Cattie’s Catch Up: Jade vs Marti Belle vs Rebel on TNA IMPACT (March, 22nd 2016)


Welcome Everyone to Another midweek reflective on moments in women’s wrestling, and this weeks Cattie’s Catch Up begins a theme heading into the new year, looking at specific moments in the Knockouts Division during the course of 2016. If one thing can be certain about this year, the Division has unarguably had some disastrously small title reigns, but in between has helped in the development of a specific villainous character, that being Maria Kanellis-Bennett.

Arriving in TNA in January as Part of TNAs Return to Television with her Husband Mike Bennett, it was only weeks later that Maria would declare participation in the Knockouts Division on a Non Physical Level, catching the attention of a far from impressed then Knockouts Champion Gail Kim. While Maria spent much of the year attempting to avoid Kim through various allegiances and tactics, Maria would influence the Knockouts Division one way or another, targeting the once dominant faction of the Dollhouse, who had lost their previous leaders of Taryn Terrell and Awesome Kong due to their departures. Maria questioned the potential of the factions remaining members, Marti, Rebel and Jade, and believed she could make them be individual talents under her vision. She worked her way into parting the faction to the chagrin of Marti and Rebel, though Jade turned on them when Maria forced them into a Triple Threat Match, with implications that involved a future title shot for the victor, going eventually to Jade, who during her remaining short time as a heel, went on to dethrone Maria’s Rival Gail Kim.

– Catherine


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