WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Adjusting to the Alexa Bliss Era (December, 6th 2016)




This weeks Smackdown presented the aftermath of possibly one of the most riveting Pay Per Views of the year, WWE TLC, and this very show crowned a new women’s champion for the Smackdown Brand as a sudden powerbomb from the challenger Alexa Bliss allowed her to capitalize over the now former champion Becky Lynch, and since that tumble that lead to a horrid defeat, the Irish Lasskicker has been begging to evoke her rematch clause. Plus how will Natalya react to the claims made by a Certain Carmella that it was actually the Queen of Harts that cruelly sidelined Nikki Bella at Survivor Series. I Guess we’ll now find out.

Carmella is out first, fresh off her No DQ Match Loss to Nikki Bella, but only slightly fresh as she still sports the shiner Nikki had dealt to her only days before that heated rivalry was set to close. She makes it clear that the former nemesis always pit the blame on her for her being taken out at Survivor Series, but it only took a few words on Sunday for her to reveal the real culprit. She makes out Natalya has been bragging about how she pulled a “Tanya Harding” on Nikki, all due to the belief that Nikki is stealing the spotlight from her. Carmella backs the claim, accusing Nikki of stealing the Queen of Harts spotlight through her newest reality show, Total Bella’s. She adds that Natalya wishes she had the attributes of Nikki Bella, but she will always be second best. Furthermore, she believes that Natalya continuously denying her involvement in Nikki being out of Survivor Series makes her a deceiving con artist. Eventually having enough of her words, Natalya steps out from the back, brawling in the ring with the Princess of Staten Island. She chases her into the backstage area, losing sight of her and instead encountering Nikki Bella, who has no words for Natalya’s Supposed actions.

Moving forward from one encounter to another, the New Smackdown Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss is out for a celebration, being the newly crowned champion of course. The Wicked Witch is Champ and while Becky called her something rhyming with that particular word, shes not afraid to say what, as she declares that this Bitch now runs Smackdown Lives Division. Its not long before her ongoing enemy Becky Lynch is out, and the former champion makes it clear that she cant stand a whiny little girl being the leader of Smackdown Live. To add shes about to teach Alexa that while its one thing to be on top, its entirely another to stay on top, and before she can further that threat, Alexa mutes it out. She reminds Becky that she doesn’t care about the admiration of the WWE Universe like she does, and its no longer the New Era as remarked by Shane McMahon many times, but her era, the Alexa Bliss era. Alexa says Becky can call her whatever name she wants, but she will be made to call her champion. Becky has her own response to this, declaring after making it clear she preferred her last insult to Alexa that her championship reign ends once she gets her desired rematch, suggesting they get it underway right now. Alexa seems to agree to this, but just as it looks like a battle could go down, Alexa retreats from the ring, title and jacket in hand.

And Lastly, Maryse manages Miz for an Intercontinental Championship defense against his earlier MizTV Guest Dean Ambrose, a match booked to the chagrin of the still IC Champ by Smackdowns GM Daniel Bryan. While the assist of Maryse hadn’t helped Miz to retain as Ambrose managed to kick out of his follow up pin attempt at two, an additional assist at the hands of a newly heel Ellsworth allowed Miz to further his latest Intercontinental Title reign.

(Carmella and Natalya Segment; Nikki Bella confronts Natalya)

(MizTV w/ Dean Ambrose)

(Alexa Bliss and Becky Lynch Segment)

(The Miz w/ Maryse vs Dean Ambrose; Intercontinental Championship Match feat James Ellsworth)

Thoughts On:
Carmella/Natalya/Nikki: Overall another good showcase of Carmella on the mic and another example of her evolution as a heel character on the Blue Brand. In Addition, while it can be seen why Natalya could be Nikki’s attacker, other than the fact she needs a storyline, it can either go in the way of her actually remaining heel and being revealed as Nikki’s Attacker, or to guess of some, with it being revealed as Becky Lynch instead to ensure no one shines out the now former champion, with a face turn in the gradual works for Nattie while Carmella tries to use the accusations to turn Nikki against her friends or vice versa. Its no lie that Natalya and Nikki have the capability of putting on a good match against each other, but i don’t expect this to be an extensive angle.

Becky/Alexa: I Do think the segment mic wise for Alexa could have been a little longer, i enjoyed the segment and how Alexa has duplicated Becky’s insults from last week to usher in an Attitude Era type vibe. With the two being an intense match nights before, its understandable why they avoided any sort of physical altercation, but the heat between the two remains to be there while Becky awaits her rematch, which i expect on a regular episode than on PPV for Alexa to move onto a fresh challenger while Becky begins a gradual heel turn by failing to beat Alexa twice, almost reminiscent of the kayfabe reasoning for Taryn Terrell turning heel in TNA. But what is a question in regards to the culmination of this feud is if Becky is turning heel like hinted in an interview, when will it be because timing is everything and right now Becky is still immensely over, and if the Daniel Bryan/Wyatts angle taught us anything, turning someone to the dark side while still immensely popular doesn’t always work, just like reverting Roman from heel to face and propelling him into the major spotlight.

– Catherine


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