Your Monday Post #138: Becky Lynch vs Charlotte for the Divas Championship at Royal Rumble 2016 (January, 24th 2016)


Welcome to a New Edition of Your Monday Post (though again late due to real life catching up) and this weeks edition starts a new theme, reflecting on moments in the WWE Women’s Division this year. Now there’s easily more than a few moments that can be brought up in the weeks to come, from the Divisions rise to an all new prominence, to the way various women have been featured, but we definitely had an actual heated feud being represented at the start of this year as former teammates turned enemies Becky Lynch and Charlotte battled for the Genetically Superior Daughter of the Nature Boys Divas Championship.

Team PCB, made up of Paige, Charlotte and Becky Lynch, showed cracks in late 2015 due to a heel turn from Paige. While Paige’s continuous strategies of targeting Charlotte eventually fell flat, the heel did manage to give Charlotte’s one remaining teammate Becky a wake up call after Charlotte faked an injury in a respectful singles match between the two to take advantage of Becky’s caring nature and get a sneaky win. Charlotte’s overall disrespect towards Becky and usage of heel tactics further caught the Lasskickers eye and Charlotte’s heel turn eventually happened on the first RAW of 2016 after another match with Lynch. officially ending the twos partnership. The Hot pursuit between the two carried on to the point where Becky tried to worm Charlotte into a match for the Divas Title, which was accepted by Charlotte’s Father and then manager Ric Flair. Charlotte, despite her reaction, denied any fear of having to step into a match with Lynch, and another assist from her father allowed her to retain at the Royal Rumble, before facing her own humiliation at the hands of a returning Sasha Banks.

– Catherine


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