WWE RAW RESULTS: Resident Hugger Avenges “Ceddy Bear” (December, 12th 2016)




Welcome All to the Pre Roadblock RAW Report. In what is either a smart or confusing move, the main women of the Red Brand, Sasha Banks and Charlotte had no presence this week, instead having their major match for this Sunday, the 30 Minute Iron Man Match, hyped via a video package. Does that mean Charlotte takes the momentum heading into Sunday? Does that mean we cant figure out whose winning at all? Who Knows? But while these two women took somewhat of a backseat, Bayley fell victim to the Crazy Antics of the newly heel Alicia Fox for a second week, and that surely cant end well for the veteran once they square off in the ring…

Bayley enters for the singles match, as does Alicia. Its revealed the two are set to square off due to a backstage confrontation on the pre show, in which Bayley had approached a torn up teddy bear, as that very teddy fell victim to the recent frustration of Alicia Fox, who is still convinced that Bayley was embracing her recent love interest Cedric Alexander for infatuating reasons. Bayley had tried to deny this, but Alicia wanted to hear nothing of it, before claiming Bayleys past win over her was a fluke, thus she challenged the NXT Alumni to a second match. Returning to present day, both women are present in the ring, and the bell is rung thus the match is underway.

This time Bayley avoids a rampaging Alicia Fox, ducking the veterans offense and tying her in a waistlock. Bayley takes Alicia down to the mat with a side headlock applied in turn, and before Alicia can break away, Bayley takes her back to the mat. Alicia breaks free eventually, showcasing her known athleticism while avoiding Bayleys oncoming offense, going for a kick that Bayley avoids. Bayley sends Alicia back to the mat again, this time via a running back elbow. Bayley tries to capitalize on that with a pin attempt, with Fox kicking out at the count of two, resulting in a near fall. Bayley tries to rope Alicia into her finisher early but Alicia breaks from Bayleys grip, following with a single high kick to the back of Bayleys neck. Alicia tries to pin Bayley this time, also getting a near fall.

A Furious Alicia resorts to choking Bayley against the second rope, before trying to wear her out with a submission. Bayley breaks free after forcing both of Alicia’s shoulders to the mat for a pin attempt, getting her second near fall on the opposition. Alicia, however, isn’t done applying the pain to Bayley as she brings her down with a suplex, and she keeps her grip as she follows with her usual Northern Lights Suplex, getting a near fall on Bayley as a result. Alicia returns to a vertical base, pummeling the face of Bayley with hard forearms though Bayley avoids a third, ropes Alicia forwards and executes the Belly to Belly Suplex Finisher. Bayley pins Alicia to win the rematch.

Lana and Rusev also got some TV time this week to follow up their attitude era-esque segment from the week prior, in which a flirtatious Lana coaxed Enzo Amore into a hotel room visit, setting him up to be attacked by her Brutish Partner, Rusev. Rusev and Lana get to laugh off the incident this week after trolling the WWE Universe by making them believe they would see the true business that goes on behind the hotel room door (….if you know what i mean). Cass had had enough of the mockery towards a hurt Enzo and went after Rusev to avenge his partner, and one last stare-down culminated the moment before the two battle one on one this Sunday at Roadblock.

And as said, the two main women of RAW weren’t present on screen this week presence wise, but rather were present in the form of a video package that hyped their final clash for the women’s title, as Charlotte battles Women’s Champion Sasha Banks this Sunday at Roadblock in a 30 Minute Iron Man Match, a Match only Sasha has prior knowledge of.

Plus sudden assumed changes in the script means the debut of Emmalina was pushed forward to yet another unknown date, and the desirable one will grace the squared circle at a time to fit her.

(Bayley vs Alicia Fox)

(Lana, Rusev and Big Cass Segment)

(Sasha Banks vs Charlotte Promo)

(Emmalina Promo)

(Bayley on RAW Fallout)

Thoughts On This Match:
Though its visible that Bayley and Fox have some chemistry in the ring, this match may turn into Dana/Bayley or Dana/Charlotte by being overdone, and repetitive matches create no hype for either if they were to clash on Pay Per View unless something special was thrown in. While Alicia’s sudden heel turn gives her a purpose to put over and clash with the babyface Bayley, where does losing take her direction wise or even her angle with Cedric? Does Cedric not acknowledge anything going on between Alicia and Bayley and they remain a pairing or does it take the sudden quick route of Cedric disagreeing with the wild side of Fox and splitting off on his own as quick as the pairing came? I Dont see this angle doing anything great for Alicia direction wise sadly, but its clear WWE needs its number of heel women to work against the developing babyfaces on the roster selected to be skyrocketed.

– Catherine


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