WWE ROADBLOCK RESULTS: And So Stands The One Iron Woman (December, 18th 2016)




The RAW Brand has concluded its load of Pay Per Views for 2016, and furthermore closed out a long standing feud for their women’s division as Contender to the Women’s Title Charlotte battled the Defending Champion Sasha Banks once more in a stipulation the championship herself remains aware of, a 30 Minute Iron Man Match. Sasha had previously fallen to her fellow Horsewoman Bayley in the first ever Women’s Iron Man Match a year before at NXT Takeover Respect, and looks to close any memory of that loss and in turn, crush the lengthy PPV Streak of her challenger in the first ever women’s iron man match on the main roster.

But first we see the continuation of the Lana/Enzo/Cass/Rusev angle as Cass battles Rusev on the Kickoff show to avenge Enzo over being brutalized by Rusev in a well documented set up from the former US Champion and his valet and wife Lana. To Cass’s dismay, the match goes to count-out not only due to a short spat in the crowd between the two enemies, but due to Lana mirroring a fake ankle injury that was enough to set up Ryback back in the day. In that moment, Rusev had attacked Enzo, getting the attention of Cass, in enough time for the match to go to double count-out.

It isn’t until the main show that we see the hyped Iron Man Match between Sasha Banks and Charlotte, accepted some weeks ago by Sasha Banks, and only a week after taking the championship from Charlotte in her own hometown. The Pre Main event bout sees the challenger, Charlotte, enter per tradition, then the defending champion Sasha Banks. The Match goes to a 30 Minute Time Limit, with the victor being the female competitor with the most victories over that period of time. Introducing the Challenger and Champion is JoJo, and once introductions are closed, this 30 Minute Clash between the two enemies can begin.

Charlotte’s taunting doesn’t move Sasha much in the opening moment, but she eventually goes in for the lock up, with both vying for control via their strength. Charlotte gains control but eventually breaks off from Sasha, who regroups for a slight moment before locking up again with the former champion. This time Sasha tries to reverse the momentum by applying a hammerlock, which Charlotte cartwheels out of, reversing eventually into her own hammerlock. Charlotte takes down Sasha, keeping her grounded with a front face-lock applied. More Hammerlock reversals follow between the two, leading to Charlotte taking over with a side headlock to Banks. Charlotte continues to have a hold on Banks as she takes her back down to the mat, headlock remaining applied. Charlotte kips out of a body-scissor from the champion, who tries to take Charlotte down, going right for the offense. Charlotte tries to reverse but Sasha lands with both feet, and she has Charlotte caught in a headlock, grounding her on the mat. Sasha knees Charlotte in the face constantly, taken down as she runs the ropes by Charlotte via a running shoulder block. Charlotte goes to cover Sasha, getting a one count as the Champ breaks free fairly quickly. Charlotte tries to do the same again, only to get the same result. Another one count follows on Sasha for Charlotte as she continues to vie for control. Charlotte presses the shoulders once more of Sasha on the mat, this time getting a near fall, close to a three had Sasha not elevated herself up, Sunset Flipping Charlotte from behind for her own pin attempt. Charlotte Kicks out at one and starts kicking at Sasha, before Sasha tries to create some distance as she nails her own kicks to Charlotte. Sasha hits with a running elbow, mimicking the Nature Boys famous chops as she executes some to Charlotte in a corner. Sasha has a whip reversed, but floats in the corner to avoid Charlotte’s oncoming assault, and furthermore, she arm drags Charlotte away from the corner, roping her into a crucifix for a one count then turning Charlotte over to try apply the Bank Statement, but only for a very short time as Charlotte brings herself under the ropes, then fully escaping the ring.

Five Minutes has already passed as Charlotte larks about at ringside. Charlotte eventually climbs back into the ring, but not before trying to create short separation between her and Banks via an outside shoulder tackle. Charlotte flies between the ropes, rolling up Sasha along the way, getting a one count on the champion. Charlotte tries to cover Sasha in her own unique way fairly quickly, leading only to another one count. Sasha backslides Charlotte to get the same result, only gaining another via another roll up, but she gets back to her feet as quick, drop-kicking Charlotte. Sasha brings some smack talk into the match, reminding Charlotte of Ric raising her hand just some weeks ago, and as she goes for the insulting smack, Charlotte blocks it and she boots Sasha towards the ropes. Charlotte tries to retaliate with more furious offense but Sasha leaps onto her, taking her down to the mat with a sleeper applied, with Charlotte’s face facing the mat as she keeps it locked in. Charlotte eventually breaks herself free of Banks with a running jawbreaker. Charlotte furthermore attempts to capitalize with a follow up pin attempt, enough however to get a near fall. Frustration seeps in for the contender, and she plants Sasha’s face angrily against the turnbuckle a number of times. Charlotte slips outside, dragging Sasha to the outside with her, surely for nasty intentions and proving so as Sasha is nearly powerbombed. However Sasha makes a landing on the apron, sneaking in a kick at Charlotte before leaping off the apron, connecting with double knees, driving her challenger to the ground. Sasha rolls Charlotte back into the ring to try capitalize, resulting in a near fall.

