WWE NXT RESULTS: Kimber Lights the Flame of NXTs Ass Kicking War Goddess (December, 7th 2016)




Welcome All to an all new NXT Report. This week continues to slowly develop the NXT Women’s Divisions stories following the Womens Champion Asukas Successful Title Defense at NXT Takeover, and we may have an answer as to who, with that maybe being more than one may i add, may challenge for the title next.

Andrea is Backstage trying to get a word in with Leader of Sanity, Eric Young over Damo’s shocking appearance during an earlier match. However EY as well as the rest of Sanity do not acknowledge the females presence and storm straight past her, but Nikki Cross stops as her eyes take notice of a familiar emblazoning championship positioned nearby. As she stares out what comes to be recognized as the NXT Women’s Title, its holder Asuka slowly prizes it away, but not out of the sight of the possible challenger, who is licking her chops at possibly destroying the dominant performer. However, she doesn’t get into any form of altercation but rather steps away from Asuka, who smiles as she welcomes a possible opponent.

Meanwhile another possible challenger for the title, that being Ember Moon, is in the one women’s match of the night against Kimber Lee, who has officially signed with NXT as of a few days ago. Ember is out first while the One Half of the Kimber Bombs is already in the ring for women’s division action. The Two avoid any form of engagement to start off their match, before Kimber tempts Ember into a tie up that turns into a test of strength. While Ember tries to overwhelm, Kimber’s reversal sends Ember back first to the mat. Ember retaliates by sending Kimber to another side of the ring, then deals various kicks to the competitor. Ember charges towards the center of the ring, caught by Kimber who counters into a side slam, only enough to get her a near fall on Ember.

Kimber seizes Ember in a new hold reminiscent of Summer Rae, though Ember uses the positioning to try force Kimbers shoulders to the mat, though its only for a short moment as Kimber is up after a count of one. Kimber whirls Ember around with hold still intact, getting the second near fall on Ember with her unique pin attempt. Ember fully breaks from the hold, hitting with blows to Kimbers midsection then aiming for the upper body only to have it blocked. Kimber gives a Flair-Esque Chop to Ember, but this seems to light the fire within the opposer who aims one as hard if not harder. Ember ends up on the shoulders of Kimber for a possible powerbomb, though she counters to send Kimber down, now making the comeback with a clothesline and take-down. Ember covers Kimber and her pin attempt goes nowhere per a reversal from Kimber. Kimber targets the back of Ember, then following with a kick to the back of the neck. Kimber covers and gets a near fall.

Ember avoids a follow up kick from Kimber, rolling her over moments later and getting a near fall. Ember delivers a lethal running dropkick to Kimber, handspringing to the corner where she clotheslines Kimber, tilting her out of the corner before ascending to the turnbuckles for the signature O Face. Ember connects with the huge finisher and pins Kimber. Ember wins the match.

(Asuka and Nikki Cross Segment; Ember Moon vs Kimber Lee)

Thoughts On This Match:
This has been one of the best matches featuring Ember on a regular episode of NXT, and its safe to say that Kimber has an extensive move-set that is only a preview of what shes capable of, now an official part of the roster. Both women complimented each other so well with their counters and own athleticism and skill level, so i can only imagine what these two would be like against each other in a Takeover match. The Only negative is that the Ember squash matches are becoming too repetitive, even if Ember just concluded a quick storyline, and it feels like NXT Creative may have lost sight on what to do with Ember sometime after her in ring debut, but with the interesting encounter between Nikki and Asuka, surely Ember wont be left out there nor will Peyton or Billie surely. I Feel a multi woman match is coming between Ember, Billie or Peyton, Nikki and Asuka, though i did expect Liv to be a part of it to continue to build her as an underdog but that no longer seems the case, but wouldn’t be surprised now if Ember and Nikki face off for a possible contention spot in the near future, with Ember possibly coming out on top though with Nikki’s yet to be fully known ferocity, it could go either way or with no result whatsoever. If one things for certain, the character of Nikki Cross was built for edgy, explosive and heated type matches and i wouldn’t be surprised if shes a part of a first time ever NXT Women’s Steel Cage Match, whenever that may be.

– Catherine


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