TNA IMPACT RESULTS: Hell Hath No Fury Like Allie Scorned (December, 8th 2016)




Welcome all to the TNA IMPACT Report, and i believe this was the last taped episode TNA could offer us outside of the North Carolina Special before the new year. This week sees Allie bring some newly polished skills to the ring to face up once more to her rival Laurel Van Ness, looking to fight back against the verbal and physical torture unleashed on her by Laurel and former Knockouts Leader Maria Kanellis-Bennett, with own support at ringside, but who exactly? Lets find out.

Before we can answer the question as to who has secretly enlisted their self to serve as support to Allie, we get a short glimpse of the new Knockouts Champion Rosemary. The Labelled Demon Assasin appears alongside her Decay comrades to confront TNAs Tag Team Champions the Broken Hardy’s after Broken Matt declares that TNAs roster will be a part of next weeks Total Nonstop Deletion North Carolina Special. The Decay will indeed head back there to finish what they started, but surely Rosemary has it in her head that Reby wont allow her to be on her home turf after abducting Young King Maxel?

Moving from that to something else present, Allie makes her entrance for her next TNA match, against Laurel Van Ness who has Maria at her side to surely cause some trouble. Maria notices the slight alterations with Allie having some ring related gear, but still thinks she isn’t much of a fighter. Allie overturns this, revealing shes had some training from somebody, that being Braxton Sutter, who comes out to be her support, infuriating Laurel who has spent many weeks trying to infatuate the X Divisions Star. The Bell rings and the Knockouts Match is underway…

…With a Furious Laurel taking control right away. She charges at Allie, locks up with her then arm drags her to the mat. However, Allie is back on her feet and she locks up with Laurel for a second time, this time taking control as she captures Laurel in a waist-lock. The Sudden arm drag by Allie surprises Laurel and she fumes as she tries making it back to a vertical base. Laurel avoids locking up with Allie on the next go, instead having her struggle in a waist-lock, but Allie utilizes the nearby rope to knock Laurel away. She sends Laurel down to the mat with another arm drag, then targeting the particular arm afterward. As Allie tries to enjoy the moment of momentum, a furious Laurel grips at her face and she forces Allie into a corner. After a forearm, Laurel whips Allie to an opposite corner, going for a corner splash after in that corner but being forearmed by Allie before she can complete that. Allie kicks Laurel as Laurel helps herself back up and tries to rebound, before having her foot seized by Laurel. Laurel takes the leg of Allie and sends her jaw first to the mat. Laurel directly eyes Braxton as she smothers Allies face against the canvas.

Allie aims shots to the midsection of Laurel, only to stumble into a corner following a vicious headbutt from Laurel. Laurel enjoys inflicting more pain on Allie in front of Braxton, stretching her against the ropes, and as Laurel gloats, Braxton hits the apron, handing down his motivational advice to Allie. It seems to work a charm as Allie awaits for Laurel to return, then starts fighting her off with back elbows. Allie fires up, connecting with forearms to Laurel in the middle of the ring, hitting a clothesline after and executing a gutwrench suplex. Another celebratory moment follows for Allie, before she ends up connecting with Laurel in the middle of the ring, with both crashing down as a result of a double clothesline. Braxton tries to hype Allie further from ringside before being blindsided by the arriving Mike Bennett, leading to both brawling around ringside. Allie has seen the exchange going on, worry seeping in as Braxton disappears to the back, and her concentration is so fixed there that she doesn’t see a behind attack coming from Laurel. Laurel tries to capitalize with a running facebuster, and she spends much time taunting that it proves costly, as Allie recovers in time to dodge the oncoming curbstomp. Allie hits a Reverse DDT as she takes in the crowd support, and the three count gives her the official victory over Laurel. Allie wins the match. Maria tries to lunge at her after the match, but Allie sees it coming, thus Maria bolts before she can face anymore humiliation.

Allie appears again not too long later, screeching with joy over her victory with an equally delighted Braxton. Braxton declares that with this win Allie can do anything, and Allie is so overjoyed over giving the Boss Ladys newest assistant her comeuppance that she smooches Braxton suddenly.

(Allie w/ Braxton Sutter vs Laurel Van Ness w/ Maria Kanellis-Bennett 11.27 – 19.48)

Thoughts On This Match:
The Only way to summarize the story of this match is that its been long overdue. The evolution of Allie not only as a character but as a wrestler is finally being presented not only with the perfect babyface component in her real life husband Braxton, but with the perfect heel opponent in Laurel, who brought out the best in her in this particular match. Knowing how good Allie is as a competitor, this is only the start for her and if done right, if Allie ascends back into the title picture against her fated indy rival Rosemary, her elevation as the crowds favorite babyface is only going to hit new heights. While Maria is a questionable in ring competitor, i really do hope for Allie and Maria to go one on one before Maria departs from the business as she declared she would, and since Maria’s angle with Gail is completely done, looking at the current story and how long its played out, Allie would be perfect opponent choice wise to write her out. One things for sure, Allie vs Laurel and Allie vs Rosemary are angles to watch out for next year if Gail isn’t selected as the opponent to dethrone Rosemary, though it wouldn’t be surprised considering Rosemary has kayfabe wrote her out and is the only Knockout on the roster currently to have never lost to Gail in singles action. While Laurel vs Allie wasn’t on the level of Jade vs Rosemary, it was a perfect example of showing what the Knockouts can do when they have so much backing.

– Catherine


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