer on the way to the ring, Hitokiri sneaks to the ring, ascends to the top turnbuckle and surprises a turning Pentagon with a missile dropkick. The bell has been rung upon Hitokiri executing her first offense, but Pentagon is already into retreat. Hitokiri doesn’t wait as she drops herself on Pentagon with a diving senton off the top turnbuckle. She slides back to the ring and is out just as quick, per taking out the opposer again, this time with a suicide dive. The Named Hired Gun then seizes a steel chair from under the ring, ready for usage, and she launches it straight at Pentagon. She uses it for a second time, smacking Pentagon in the back with it, and she only continues to utilize it more and more. She then pulls a page out of Yurei’s book by taking Pentagon to the commentary table, smacking his head against it. A Vicious slap and shot to the back follows, before Hitokiri utilizes the ringside fencing to ram the body of Pentagon into.

After kicking him around ringside, many Believers clear off as commanded and Hitokiri whips Pentagon into a number of set up chairs. Hitokiri’s level of violence ups as she pulls the mat on the apron, exposing the concrete underneath. She weakens Pentagon again with kicks and punches before slamming him against the exposed flooring. After a series of cocky kicks, Hitokiri rolls Pentagon back to the ring, looking to continue from where she left off, and she strikes by the ropes with forearms before whipping Pentagon. Pentagon hangs to the ropes then strikes a ducking Hitokiri with a kick, but is met with a load from Hitokiri in return. Hitokiri handsprings to the ropes but doesn’t envision Pentagon rushing towards her, and before she can do much else, she is met with a running dropkick from Pentagon. Pentagon begins to gather momentum, snapmaring Hitokiri and kicking her in the lower back, chopping her in the chest after hard enough to leave her hanging. Hitokiri is brought back into the ring by Pentagon to play victim to another lethal kick of his, before she is sent to the outside floor. Pentagon mirrors the earlier offense by Hitokiri as he sends her into a series of exposed chairs at ringside.

The momentum furthers for Pentagon, as does his level of violence as he chokes Hitokiri with a whip at ringside. He even goes as far as roping it around the ring post and choking Hitokiri’s throat with it, to the point where she passes out. Hitokiri gets a wake up call when Pentagons newly seized steel chair smacks against her back, and after a glimpse, he sets the chair up, strikes Hitokiri in the back with a kick, then has her meet with the chairs again, launching her into the number of seats. Pentagon slams Hitokiri back first into the ringside floor, then continues to inflict the damage as they continue to battle around ringside. Hitokiri gets the upper hand, dropping Pentagon on the floor with a sudden drop toe hold reversal, and next thing we see, Hitokiri is dashing up the entryway steps of the temple, then seen atop the roof of El Jefe Dario’s office. Pentagon is back to his feet, but back to the floor as quick when Hitokiri makes a gutsy dive right from the office roof. Hitokiri tries to make a comeback in the ring, only to be kicked in the midsection by Pentagon, who readies his piledriver again. Hitokiri reverses, and her own finish leads to her pinning Pentagon, leaving him lastly to the Triads leader, Black Lotus.

Lotus emerges in front of Hitokiri and the fallen allies of Doku and Yurei shortly after, getting payback for the Ultima Lucha shortcoming by breaking the arm of the rival Pentagon. The Triad clear the ring once presented with the arrival of Azteca, but it turns out he has his own ill intentions as he snaps the remaining arm of Pentagon.

(Pentagon Dark vs Doku/Kairi Hojo, Yurei/Mayu Iwatani, Hitokiri/Io Shirai and Black Lotus)

Thoughts On This Match:
While it can be debated that through much of Kairi/Doku’s showcase that she was overwhelmed through much of it, nothing can take away the veteran talents of all three competitors in that match. They appeared to have based opponents selection based on promoted skill level, thus cleverly leaving Io/Hitokiri last due to her immense status. Every Woman got a decent or outstanding outing, Io to the highest to no surprise, and i was pleased with what i saw from Mayu/Yurei, having not seen a match of hers before. Its a shame we might not be seeing the Triad again during any of this season as they more or less finalized their work here, and because they were only there for the select taping, and while i was disappointed that there wasn’t a thorough expansion of Lotus’s ring work upon her entering the ring, the strategy of sweet revenge worked to perfection, leaving the Hitwoman/enforcer to do the final bidding before doing exactly what Pentagon did to her beforehand to overall give a dominant final showing. While Pentagon mainly dominating Kairi was a debatable factor in this match, im pleased at the overall outcome and how it was booked for Lotus to get her revenge. Azteca now surely moves into an angle with Pentagon per the swerve ending, so will we see Lotus after this? Time will tell but her pregnancy may affect any possible appearances for a yet to be announced new season.

– Catherine


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