TNA IMPACT RESULTS: Miss “Bigger, Faster, Stronger” Looks to Delete a Demons Title Reign (December, 15th 2016)




This Week, TNA delivered a much talked about episode as the crew of IMPACT Wrestling abandoned their home base of Orlando shortly to bring a special episode known only as “Total Nonstop Deletion” right from the Hardy Family compound. TNAs ever so popular “Broken Matt” was in charge of the show, and of course the problems in the past between the Hardy’s and the Decay means our Knockouts Champion Rosemary cannot be present in the vicinity. However, invited to the Hardy Home to compete in the set up six sided ring is the one and only Sienna.

In the ring in front of some attendees in NC, Sienna says shes been searching for the Champ Rosemary, who isn’t there for the said reasons, or in Sienna’s case, because of complete fear of her. With Rosemary absent, Sienna declares herself the Number One Contender to the Knockouts Title, but being the Classy person that the SHINE Competitor is, she will hang up that contendership against anybody who wishes to face her in the ring. Of course Vanguard 1 does not count as a human body to beat up and doesn’t take up the honor of being smashed to pieces by Sienna, but someone with possible equal strength to Sienna wishes to take the honor of challenging her. Emerging from her truck is a returning ODB (though its unsure if its just for the night).

ODB storms the ring, instantly evading the offense of a readied Sienna and firing chops and forearms at her as she brings her to a corner. ODB brings similar chops in a different corner, but before she can ready anything else, Sienna ambushes the fellow former Knockouts Champion from behind. Sienna delivers a samoan drop in the center of the six sided ring to ODB, rejoicing at that effort before going for the first pin attempt, getting a near fall. Sienna readies a possible powerbomb though ODB knocks off this attempt by driving Sienna back first into the corner ring post. ODB is back with more chops to the front of Sienna, who shoves her off to create a moment of separation. Sienna goes for a clothesline in an opposite corner to ODB, though ODB moves out of harms way, striking back with her own clothesline in the corner. ODB connects with her traditional corner bronco buster, and she dives onto Sienna from atop a different corners top turnbuckle to get a near fall. Sienna reverses ODBs whip, sending her nearly into the referee. Sienna then charges towards ODB, who steps away, leading to the ref taking a spillage to the floor outside the ring.

With the ref shortly out, Sienna connects with a huge big boot to ODB back in the ring, then sneaking a steel chair into the ring for use. ODB turns in time to avoid Sienna swinging the chair at her, and ODB sends her fist in the direction of Sienna and the chair, sending the chair right in Sienna’s face. ODB goes for the cover, before realizing the ref is down. Vanguard One swoops back in in an attempt to aid, but the little bots attempt falls flat when the ref is back up, snatching Vanguard One and reminding him just that the human is in charge, referee shirt on and all. As the ref bickers away at Vanguard, Sienna strikes with the chair then takes out ODB via the signature silencer. Sienna pins ODB and retains her contendership status. ODB doesn’t get to bow out of this one venture however without giving Vanguard something human to look at, smothering Vanguard with her chest…..literally.

(ODB vs Sienna feat Vanguard One; Number One Contenders Match)

Thoughts On This Match:
Rather short, but with its flurry of ref bumps, clever heel tactics and entertainment. Though Sienna’s move-set and ability wasn’t showcased to the max, she got to flourish on her own and her heel tactics coordinated with the particular moments in the match, showcasing how far she will go to hold onto her professed contendership status. Nice to see ODB back as i regard her as a rather overlooked competitor at times during her various TNA runs, and i wouldn’t be surprised if shes just one of a few talents Madison has hinted at the company bringing back for the new year, though i wouldn’t be surprised if she was just also near to the area at the time of that taping. The question is with a heel contender crowned, will Rosemary be champion by time Sienna tries to capitalize on that status, or will TNA make her truly earn that only to possibly lose it to Allie or even a returning Gail Kim. I Would Love to see Sienna vs Rosemary, seeing that Maria may not play a part in it if shes leaving with Mike so Sienna can stand out on her own like Allie is currently progressing towards doing, but i wouldn’t be surprised if an opening angle for the year sees Sienna defend her proposed contendership status against Allie or Gail, only to lose it, and if the latter does happen and ODB resumes work with TNA, then a Knockouts side angle is left right there for Sienna, though again she does deserve not just the match with Rosemary, but a second title run in the future to make up for the first that was a placeholder much like Jade and Allies.

– Catherine


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