TNA XPLOSION RESULTS: Original Slammiversary Challengers Collide (October, 15th 2016)




Welcome All to another TNA Xplosion report, and like the last one i wrote fixated on Sienna’s in ring clash with Raquel, this particular one also focuses on a rare in ring battle to have taken place inside a TNA ring as Sienna goes head to head with the woman she was originally meant to face one on one at Slammiversary had it not been for the sudden injury of Hench-woman Maria, Jade (thus Gail was thrown in to make a triple threat for Jades title).

Sienna enters alone for the Knockouts singles match, with Madison Rayne on commentary as this has become a regular role outside of the ring for the multi time champion. Making her entrance secondly is a also former Knockouts Champion like Madison and Sienna, Jade. Once entrances are complete, the bell rings and Jade locks up with Sienna, with the enforcer of the former Knockouts Leader Maria, that being Sienna, using her strength early on to force Jade to a corner. Jade and Sienna grapple for control around the ropes into an opposite corner, outward into the middle of the ring before Sienna powers through, hoisting Jades left arm while forcing her downward to the mat. Jade rolls over and applies a hammerlock, then quickly wrapping the same arm of Sienna behind her back. Jade applies additional pressure but it doesn’t last long as Sienna follows through with a reversal into a side headlock. However Jade ends up duplicating Sienna’s own maneuver by reversing into her own side headlock, applying it to the fellow former Knockouts Champion, but Sienna leads with another reversal into a waist-lock before forcing Jade to the mat. Sienna places some pressure on Jades ankle before a retaliating kick from the fellow competitor forces her to break loose. Both are back to a vertical base and Jade resumes control with a hammerlock again on Sienna. Sienna looks to whip Jade into a clothesline, which Jade evades, and Jade sends Sienna for a whirl by executing a hurricanrana, followed by a kick and the flurry of offense is followed through with Jades first pin attempt of the match, leading to a near fall for Jade on Sienna.

Jade soon pulls an Asuka with knees to the front of Sienna, before a running knee strike sends Sienna down fully. Jade looks to capitalize again over Sienna with another corner, resulting in a second near fall. Jade goes for a crossbody in the rings center but is soon caught by Sienna, who overturns her momentum as she connects with the Fallaway Slam. Sienna clambers over to Jade to cover, and the heels pin attempt leads to her getting a near fall. Sienna resorts to choking Jade against a corners bottom turnbuckle with her foot as we come to the commercial break.

When we return, Sienna furthers the momentum as she slams Jade against the mat. She taunts toward the audience before the two meet to trade forearms and vicious slaps near the rings center. A Chop from Sienna allows her to take back control, seizing Jade by the hair as she writhes in pain, running her into an opposite corner face first. Sienna hammers down on Jade in the corner with some kicks, then bringing her out of the corner to execute an ankle lock. However early in, Jade pulls herself to the ropes to force the break and Sienna releases. Despite being on both knees, Jade still brings offense with some punches to Sienna, but it does little and Jade feels the brunt of the hard kicks from Sienna. Jade fires back with her own kicks eventually before an equalizer, a double kick from the two, sends both downward to the mat. Both Sienna and Jade are on their feet after the count of eight, and to avoid meeting the mat again, Jade ducks under the running clothesline attempt from Sienna and starts the needed comeback with some high kicks. The Third kick sends Sienna down, and Jade tries to capitalize on Sienna’s recovery time by bounding over to the nearby corner, beginning to head up the turnbuckles. Sienna is back up as Jade ascends to the top turnbuckle, soon on the receiving end of Jades missile dropkick. Jade covers there, but again gets a near fall on Sienna.

Jade is back with her flurry of offense, but a last kick from Jade is blocked cleverly by Sienna, who tries for a pin attempt right after, again getting a near fall. Sienna prizes Jade in the ankle lock after the earlier attempt quickly fell flat, but again Jade reaches the ropes, and after much desperation. Sienna looks to suplex Jade, who lands with both feet, sending Sienna to the mat via a huge German Suplex, only enough to get a near fall however as she so finds out. Jade goes for another suplex, blocked by Sienna who turns her over and applies the painful ankle lock one more time. Again Jade is able to reach over to the ropes, grabbing it and forcing the break, appearing KO’ed after Jades sudden kick. Jade heads up the turnbuckles but Sienna’s back on her feet, forearming Jade as she dashes into the corner. Sienna takes Jade out of the corner, readying a possible Alabama Slam but Jade counters into her finishing Package Piledriver. Jade connects and pins Sienna. Jade wins the match.

(Sienna vs Jade)

Thoughts On This Match:
Maybe im hyping this up too much because Ive been waiting too long for these two to get a singles match on TNA Television, knowing their in ring ability and what they can do when given the time, but this is already a highly underrated match. Jade and Sienna have much chemistry in the ring, going back to their pre TNA days, and from the double kick to Jades athleticism going up against Sienna’s power moves to the unique sequence at the end of the match, it was just really good and did exactly what i said Jade and Sienna could do, deliver when given the time. Though we would expect even more had it been a match with some intense stipulation, this was, again, a highly competitive match and what we could have seen not only on a regular episode of IMPACT to show exactly the chemistry between the two, but at Slammiversary, as the two proved they don’t need the presence of one of TNAs veterans to help them execute a hard fought contest, managing to hold their own as viewers of SHINE and so forth would have expected. Fans who don’t have access to Xplosion are missing out on this.

– Catherine


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