TNA ONE NIGHT ONLY AGAINST ALL ODDS RESULTS: Is the Babyface Momentum Against All Odds? (November, 4th 2016)




Welcome All to the TNA One Night Only Against All Odds Report, and the PPV non surprisingly takes the name of a former TNA Pay Per View. This Particular Pay Per View has a fair few Knockouts to showcase, as Gail Kim battles Laurel Van Ness for the first time in a singles match, and former Dollhouse Partners Jade and Marti Bell are forced to clash again, only this time with the addition of Sienna, as the Bigger, Faster, Stronger Former Knockouts Champion joins the match, versus her main Slammiversary adversary and the woman who guided her to that first Knockouts Championship victory.

First to be discussed is the women’s triple threat. Out first is Sienna, followed by the entrance of the then Knockouts Champion she dethroned at Slammiversary Jade, then lastly entering is the woman that ensured the end of Jades title reign as already mentioned, Marti Belle. Along with Marti’s well known sass comes an expected mic moment, as the former Dollhouse member has some things to be said before the impromptu match. She Tells the Folks in attendance at Orlando that she has a problem, that being her former tag team partner also present, Jade. She makes it clear that she has had issues with Jade in the past few months and all she has to think about day in day out is how to hurt her former comrade. Before she can declare exactly what problem she may have with Sienna, the also former Knockouts Champion snatches the mic from her, and in turn, tells Marti and Jade that the problem she has is the petty drama between the two of which she doesn’t care about. She reminds both Jade and Marti of how she is Bigger, Faster, Stronger and even more Classier than them, and thats why where she comes from, they keep Pinkies up. Jade gets a say, standing in between the drama, acknowledging how each person in the ring currently has an issue with their fellow individual, pondering how exactly they can fix it all. All three think in unison of an idea before Sienna and Marti choose to double team Jade, thus the match has officially started.

Jade begins to retaliate against both, forearming Sienna and whipping her to a corner before Marti, who temporarily distanced herself from Jade, assists in a double team combo on the former Knockouts Champ. For a short time, they use their known dollhouse double team combo to wear down Sienna in another corner, and after Marti hip attacks Sienna in that corner, Jade turns her attention back to Marti and connects with a running dropkick. Taking advantage of both Sienna and Marti’s fallen positions in the corner, Jade furthers her momentum, splashing both in the corner with a low rolling senton. Marti rolls out, and as Jade utilizes the ropes for the next move, shes met with a forearm by Marti. Marti smacks the head of Jade against the ring apron before climbing back in the ring. She teases, then feigns doing her next attack on Jade, before begging for mercy on an ambushing Sienna. Marti instead tries to convince Sienna that they can work as one against Jade, but they don’t even come to any form of agreement when Jade clambers back into the ring, taking both to the mat with a double dropkick. The Two heels roll out and seem to go with the previous strategy of working together, sliding into opposite sides of the ring, both looking to target Jade like the opening shot. Jade forearms away at Marti before the numbers game becomes too much, per a cruel sneak attack on Jade from behind by Sienna. Sienna and Marti deliver their own series of hard kicks to Jade who is poised against a bottom turnbuckle, and the two continue their team work as Marti axe handles Jade in the back, followed with Jade taking forearms from Sienna in the rings center. Marti and Sienna get one more forearm in each on Jade before she starts fighting back, but this momentum is ended as quick when Sienna knees Jade in the midsection.

Its back to the heel teamwork as Sienna executes a running clothesline in a corner to Jade, followed with Marti’s running hip attack. Even on her knees, Jade tries to show resilience with low chops to Sienna and Marti, but is overwhelmed again. Both Sienna and Marti position their feet on the throat of Jade, forced to break before a count of five. Jade tries to make another comeback with some kicks, before Sienna’s own retaliating kick sends her back down again. Sienna chokes Jade against the bottom rope, to the enjoyment of Marti who follows by doing the same after. Sienna takes Jade to the middle of the ring where she slams her, commanding Marti to climb to the turnbuckles, but as she readies to do so, Sienna slides back to Jade to sneak in a pin attempt of which Jade kicks out of, and Marti is far from impressed. Sienna stands by after convincing Marti that she fell on Jade, watching Marti showcase some power with a suplex to Jade. Marti tries to mimic Sienna from earlier, convincing her to go for a move before trying to pin Jade herself. Amid the Silencer attempt, Sienna stomps on Marti and breaks up the attempt, and as the two bicker, Jade comes in between the heels and bashes their heads together. Jades official comeback begins as she clotheslines and kicks Sienna and Marti. Jade readies her Package Piledriver but Marti attacks Jade from behind. After Marti tries to play the friendship role again, Sienna reveals her true feelings and takes Marti out with a Stunner. As Sienna celebrates her moment of psyching out Marti, Jade slams her then attempts to counter Marti’s pedigree. Marti reverses into a Sunset Flip Powerbomb, though no count is made as Marti doesn’t cover her.

