WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: A Favorite Authority Member Gives A Lasskicker Opportunities at Redemption (December, 13th 2016)




Welcome all to this weeks Smackdown report, and for this week only i expect, we cannot refer to it in reality as Smackdown Live, as the blue brand show was taped this week, but that didn’t stop WWE from not trying to switch up the crowd noise luckily, and the intensity was present in the women’s angles this week, enough to give us a women’s championship match. Lets explain this in more depth shall we?

Angle number one sees Carmella go up against Natalya, as the Princess of Staten Island has gone out of her way to try convince her longtime nemesis Nikki Bella that Natalya had jealously sidelined her from Survivor Series to take up the captaincy role. Speaking of Nikki, she is on commentary and witnessing the match and Natalya has a few words for the fearless one from inside the squared circle, trying to convince Nikki that she isn’t the supposed attacker, but before she can say so fully, along comes the music of One Carmella as she enters to face off against the Queen of Harts.

Once Carmella has entered, Natalya doesn’t let her heat with the NXT Alumni let up, charging at her and taking her down to the mat. Natalya aims forearms at a defenseless Carmella, and she follows the Princess of Staten Island right to the outside, not allowing her to escape her clutches as she forces her back to the ring. Natalya takes her down once more, throwing more forearms at her with Carmella only able to escape her continual wrath by forcing herself to the ropes and behind. Carmella takes a momentary breather at ringside despite the count going, and even Natalya tries to take her to the ring, taking a vicious slap for it. With Natalya down, Carmella slides back to the ring and gives her some forearms of her own, having the momentum as we get to a commercial break.

Returning from a commercial break, it appears Natalya is trying to take control as she forearms Carmella in the ring, following that up with a singular suplex. Natalya slaps her accuser across the face, further punishing her as she executes her second suplex. She gives her a fair few knees after driving her back first into a corner, and Carmella can only slightly defend herself from another load of forearms. Carmella turns things around with a hurricanrana off the turnbuckle, and she gets her first near fall of the match after taking Natalya down with a big clothesline. Carmella gives Natalya some trash talk before stomping down on her in an opposite corner, returning to that corner to execute the bronco buster. It connects and Carmella gets another near fall. She goes for another pin attempt, leading only to a mirrored result. Carmella seizes Natalya in a body scissor of which Natalya tries to turn around by swiveling herself over to throw more forearms at Carmella. Unfortunately for Nat, the position proves deadly as Carmella counters into a guillotine choke reminiscent of her bestie Bayleys match with Nia Jax, but Natalya doesn’t fade, showcasing her utmost strength and sending Carmella down with a michinoku driver. Natalya tries to prize Carmella in the sharpshooter afterward but Carmella breaks free, climbing back outside. Natalya sees Carmella’s attempt to escape, knocking her to the floor fully with a baseball slide dropkick before climbing out to ringside herself to give her persuasive tactics another go, confronting Nikki over the accusations from Carmella. She shoves Nikki out of the way to direct another forearm at Carmella, taking her back in the ring as Nikki looks on with some confusion. Natalya turns her attention back to Carmella, but before she can do anything, a roll up gets Carmella a victory over Natalya. Carmella wins the match.

Moving onwards, a certain Deonna, who many of you may have seen on Ring of Honor as well as NXT and TNA, is in attendance to face Smackdowns Women’s Champ Alexa Bliss this week. Alexa is quick to dismiss the opposition upon entering the ring, declaring that she doesn’t do Charity like her current rival, Becky. She attacks Deonna, leaving her lying outside before Becky steps out from the back for a confrontation, and a mic is in hand. She tries to “apologize” for catching Alexa off guard, taking into consideration that last week the gold wielding self professed “Wicked Witch” of the WWE wasn’t in ring gear, but the story plays differently this week, both are in gear and she wants to fight for the championship right away. Alexa accepts the offer but not on this very evening, trying to escape the Lasskicker before out comes One Half of Smackdowns Very Popular Authority Figures, Shane McMahon. Shane gives Alexa the run down that things don’t work out like that on Smackdown, thus Alexa will be defending the title against Lynch, who does her best Shane O Mac Dance upon hearing that.

Returning from a commercial break, the title is on display in the hands of Ref Charles Robinson, a Favorite of the Flairs, and thus per the raising of the title, the gold is up for grabs and Lynch gets her rematch. The Bell is rung and Bliss tries her best not to end up in the clutches of Becky, evading any chance to lock up, and as Becky gets in closer, Alexa quickly seeks solace in the ropes. Alexa returns to her position, locking up at last with Lynch who has overtaken her already with an arm drag. Becky tries to rope her in early for the disarmer, but Alexa is again utilizing the ropes and has seized the ropes. Alexa fires back with some knees, but this doesn’t knock off Becky, who applies a waist-lock before driving Alexa to the mat. Becky applies a front face-lock before reverting to a pin attempt, the first of the match, and the former champion gets a near fall on the defending champion Alexa Bliss. Becks is quickly back to using the front face-lock, countered by Alexa into a take-down. Alexa has a grip on Becky’s left leg, but only for a short amount of time as Becky counters into a side headlock. Alexa rolls Becky over for a one count and Becky returns to the previous position, headlock still intact.

