Cattie’s Catch Up: Gail Kim vs Jade vs Sienna for the Knockouts Championship at Slammiversary 2016 (June, 12th 2016)


Welcome All to Another TNA-Centric Cattie’s Catch Up Post, as these midweek moments counting down to the new year reflect on moments in women’s wrestling for TNA during the closing year of 2016. Last year saw the beginning of Jade’s Ascension in TNA when she took advantage of a Sneaky Maria Kanellis-Bennett’s Stipulation to fight against her own Dollhouse Members for her surrendered championship contendership spot, and now this weeks reflective looks to when Jade would defend (and for the last time ever) the Knockouts Championship she had won many weeks before from Gail Kim in a Triple Threat that also featured Kim’s on & off associate Madison Rayne.

Days before Slammiversary, Sienna, who had arrived in TNA as the stated enforcer to Knockouts Leader/President Maria, defeated Rayne to capture the Knockouts Contendership spot, scheduled to battle her Indy Foe Jade for her Knockouts Championship at the event. However an unprecedented incident lead to Maria breaking her hand and thus Gail Kim, who was set to battle her longtime foe in the six sided ring was left with no one to combat. However, while Maria tried to further sell the injury made, TNA Exec Billy Corgan would step in and throw Gail Kim into the Knockouts Title Match featuring the Champion Jade and the Challenger Sienna, upping the ante for the rising babyface Jade. Regardless Jade went in courageous, working against her powerful foe Sienna and respected veteran Gail, but did not see a cheap-shot from a returning Marti Belle coming, as the former Dollhouse Member some assumed would be coming to Jades aid, instead took her out with a baton and left her laying, thus Sienna added Gold to Maria’s Squadron as she pinned Jade to end her own title reign while beginning her first championship reign in TNA.

– Catherine


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