LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: Sexy Star About to Meet Mundo In A Certain Satanic Structure? (December, 7th 2016)




Welcome to an all new Lucha Underground report, and this past week Sexy Star is of course on the hunt for the Lucha Underground Championship she lost to a Villainous and Conniving Johnny Mundo. Dario looks to set her on the track to a possible title victory, but as one would know with Dario Cueto, it comes always with some sort of menacing twist…

The Former Lucha Underground Champion is praised in the back by Dario. He shares the belief that the Championship she held for only a small amount of days was taken from her not only by Johnny Mundo but by the entire squadron of the Worldwide Underground. Knowing about her fury, he suggests Star faces PJ Black tonight, adding that he is the only member of the group she hasn’t faced. Star is all smiles when she learns in addition that winning for her means a future title shot against Mundo, before Dario adds a typical Dario like stipulation. Sure, she will have the advantage next week if she wins tonight as she will battle Mundo inside a Cage with no member of Worldwide Underground able to interfere, but if she cant capitalize over PJ tonight, she will never see herself in the championship title picture again. Star shows shes not phased at this newest stipulation, giving Dario a threat before walking away from the office.

Sexy Star enters sometime later for her singles match with PJ Black of the Worldwide Underground. PJ is second to enter, and on his own rather than being flanked by the likes of Evans, Taya and/or Mundo. When the bell rings, Star makes her way around the ring for a short amount of time, scoring the opening offense by dodging the roundhouse from PJ, nailing a load of kicks to him. Both roll one another over for pin attempts, with both getting a near fall. Star battles out of an elevated waist-lock, reversing into a waist-lock of her own, though knocked off per PJs use of the nearby ropes. Star pulls a Melina by showcasing her flexibility to avoid a running elbow by PJ, then kicks him just below the midsection. Star continues the momentum with a hurricanrana in the center, but her momentum is soon stalled by a running knee from PJ. PJ arm drags Star before taking Stars retaliating running dropkick. Some echoing kicks and a hammerlock from Star allow her to reverse momentum, and she continues this on with a load of forearms to follow. Star leads herself to the ropes, leaps onto PJ and performs a flying head-scissor, though PJ counters her next head-scissor, leaving her flat near the ring center.

PJ gathers some heat from the crowd as he cockily stands on Star. He grips onto Star with a chinlock, locking a submission a short time later while also planting the top of Stars head against a nearby turnbuckle. PJ leads Star back to the center, before facing the impact of Stars rebound as she fires kicks his way. Slaps and chops by Star follow, and she goes into a guillotine, before having it countered into a slam by PJ. PJ executes a lionsault off the second rope, then hauling Star near to a corner before heading up the same corner turnbuckles to ready the next move, only this never happens as Star gets herself up, nailing a high kick to PJ that causes him to crash into the center of the top turnbuckle. Star goes for the frankensteiner but PJ doesn’t break loose, thus performs a reversal into the Styles Clash, but to the dismay of the faction member, its only enough to get a near fall.

PJ is left to revel in this result, taking it out on Star by slamming her to the canvas. PJ moonsaults but misses the target, who connects with a series of retaliating kicks. Star connects with a spike DDT, only getting the same result as PJ before. Suddenly Evans arrives and hits the apron, throwing a weapon into the ring. While the ref attempts to remove this, PJ tries to carry out an onslaught, though a miscue means a super-kick from PJ hits Evans rather than Star. Star sunset flips PJ and pins him to become the Number One Contender to the Worldwide Underground Leader Johnny Mundo’s Championship.

Moving from that to the next situation, Kobra is sat within her own shrine, perched on her throne and declaring her ill intentions in front of her masked minions, demanding these venomous allies bring to her the man who deserted their tribe some years ago, that being her upcoming opponent Drago.

And Lastly Catrina accompanies her vicious comrade Mil Muertes as the also former Lucha Underground Champion competes in Dario’s newest invention, the Battle of the Bulls Tournament to create an eventual new challenger to the Lucha Underground Championship that next week will be held by either Sexy Star or Mundo. Mil, despite crushing Prince Puma not too long ago, fell victim to his newest failure by losing the match to a surprise victor, the Mack.

Thoughts On This Match:
It was intriguing to see Star and PJ face off for the first time considering the acknowledged fact that they had never faced off in singles action before. Regardless, considering the Worldwide Underground didn’t have their efforts to intervene cancelled here, and because there’s barely any spoilers out there, i did think they would be intervening in order to bring victory to PJ, but it turned out to be reversed per the miscue between Evans and Black, who have had tension before. Regardless, while the tension may have to wait per Worldwide Underground not being allowed to get involved next week, Mundo coming out victorious is sure to boost the egos of the heels as to believe they are completely stable plus unbeatable again. Plus unless its WWE, then i find it a rarity for anyone to kick out of the Styles Clash, so another nice play from LU on Stars resilience there.

– Catherine


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