WWE NXT RESULTS: The Aussies Continue to Put the Select Members on Notice (December, 21st 2016)




This Week on NXT, the Pre Christmas Tradition answers to last weeks challenge made by one of NXTs toughest newcomers, Daria Berenato, who approached the rising Heel Aussies Peyton Royce and Billie Kay on last weeks episode to make a challenge to either of them after the pairing walked out on her in the closing moments of a six woman tag back at Toronto. Will The Self Professed Iconic Duo head back home for Christmas with a victory in hand? Or Will Daria beat one or both of them up enough for them to recover over the Christmas Period before even rethinking challenging the Grappler again? Lets find out.

Billie and Peyton enter for the single women’s match of the night, with Billie Kay announced as the opponent for Daria. Speaking of Daria, the Jersey Devil, now a full fledged babyface, makes her entrance after for the singles match, and her fast flurry of punches in the closing moments of her entrance are enough to again strike fear into the Aussies. Billie stands in the corner, in clear of Daria, and she barely gets to take a step when the bell rings, as Daria swiftly takes her down to the mat. Billie elbows out of a follow up waistlock from Daria, before Daria returns with offense, in the form of a knee to the midsection. After a snapmare, Daria slides, driving her knee into the lower back of Billie, and the heel is quick to go into the regrouping stage, checked up on by Peyton at ringside. Peyton seems to motivate Billie from ringside, but before Billie can strike, Peyton attempts to distract Daria, and this allows Billie an opening chance, clubbing Daria from behind. Billie suplexes Daria to the mat, but its just enough to get a one count.

Billie shoves Daria around, giving her some trash talk before returning to executing her offense. She takes to the ropes, met with a clothesline by Daria on the way back. Daria follows with a second, and knees into the midsection also follow before Daria finalizes the sequence with a double leg takedown in the ring center. Daria removes the gloves as a Hurt Billie tries to get back on her feet, and once she does, shes met with simultaneous fists from Daria, and that sequence is closed with a fist into the gut of Billie. Daria goes for the clubbing blow, but Peyton drags Billie over to ringside fairly quickly to avoid it. Daria does not wait, slipping to the outside and taking out Peyton on the ramp, furthermore seizing Billie and forcing her back in the ring. Daria attempts to make it back to the ring before having her leg seized by the intervening Peyton, and as Daria tries to one up Peyton with a fist, she is driven into the apron back first. With the officials back turned, Peyton rolls Daria back in the ring, and once the opposer is back in, shes flattened by the huge big boot finisher from Billie. Billie pins Daria and wins the match.

The Two have flung Daria out of the ring during the post match celebration, and both have a mic with a little to say. Pointing directly to Daria, Billie mocks Daria as the competition they supposedly have to contend with. Noting Daria’s fallen state, Billie sends a message to the division that that will also be their fate if they choose to cross her and Peyton. Peyton has a message also for Asuka, saying that while the champion has stated that no competition is around in the division for her, she perceives herself and Billie to be the competition, and thus Billie declares that once Asuka has found the guts to step up, they will be waiting for her, to teach her who exactly calls the shots in the division they believe they rule.

Speaking of Asuka, she is not moved backstage by the threat from Billie and Peyton, declaring the two to not be her competition. As she completes this sentence, she becomes aware of a shadowy figure watching her nearby, cunningly. Hanging in the back is Nikki Cross, and the Female Member of Sanity chuckles to herself, eyeing Asuka as she disappears out of her view. Asuka simply smiles in the closing moment of their second confrontation, possibly viewing her as the competition she wishes to cross.

(Daria Berenato vs Billie Kay w/ Peyton Royce)

(Asuka and Nikki Cross Backstage Segment)

Thoughts On This Match:
A Short encounter between Billie and Daria, but it allowed Daria the chance to step into the spotlight with an actual character and alignment now as a babyface, the babyface grappler who teaches the cocky opposers a lesson. The Match focused wholly on showcasing Daria’s wrestling/grappling style before being blundered by the advantageous heel tactics of Peyton and Billie that ultimately dethroned her, but the spot on the ramp was a nice touch and adds to Daria’s courageousness as a babyface also. I Just hope that while Daria is early into her NXT Development, that they don’t burn her out or make her an enhancement continuously as she has a rare MMA type character we rarely see in the WWE, even from the women, and its a character that can be very special as well as very intimidating in the future. As Much as it didn’t make sense for Peyton and Billie to call out Asuka when they were in fear of someone currently portrayed to not be as close to intimidating as Asuka, i do feel Billie is the stronger promo worker, while Peyton has the cattiness and viciousness that could make her the definite heel when the duo possibly part sometime next year, and also it appears that this feud is still leaning towards a multi woman match. Maybe both Aussies will be involved or Peyton will be on the side in favor of Ember, meaning the traditional cleanliness of women’s title matches on an NXT PPV will be subdued with Peyton’s presence, but at the same time i cant see them dis-acknowledging Ember considering she needs an angle and will lose her hype and fire if not on TV regularly and if only given squash matches time after time. 2017 may answer the questions as to which women are next to challenge Asuka, but as much as Billie winning would be a shocker, one cant take away a victory from Nikki Cross, even if shes very early into her character development.

– Catherine


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