Becky turns to a new strategy, targeting the left arm of Alexa. Alexa swings her right elbow at Becky to break herself free, then running the ropes, only to run into an arm drag. Becky connects with a second before missing a running elbow in the corner per Alexa evading. Alexa misses her own corner assault, leading to Becky acting advantageous as she scores the springboard sidekick to Alexa. A Kick to the midsection from Becky follows, though Alexa escapes a suplex attempt, whipping Becky into a different corner and kicking her as she attempts to float in that corner. Alexa drives Becky backward to the mat by her hair, going to cover the former champ and getting a near fall. Alexa goes for Insult to Injury, only for Becks to roll away, thus both knees hit the mat. Becky rolls Alexa into a crucifix to get a near fall once again.

Alexa looks to reverse momentum with a vicious chop to the mouth of Becky, running the ropes following a little smack talk and running into a retaliating clothesline by Becky. Becky brings more clotheslines and a leg lariat to signal her comeback, connecting additionally with the flying firearm in the corner to Alexa. Alexa is caught in the grip of Becky, who readies an exploder suplex, but the champ works cleverly in holding the ropes while also trying to loosen up Becky with elbows. Regardless, Becky, now away from that corner, readies to apply the disarmer but as it looks like she may have it in, Alexa is back to using the ropes to break away one more time. The Two fight one another on the outside, and as Alexa hits the ring, shes quick to slide back out and avoid Becky. She then acts like her knee took the impact of clambering to the outside and limps around ringside to the point where she is counted out. As a title doesn’t change hands via count-out, Alexa retains her championship, to the chagrin of the opposer. Becky tries to grapple with her following the result, and Alexa exposes the injury as fake by being able to battle Becky using those very legs, but only for a short time as shes back on the outside moments later, seemingly “limping” again.

(MizTV with AJ Styles, Luke Harper and Dean Ambrose)

(Natalya vs Carmella; Nikki Bella on Commentary)

(Alexa Bliss, Deonna Purrazzo, Becky Lynch and Shane McMahon Segment; Alexa Bliss vs Becky Lynch; Womens Championship Match)

(Apollo Crews, Gabriel Iglesias, Maryse and the Miz Backstage Segment)

Thoughts On:
Natalya/Carmella: I Did Like the intensity of Natalya and Carmella’s Match, and the usage of Carmella’s expanding move-set, and while JBL supports the heels generally, i still question whether hes giving away the attacker in Nikki’s angle or further confusing it. Natalya has stopped her heel taunts and may be leaning towards playing Alicia’s role of switching up her character or going towards being a full on face again, but we cant rule out the fact she was also facing a heel, and acting like a heel while trying to convince Nikki that shes the heroic one wouldn’t make sense. It also doesn’t make sense why Nikki would believe Carmella considering her own high-key insults and attempt to “end her career” but right now the attacker can either be the legit predictable or something of a swerve, and right now, my finger may just point towards Becky Lynch as she continuously loses out on another championship reign.

Alexa/Becky: I Liked how reasoning was given for the match being done rather than Becky’s rematch just being given out of the blue, and Alexa is again proving why she is the total package as the champion of the Smackdown Women’s Division, oozing that Trish Stratus charisma and showcasing those similarities, not to mention her reactions are forever on point, and that is non-biased. Obviously the actual match didn’t live up to or match the previous from TLC but Alexa’s ring awareness and how she used the ring to showcase the cowardly heel side of her was excellently done, on top of the ending even i didn’t see coming. Alexa is using anything and everything to avoid Becky and to avoid losing her title, and while i had thought Becky would have done that had she retained at TLC to begin a gradual heel turn similar to that of Taryn Terrell’s in fear of losing the championship, i do believe Becky constantly losing will bring her towards that heel turn she has teased via interviews, though a lack of quality babyfaces remains clear at this time with Naomi injured and Natalya possibly still heel, meaning Nikki is the only one with the star power as a babyface if Becky turns heel soon, until Mickie is re-introduced that is. (Heck, even shoot one of the recent signings up to the main roster as a babyface for Smackdown if needed.) I Do expect Alexa to close her angle soon and feud with Nikki possibly up to WrestleMania or the Royal Rumble, but i cant count out Naomi coming back into the fray soon. But considering how well Alexa portrays her character and how well shes working in her role as champion right now, on top of the fact that WWE missed a huge opportunity by not making her the NXT Women’s Champion, i truly hope Alexa has a long reign.

– Catherine


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