Marti goes for a scissor kick, missing Jade and instead targeting Sienna. Jade rolls over Marti moments later, only to get a near fall on the former partner. Marti tries to reverse momentum with a low kick to Jade, seizing her for a last pedigree attempt, though its broken as Sienna runs in and nails the Silencer to Marti. Jade hits the Package Piledriver to Sienna and pins her to get the singles victory in this triple threat match.

The Second Knockouts Match is Knockouts Veteran Gail Kim facing the recent Knockouts Signing Laurel Van Ness. Laurel enters first, only by herself this time, followed by the entrance of the now former Knockouts Champion Gail Kim as she vacated the Championship due to injury. On the Mic is LV, like Marti earlier, with a pre match proclamation. Laurel sarcastically compliments the ring attire of the now Hall of Famer, making it clear its not designer like what “daddy bought her”. Gail tries to get a word in, not impressed with the insults from the newest Knockout, but Laurel snatches the mic and attempts to silence her. She Pulls a Fandango by telling Gail how to declare her name, and after another round of insults, she suggests that Gail donates money to a charity of her choice tonight, and Gail, convincing all that she believes in giving back, seems to surrender her possible victory by lying down for Laurel in order to make a donation in return for her loss. However she has seen through the charade by Laurel, and rolls Laurel just as she beckons to make her pin attempt, with the heel kicking out at a count of two.

Gail forearms Laurel before Laurel tries to overturn momentum by whipping Gail into a corner of the six sided ring. Laurel goes for the next attack, but Gail yanks at the rope and Laurel goes flying to the outside. She summons Laurel back to the ring, after telling the now “Miss Van-Nasty” that she lied. Laurel returns to the ring, charging at Gail and not getting in offense as Gail ropes her into a waist-lock. Laurel is taken down by the running elbows from Gail, and not too long later Gail tosses Laurel back to the outside ground. Laurel climbs to the apron, seized by Gail, who whirls her back into the ring. Gail gets in a forearm before Laurel is back with a reversal, reversing the whip attempt from Gail, who utilizes the ropes, but only for a short time as Laurel catches her and hits her with a knee to the midsection. Laurel tosses Gail by her hair backward back to the ring, and she continues on with the momentum as she chokes Gail on the second rope. Laurel then engages with the fans before turning and taking Gail’s comeback offense. Laurel overturns this with a forearm and snapmare, complete with a flip cutter in the middle of the ring. Laurel goes for the pin attempt, getting a near fall on the Hall of Famer.

Laurel isn’t done targeting Gail as she wraps her in a body scissor in the middle of the ring. Laurel keeps hold of Gail for a while before loosening up and eventually tossing Gail around the ring. Gail gets back to her feet, connecting with forearms and a kick to Laurel, but her corner splash misses its target as Laurel quickly moves away, leading to Gail’s head meeting the turnbuckle. Laurel takes advantage of this, planting Gail face first against the mat via a running bulldog, which gets her a second near fall. Laurel appears to go for double knees from the top turnbuckle, missing as Gail evades but Laurel lands on her feet, and both meet near the middle of the ring per the double crossbody. Gail blocks the retaliating offense of Laurel to deliver many forearms, clotheslining her to the mat after then wedging her knee into the back of Laurel in a backbreaker attempt. Gail crashes onto Laurel then covers, also getting a near fall. Gail readies a flying crossbody, not connecting but meeting the mat as Laurel moves, and Laurel tries a particular heel move as she tries pinning Gail with both hands on the ropes though the official quickly cancels as he notices this. Laurel is in complete denial, trying to tempt senior official Hebner with money, but it proves a costly (no pun intended) mistake as Gail rolls over Laurel suddenly and pins her. Gail wins the match.

(Marti Belle vs Sienna vs Jade)

(Laurel Van Ness vs Gail Kim)

Thoughts On:
Marti/Sienna/Jade: Well set up match, showcasing the fun that usually comes out of these One Night Only showcases per Sienna’s stunner to Marti and overall interactions. While Sienna has suited the enforcer role, she and Marti both share a lot of personality, and both helped sell the story of using one another to overcome the singular babyface, only to certain stages of course. It made sense for Jade to win in order to dethrone the never working partnership of Sienna and Marti, rather than the numbers game work to trounce Jade completely.

Laurel/Gail: The Shorter affair, but another fun encounter on this PPV, showcasing the early stages of Laurels Gimmick, and the money being used could play effective in later storylines. The Match did start off slow in my opinion but really picked up especially following the double crossbody, and while Laurel could have won in an upset like Sienna at Knockouts Knockdown, that was more so for storyline purposes, and Laurel was back then in the early stages of her TNA Career, sharing the ring with an enhancing veteran outside of Madison Rayne. Only negative was the You Cant Wrestle Chants towards Laurel, who has come leaps and bounds in the few years that she has been wrestling, even working for Stardom as of late.

– Catherine


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