Cattie’s Catch Up: Allie vs Madison Rayne vs Jade vs Marti Belle vs Sienna for the Knockouts Championship (August, 25th 2016)


Welcome to the 181st Edition of Cattie’s Catch Up, and this Pre Christmas edition again reflects on a moment involving the TNA Knockouts during the year of 2016, which is only a matter of days away from closing. Now its only right as its nearly Christmas to feature a moment that may have felt like Christmas for one Particular Knockout (had the reign actually been a particular length) as the Former Assistant of the former Knockouts Leader Maria Kanellis-Bennett, Allie became the victor and the new Knockouts Champion in a Multi Woman Knockouts Match back in August.

The Match was made by TNAs Own (now Alumni) Billy Corgan, as the former Company President booked then Knockouts Champion Sienna to fend against some unknown opponents later in the night, with the Knockouts Title she won at Slammiversary up for grabs. Later revealed to be competing in that match was the former Knockouts Champion Jade, her nemesis Marti Belle, Knockouts Veteran Madison Rayne and Sienna and Maria’s Co Worker and Assistant, Allie, who was treated just as an assistant and abused secretary to the two at the time rather than as a competitor. In the closing moments, Marti had attempted to use her baton used to deliver her victories in the past, and did so, KO’ing Allie and leaving her on top of Madison Rayne. Before Marti could even pin, Jade cleared the ring of her and in the meantime, Earl Hebner had made the pin count, thus Allie had pinned Madison to win Sienna’s Knockouts Championship, to the absolute shock of a Disgruntled Maria. However the Assistant to the then Knockouts President met an undesirable fate only a week later amid her own celebration, surrendering the Knockouts Championship forcefully to Maria. One can only hope that now Allie is excelling on TNA TV as the wrestler shes already known to be, that her closure with Maria will open 2017 before progressing onto her Indy rival, Rosemary.

– Catherine


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