TNA XPLOSION RESULTS: Can the Lady Squads Enforcer Dim the Shine of Brazils Star? (November, 5th 2016)




Welcome One and All to the Newest Xplosion report, and by new i mean of a few as some more Knockout Highlights are still on the way. This particular write up looks at a rarity shown in a TNA ring, as Miss M.I.A from IMPACT Raquel battles former Knockouts Champion Sienna.

The Enforcer of One Maria Kanellis-Bennett, Sienna, enters first for this single Knockouts Match of the episode, followed by the entrance of the Once BroMans Valet, Raquel, who seems to have a thing for having her angles faded out with no complete explanation. Regardless Raquel loves to flaunt herself with some selfies, taking some on the way to the ring to show to a barely impressed Sienna. Raquel passes down her phone to the official to rid of to focus on the upcoming in ring battle with the Tough Opponent.

Raquel, the now one Half of the SHINE Tag Team Champions, starts by rolling out of the way of some oncoming offense by Sienna, who even has her own chants. Sienna shakes it off, before trying to get her hands on Raquel for the second time, to no avail again as Raquel rolls out of Sienna’s way. Raquel may have just hit Sienna’s exploder button as she mimics Sienna’s bow in the middle of the ring. Raquel avoids locking up with Sienna once more before capturing her in a waist-lock, before having to battle Sienna officially when the Enforcer of the former Knockouts Leader reverses into a waist-lock of her own. Raquel reverses and targets the left arm of Sienna, but its not long before Sienna has Raquel caught again, this time in a side headlock. Sienna overturns another reversal by Raquel and this time she twists and turns the left arm of the Brazilian Knockout. Raquel rolls then reverses, turning her attention back to Sienna’s left arm. Sienna is back with a similar reversal into a hammerlock, while also preventing Raquel from reaching the ropes. Raquel eventually reaches the ropes, utilizing them for a counter in order to reverse Sienna’s hold. Raquel manages to get Sienna on the mat, even applying a cross armbreaker though within a short moment, Sienna manages to push Raquel’s shoulders to the mat to get her first near fall of the match and to break loose. Raquel avoids the corner splash from Sienna and rolls her over for a near fall as we go to a commercial break.

When we return, Raquel holds momentum, having Sienna pinned up against a corner to take a fair few forearms. She elevates herself to the middle turnbuckle, punching away at Sienna before returning to the mat. Raquel aims more forearms at Sienna who pushes her away with much force, whipping her into a clothesline attempt of which Raquel ducks. Raquel goes for a tilt-a-whirl head-scissor but Sienna has a grip still and reverses into a side slam, enough to get a near fall. Sienna tosses Raquel to a corner, connecting with a number of kicks before delivering a chop to her in another corner. Sienna whips Raquel to an opposite corner, with Raquel taking so much impact that she crashes to the mat. Sienna whips her into another opposite corner post with strength, leading to Raquel taking another impactful landing, but as she tries a third time, Raquel reverses. Sienna is just as quick, roping Raquel into a back elbow. Another elbow follows before Sienna takes Raquel back to a corner, though a forearm in that corner from Sienna does little to knock Raquel, who kicks her while elevated to the top turnbuckle. Raquel seizes Sienna with both legs as she charges towards her, connecting with a great hurricanrana before furthering the comeback offense with some running shoulder blocks. After a dropkick, she tries suplexing Sienna, but Sienna maintains position, attempting a counter before Raquel’s own counter leads to her rolling Sienna around the ring, and the eventual pin attempt just gets her a one count on Sienna.

Raquel locks in the dragon sleeper on Sienna, hoisted onto her back. Sienna doesn’t fade entirely, and Raquel reverts to a new strategy, rolling her into a possible cross armbreaker, though Sienna fails to break apart both her hands. She eventually prizes apart both of Sienna’s hands and locks her armbreaker in, though Sienna finds the strength within to hoist up Raquel then quickly slam her to the mat back first. When Raquel makes it back up, she takes the Silencer from Sienna, and despite her bravery and extensive arsenal throughout the match, Raquel is out, pinned by Sienna. Sienna wins the match.

(Sienna vs Raquel)

Thoughts On This Match:
I Was impressed with Raquel’s first outing against Madison, and this match here has proved how much training Raquel has done in the months that has passed by with a flurry of new offense and submissions that worked well against a beastly competitor like Sienna. While the roll up after Sienna’s failed suplex attempt did look a little odd, Raquel has overall done well with her in ring offense here and it shows even more when she has a veteran seller to work against. Theres only a fair few names that have managed to work a timely match with Sienna in TNA and tried to bring her to a limit and i can easily say Raquel is one of them, thus i wouldn’t mind another encounter between these two.

– Catherine


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