WWE ROADBLOCK PREDICTIONS: Charlotte vs Sasha Banks in an Iron Man Match for the RAW Womens Championship (December, 18th 2016)


WWE brings to us its last Pay Per View of the Year tonight, and in a big way as the RAW Brands women’s divisions top representatives Sasha Banks and Charlotte close their long standing feud in a 30 Minute Iron Man Match for Sasha’s Recently won Women’s Championship. The Professed “Bo$$” and the Genetically Superior Competitor have battled on and on for months, at times trading the women’s championship between them in highly stipulated matches that have helped showcase further the best of the two well known women’s ability, but as stated recently, there is no rematch clause for the fallen opposer tonight.

With that being said, while the Iron Man Match stipulation may benefit Sasha Banks over Charlotte considering the current RAW Women’s Champion has competed in such a stipulation before alongside her fellow main roster competitor Bayley, it may not benefit her entirely against a more vicious Charlotte, who is wholly intent on taking back her women’s championship and becoming a 4x Women’s Champion to close out the year that saw her walk in with gold. However, constant losses for Sasha, including being unable to overthrow Charlotte each time on PPV, wont look good on the babyface representative of the RAW Women’s Division unless a heel turn turned her back towards that success, and Banks losing tonight means no rematch clause, but the same also for Charlotte. I Expect Sasha to end Charlotte’s PPV Streak tonight and move onto Bayley to begin a gradual heel turn, unless an angle with Nia Jax kicks off. On Top, the win for Sasha would symbolize the reign of terror that Charlotte had cemented at the beginning of the year.

Tune into WWE Roadblock now Live on the WWE Network and on Sky Sports Box Office, featuring Charlotte’s first ever Iron Man Match in her WWE Career, plus the New Day look to cement their historic reign by defending their WWE Tag Team Championship against Sheamus and Cesaro, and Kevin Owens defends the Universal Championship against a man looking to become a dual champion to close the year, the United States Champion Roman Reigns.

– Catherine


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