LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: The Deadly Plans of Kobra Moon Are Set in Motion (December, 14th 2016)




Welcome All to an all new Lucha Underground report, and the Luchadora a-plenty episode gave us plenty drama to go around with developments in the issues between Kobra Moon and Drago peaking plus a mysterious nemesis appears to spook Sexy Star as she readies for a surely colossal steel cage battle with Lucha Undergrounds crowned champion Johnny Mundo set for the near future.

As part of Dario’s new concept (Battle of the Bulls) we have another qualifier to witness this week, one of which the one and only Mariposa will participate in. Also competing in this multi Luchador match is Killshot and Dante Fox, as well as Jeremiah Crane. Killshot and Fox target each other on the opening bell, before Mariposa is cleared off via an additional superkick from Killshot, who targets Jeremiah after. Killshot overwhelms Jeremiah, just enough to get a near fall on the NXT Alumni before Mariposa returns to the fold, sending both downwards to the mat with a double dropkick off the top turnbuckle. Dante also goes for a crossbody off the same turnbuckle but Mariposa is out of the way in time. Mariposa turns her attention to Killshot, leveling him with a clothesline then also throwing off Dante with a second. An Elbow by Mariposa also knocks off Jeremiah, and the Luchadora seems pretty pleased by her dominant run, not noticing Dante returning to a vertical base, ready to strike from behind. When Mariposa turns, shes met by a dropkick from Dante, and Dante quickly turns attention back to his fellow Luchadors on the outside with multiple dives, before using the ropes to leap over the retaliating offense of Mariposa, but in turn, doesn’t evade the next as Mariposa elbows Dante in the mouth, ascending the turnbuckles after to execute a missile dropkick, which connects. She then climbs to the apron, sending down Killshot with a crossbody on the outside.

The Males shortly take over before Mariposa climbs back to the ring to interfere in the 3 man battle by and on the turnbuckles between them. Mariposa becomes the primary in executing a tower of doom suplex that brings Killshot, Dante and Jeremiah into the chairs set up in the squared circle. Mariposa shows as much mercilessness as Jeremiah by attacking and setting up chairs on the Luchadors. However the terrifying moment of momentum is closed when Jeremiah kicks Mariposa in a corner, but before he can further that, hes superkicked by Killshot. Later Mariposa is back to break up a submission from Jeremiah on Killshot, but Jeremiah releases quickly, taking down Mariposa, who reverses his potential submission into a roll up to get a near fall on Jeremiah. Mariposa then takes a kick to the midsection from Killshot, readying a suplex that Mariposa counters into a stunner. Ill intentions follow from Mariposa, hitting her finisher on Killshot against a set up steel chair. However before it looks like she may have the win, Dante dashes in with much might to break up Mariposas pin at the count of two. Mariposa makes Dante pay for his intervention with a forearm and chop combo. She runs the ropes to begin her next offense but Jeremiah takes Dante out of the way and kicks Mariposa. Dante runs back in with a neckbreaker to stop Jeremiahs attempt to finish Mariposa. Jeremiah eventually counters a 450 from Crane into his finisher and takes the win to advance in the Battle of the Bulls Tourney.

We next see Taya in the back hanging around with Evans and PJ as she tries to shoot further footage for Mundo’s Documentary. However the two former Trios Champs lark about to the chagrin of Taya and an approaching Johnny Mundo, who reminds all exactly who he is, per being the only member of the Worldwide Underground faction to have successfully beat Sexy Star. He gives his threat in front of the camera to PJ and Evans to win and represent the greatest team in Lucha Libre in order to keep their spots in the Worldwide Underground.

After weeks of stalking Drago, Kobra Moon finally gets her match with One Third of Lucha Undergrounds Trios Champions this week. Kobra is already in the ring for this awaited clash, while her nemesis gets a full entrance. Kobra and Drago lock up once the entrance of the Trios Champion is complete, with Drago early to take over per his reversals. Drago gets a near fall on Kobra, who returns to a vertical base, attempting a clothesline that Drago avoids, instead taking Kobra to the mat. Kobra begins her comeback with her own offense, including a hurricanrana off the ropes, but the follow up athleticism only lasts a certain amount of time as Drago kicks her to the mat. Kobra takes Drago’s corner attack, whipped into an opposite corner after. Drago kicks Kobra in the center of the ring, and Kobra regroups in enough time to kick away Drago as he goes for another corner assault. Kobra charges into the center, only to be overwhelmed by a series of kicks and Drago awaits for the nemesis to regain her footing before connecting with a trapped arm neckbreaker. Drago stalks Kobra around the ring, leaving her laying with the follow up offense, but before he can end things completely, hes attacked by a comrade of Kobras, that being Pindar. The Match ends with Drago winning via Disqualification as Pindar attacks Drago. Aerostar tries to clear the ring of Pindar to aid his fellow Trios Champion before a more imposing companion emerges from the back, Vibora (Formerly Judas Devlin of NXT). Vibora lays waste to the two, and Fenix, and furthermore they seize Drago and carry him to the back with Kobra at their side.

Sexy Star has a heart pounding encounter with a fake spider in the locker room, enough to spook her after making all focus on her match with Mundo with her training. Star is so spooked that shes furious and she aims the blame at Mariposa in the backstage area. Mariposa insists she didn’t place the said object in the former Lucha Underground Champions locker, also insisting that if she was to place such a thing, it would rather be something as “beautiful as a butterfly”. Star doesn’t appear convinced but misses a chance to punch Mariposa in the face for the possible crime, breaking some of the wall behind instead.

Thoughts On:
Mariposa/Jeremiah/Dante/Killshot: One of Mariposas best in ring outings since the No Mas Match with Sexy Star. She participated in unleashing some brutal spots, from the tower of doom into the chairs to the Butterfly Effect on Killshot into another chair, and truly looked equal to the male Luchadors through the particular outing. While it would have been nice to see her win to try look equal to her former rival by competing for and even winning a future top title shot, there’s many angles going on in Lucha Underground right now that surely places various talents in that possible spot.

Drago/Kobra: While it seemed Kobra was being dominated thoroughly by Drago by barely getting an outing in this match, rather using manipulation in the closing moments it appear to try and arouse Drago, it was all a set up to introduce her powerful pairing of Vibora (who i had no idea was Judas Devlin until she confirmed it via Twitter herself) and Pindar (who i expected to be some sort of emissary she worshiped rather than just a colleague). In the past few weeks Kobra has become a more intriguing character with her storyline with Drago, and seems to flourish and show more personality in her current role, giving Kobra more of an outing than last season. Not only do we have new fresh challengers for the Trios Champs, but there’s so much to learn about Kobra and her tribe that we are sure to know in the weeks to come.

– Catherine


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