WWE RAW RESULTS: The Brutalizing Tactics of the Ravishing Russian and the Queen (December, 5th 2016)




Welcome One and All to this weeks RAW Report, and the first of the final month of 2016. While a Certain Bayley was attempting to spread some festive cheer this week, various babyfaces didn’t have much to cheer about, per the brutalizing strategic plotting of various members of the division. Lana and Rusev strategize to destroy everyone’s favorite Certified G, while Charlotte goes about destroying further her relationship with her father Ric Flair, and destroying the very woman who walked out of RAW last week with her title, Sasha Banks.

A Match between Alicia Fox and Bayley is set for this weeks RAW after Bayley gave various hugs and festive gifts to members of the RAW Crew backstage on the pre show, notably Cedric Alexander, catching the attention of the Cruiserweights love interest Alicia Fox. Sure there was some shenanigans going on, Alicia is already fuming, and while Bayley insists there is nothing going on, she has no problem proving so in the ring against Alicia. This leads to the match on the main show of course, the only actual women’s match on RAW this week, and entering first is Bayley, then Foxy. When the bell rings, Foxy is all business, Lou Thesz Pressing Bayley to the mat and showing her frustrations over the earlier encounter. She adds to that offense with a knee to Bayleys midsection, then kneeing the defenseless Bayley in the corner. Bayley moves from the corner in attempt to retaliate but is floored by Alicia’s dropkick. Alicia delivers some vicious slaps to the back of Bayley, who is hung on the ropes before trying to pin her once shes back on the mat. Bayley kicks out at one.

Bayley tries to make a comeback with shoulder tackles in a corner to Fox, only to be knocked away. Alicia utilizes the corner to further weaken Bayley before executing the northern lights suplex, enough to get her a near fall on Bayley. Alicia applies a chin-lock to Bayley, though Bayley tries to separate herself from the aggressive opposer with axe handles. Bayley counters the potential tilt-a-whirl backbreaker from Fox, landing on top of her for her next pin attempt, leading to a near fall. Alicia tries to regroup, heading towards Bayleys corner but sent down via Bayleys kick. Bayley starts her load of comeback offense, but Alicia tries reversing momentum again with a boot. Alicia charges towards the middle of the ring and towards Bayley, only to be caught in Bayleys arms and driven to the mat via the Belly to Belly suplex finisher. Bayley pins Alicia and wins the match.

From one angle to another, we see Bayleys fellow horsewoman Sasha Banks in the back. The New RAW Women’s Champion proclaims last weeks major main event took everything out of her, and while she despises Charlotte, she cant deny how much she brings out of her as a competitor, so with that in mind, shes itching for one more battle, this time challenging the former champ to an Iron Man Match at Roadblock.

And then we have another angle with some fire added to it as Enzo and Cass played witness to a potential break up between Rusev and Lana after an argument backstage saw Lana toss her wedding ring. Enzo tried to pity her over the course of the night, and Lana, indicating she’d had enough of the Bulgarian Brute, invited Enzo to her hotel for some “comfort”. Of course deep down this was an insanely wicked plan concocted between Rusev and Lana to distance the Certified G from Cass in time for Rusevs supposed match with the bigger team member, and thus Enzo, given a stylish ride by the arriving Ric Flair later in the night, made his way to Lana’s hotel room, leaving Cass to Rusev…..not knowing the former US Champion was right at his wife’s side. After some flirting went on between the two, despite Enzo’s resistance, Lana eventually revealed they had set up Enzo, and Enzo was left to an attitude era type physical skull bashing from Rusev right in front of his equally as twisted wife.

And while Enzo is left out cold on a hotel floor because apparently no one in that hotel is going to question why hes there out cold in the first place (unless its a set on RAW) if there’s anyone else that had been cold and vicious upon reappearing on the scene its Emma, and the former NXT competitor is set to make the long awaited return to the RAW brand under her new guise of Emmalina next week.

Now onto the Main Event, which will feature Charlotte giving a Supposed Apology to her Father. The Now Former Women’s Champion wishes to evoke her ties to her Father and let bygones be bygones after leaving him in tears months ago when she declared she no longer needed to be in his shadow, thus she asks her Father to step into the ring. The Hall of Famer, who had arrived earlier in the show and handed down his limo to Enzo without any knowledge of what would happen to him later, does so and is met with an embrace from his daughter. She welcomes a second but so thought as the moment the Nature Boy steps in to console and forgive Charlotte, she slaps the taste out of him, crying out with absolute ferocity over how she felt betrayed over Ric raising the hand of Banks last week. As she questions why her father would turn her back on her in favor of Banks, the new Women’s Champion storms to the ring only to take an overwhelming assault from the former title holder, enough to leave her out cold. Charlotte drags the KO’ed Sasha back in the ring, asking a tearful Ric if the fallen opposer is truly his trophy. Proud of her work, she leaves the ring to close the main event confrontation, and in turn, has also accepted to face Banks once again at Roadblock.

(Alicia Fox vs Bayley)

(Lana, Rusev, Enzo Amore and Big Cass Segment; Lana and Enzo Amore Segment)

(Enzo Amore, Lana and Rusev Segment)

(The Makeover of Emma to “Emmalina” Premieres Next Week)

(Sasha Banks Backstage Segment)

(Charlotte, Ric Flair and Sasha Banks Segment)

Thoughts On:
Bayley/Fox: Personally not my favorite part of RAW. Sure it finds an angle for Bayley, and sure Alicia looked dominant in parts, but while Bayley continues to excel with her own streak coming on, her opponents outside of the big names aren’t being invested in much to create a truly heated feud. WWE can make the excuse that the other women on the roster haven’t got a reason to be backed or cheered, but its hard when Alicia is suddenly reverted back to heel again, and what does losing to Bayley in this match mean for her? Does the reversion to heel again mean the angle with the babyface Cedric Alexander is ended quickly (Say Her Craziness isn’t to Cedric’s taste etc) or does she just continue to find reasons to hate Bayley only to lose again and continue her role of enhancing others? Anyone who goes up against a popular babyface Bayley is going to get booed, but they need legit heat to further pump that support for Bayley and to make the opposer a successful heel, so Alicia looking dominant with some forms of revenge before Roadblock should make her a legit heat magnet, if they aren’t going to turn her face right after that is…

Charlotte/Ric/Sasha: While I Can eye roll at a stipulated match featuring the same women again, and while it can be near certain that Charlotte’s streak on PPV is far from done meaning the finish is foreseen, im all praise for this main event segment and how Charlotte not only carries herself as a heel but how she has flourished under her character. Ric has plenty experience promo and acting wise behind him through his years in the WWE to sell the betrayal of Charlotte and handled it perfectly here, and Charlotte didn’t struggle in switching up her emotions which is an investment in her as a villainous character. The feud between Sasha and Charlotte now has that personal layer that its lacked, minus the animosity for the Summerslam Injury, and adds a layer for Sasha to come in all guns blazing at Roadblock by fighting not only in defense of Ric Flair, but because of that very brutal attack delivered to her by Charlotte. I’m Completely invested in the backstory for Roadblock and the build heading into it, but please, once Roadblock is over, let this feud end so the uninjured competitors of Emmalina, Bayley, Dana and Nia aren’t there to just be there, but to be the next characters to be invested in rather than Sasha vs Bayley being done for months on end.

– Catherine


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