Sasha tries to further the ongoing momentum with a backstabber into a straitjacket rather than the expected reversal. Charlotte powers out after moments of struggle, arm dragging Sasha across the ring. Charlotte misses a running forearm, becoming the target of Sasha’s fiery clotheslines. After a dropkick, she takes the boot of Charlotte, having blocked the big boot attempt, kneeing Charlotte in the jaw after. Sasha charges towards Charlotte, stalled by Charlotte’s retaliating back elbow, and Charlotte tries to run her out of the ring, instead collapsing to the floor herself per the reversal from Sasha. Sasha then connects with her first suicide dive of the match, taking Charlotte fully to the floor. Sasha follows Charlotte back in the ring for another pin attempt, only getting a near fall on the contender to her dismay. Sasha charges over to Charlotte in a corner, elevated over the ropes by Charlotte. Sasha lands with both feet on the apron, forearming Charlotte over the top rope then sending her head first into the opposite corners top turnbuckle. Before Sasha can do much else, Charlotte appears to trip Sasha while in the ring, and the face of Sasha smacks against the steel steps. As Sasha holds her face in a worrying position, Charlotte heads to the outside to pick up the fallen opponent, bringing her back into the ring successfully for another pin attempt following that dangerous looking spot, getting a near fall as Sasha manages to kick out. Charlotte takes offense to Sasha’s resilience, firing many forearms in the direction of her face. The Ref backs away Charlotte as he shortly checks up on Banks.

Charlotte is back on the attack, choking Sasha against the bottom rope. She only follows up with more of her mean offense, stomping at the chest of Sasha as she hangs defenselessly by the ropes. She then targets the face of Sasha via various singular knee drops, which gets her a near fall. Charlotte goes for the running knee drop, this time missing as Sasha moves away. Sasha regroups in the corner in time to block an oncoming assault in the corner by Charlotte, and a crossbody off the second rope by Sasha gets her a near fall on Charlotte. However, any chance at momentum is thrown off when Charlotte rams the previously injured back of Sasha into her knee, and Sasha meets the mat once more via Charlotte’s neckbreaker. Charlotte connects this time with the running knee drop, enough to get a near fall on the champion. Charlotte carries on her regained momentum with head-scissor stomps, turned into a head-scissor as 15 Minutes of this Match has been Finalized. Charlotte uses her legs to haul Sasha around the ring, though a reversal from Sasha allows her to sneak a pin attempt on Charlotte, only landing a two count. Sasha tries to bring Charlotte into her submission suddenly but is tossed to the corner by Charlotte before she can do so, her momentum stalled once again. Sasha tries to attack with her knees, tilted over by Charlotte who drives her knee into the back of a falling Sasha’s neck. Charlotte tries to capitalize on another hurtful spot, but the Champ remains resilient thus kicks out at two.

A Standing dropkick by Charlotte brings Sasha to a corner. Charlotte goes for a running forearm, blocked by both of Sasha’s feet, and the Champ manages to boot off Charlotte following with a forearm and kick as she tries desperately to break herself off from a regrouping Charlotte. Sasha takes the arm of Charlotte then drives Charlotte face first into the middle turnbuckle. Sasha’s fiery side comes to light with the scissor chops and flurry of forearms to the contender in the corner, some kicks following with it. Sasha executes running double knees, moving Charlotte slightly away from the corner before heading up top. Sasha takes flight with a diving crossbody, missing when Charlotte steps out of her path, and Charlotte sneaks in the Natural Selection. The Signature maneuver may appear enough to get a first fall on Sasha, but it isn’t the case as the Champion again kicks out at two, resulting in Charlotte getting yet another near fall, and the reaction says much. Sasha delays the suplex attempt by Charlotte, clambering onto her back to set up her backstabber maneuver, but Charlotte sends her into a corner back first. Charlotte separates herself from Sasha with a snapmare, and she hits a low kick before taking Sasha by her hair, sweeping her to the mat. Charlotte teases the moonsault but meeting her on the turnbuckles also is Sasha. The Exchange between the two leads to Charlotte connecting with the signature Natural Selection one more time, this time from the top rope. The Move does its work and Charlotte has one upped Sasha for the time being, scoring the first pinfall per getting the three count on Sasha. Charlotte is feeling all cocky after that first pinfall, clambering over the fallen Sasha to try get the easy second pin, but getting a near fall instead twice.

Sasha gets back to her feet as Just Nine Minutes remain, scrapping with Charlotte who is back with some momentum via the suplex, one which gets Charlotte a near fall. Sasha elbows the back of Charlotte’s neck, and the reversals from Sasha leave Charlotte caught in a surprise pin. Sasha gets the three count and the champion and challenger are now tied one to one. Anger seeps in for Charlotte, a new strategy possibly coming to fruition as she gets to her feet. She looks to boot Sasha in the face, missing and Sasha tries to go for the Backstabber. Charlotte elbows her and a boot sends down Sasha. Charlotte gets another near fall on Sasha. Charlotte climbs up the turnbuckles moments later, missing however with the moonsault when Sasha moves. Sasha seizes the Bank Statement, using her strength to turn Charlotte over and away from the ropes. Charlotte gives in and Sasha has her submitted, thus Sasha now has a second pin, up two – one over Charlotte. Just around Five Minutes remain of Banks Title defense.

Charlotte brings her flair chops into play, using them against Banks. Sasha brings as much animosity with the scissor chops, only making it to the second rope after when Charlotte’s intervention knocks her slightly down. Charlotte hits an elevated knee drop and continually attacks the right leg of Sasha nearby and away from the ropes before trying to worm the champ into the figure four, though Sasha manages to block this attempt. She bashes the right leg against the ring post, then doing the same to the opposite leg before climbing back to the ring, seizing Sasha and dragging her away from the corner post to continue on with her current strategy. She continues to dissect both of Sasha’s legs, wrapping her in the figure four and Sasha taps with 2 seconds remaining in the match. The tied result for Sasha vs Charlotte means the match is extended with a sudden death stipulation. The first person to get a pinfall leaves as champ.

Charlotte stalks Sasha as she tries to help herself up despite the pain inflicted to both legs in the closing moments. The bell is rung again to officially announce the continuation of the match and Sasha tries to make her way to Charlotte despite limping, very quickly taken down by the gleeful challenger. Sasha tries to block her next figure four attempt, rolling her over and getting a near fall. Charlotte connects with a Fallaway Slam that sends Sasha back to the mat, trying to follow that up but only being caught in another desperate pin attempt from Sasha that ends similarly. Sasha trips Charlotte, then executing a backstabber after averting a charging Charlotte near the ropes. A Bloodied Sasha is feeling much pain in her knee, and doesn’t get to do the Backstabber as possibly planned at first, but eventually dashes over to Charlotte and locks it in. Sasha tries to fight through a potential figure four counter, but Charlotte eventually locks it in, reverting to the figure eight eventually while mustering a little strength to force away Sasha from the ropes. Sasha has nowhere to go and taps out, awarding Charlotte her fourth WWE Women’s Title. Charlotte wins the match.

(Big Cass w/ Enzo Amore vs Rusev w/ Lana; Kickoff Match)

(Charlotte vs Sasha Banks; 30 Minute Iron Man Match for the RAW Womens Championship)

Thoughts On This Match:
While its easily seen how these two are the primary athletes of RAWs Women’s Division, meaning their storied animosity has earned them such a match, it was tense but for me, didn’t top the Sasha vs Bayley match. However, while many complained over Sasha tapping two seconds before the match was meant to close, it was easily set up for the tiebreaker result, how WWE booked it. While i did wish for Sasha to break the streak of Charlotte on PPV to tell the story of ending a reign of terror that actually opened the year with Charlotte turning heel while holding the Divas Championship, it was in those two seconds that the result became inevitable to the audience, but the match did its job in making Charlotte look like the sly, vindictive and methodical heel that she is, going to lengths to target the particular body parts of Sasha that are most useful for her offense, such as the legs used for the backstabber/bank statement, and if anything Charlotte’s facial reaction after the tiebreaker was made would help a first time watcher decide just how high up a villain Charlotte is. I Definitely feel bad for Sasha considering each reign shes had has begun on a regular episode and ended within weeks, with the “Bo$$” as they label her not exactly living up to that moniker by not being able to be the Boss for the Challenger by taking them down and ascending higher up with an actual successful title defense, meaning that outside of the North Carolina Victory, Sasha holds no bragging rights over Charlotte during this feud, but in turn has exposed a vulnerability and an admittance used to build her back up in her upcoming angles. Outside of all the controversy and criticism, one cant take away the effort both these ladies put in, and Sasha’s ability to fight on longer than she did at Summerslam despite that nasty steel step spill that i believe eventually ruptured her nose in the closing moments. Unfortunately its clear where Charlotte goes next as champion rather than WWE testing an angle with Dana to try build an extra (even if temporary) babyface because they like to quietly erase things like we don’t have general knowledge of what has happened in the past few months, but in turn, im excited for Sasha’s upcoming angle. More on that in the RAW Report…

– Catherine


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